Spring forward, into turkey season

Spring, spring, spring. With all this snow melting on the ground, it’s easy to see spring coming. Before the previous couple of winter storms came roaring through, the foilage from the daylilies and iris had already broken ground.

While technically we are springing forward late tonight, early tomorrow, I’m looking forward to spring turkey season. Opening day is only 28 days away, so I figured it was time to transition our gear from deer to turkey. The first thing I did was dump everything out of our back packs.

deer supplies

deer supplies

A few things will go back into the packs, but in order to keep order some things had to go. The deer calls, scent cover, scent spray, hand warmers, rattlers, and big gloves were put up for next deer season.

Turkey season most definitely takes up less backpack space, which is good because we can’t always use the big blind. Sometimes we have to tote chairs and popup blinds, so the less weight in the packs, the better.

My idea of essentials for turkey season.

My idea of essentials for turkey season.

With the exception of the big flashlight, there is not a lot to pack. The most important things are your hunting license and photo id. I keep my hunting and drivers license in a waterproof pouch, in my pocket. Last year we ended up getting a boatload of licenses, so this year we are opting for the Sportsman’s License. It includes all we need for archery or big gun, big game or small, and fishing.

The second most important thing, when you are not hunting on land that you own, is a letter of permission from the land owner. They are kinda bulky for a pocket, so we keep ours in zipper bags, in our packs.

The rest of the stuff is perdy much what I took for last year’s spring and fall turkey seasons.

  • binoculars
  • trash bags and vinyl gloves
  • toilet paper
  • range finder
  • his and hers turkey calls (mine is the green one)
  • rail and bow string wax
  • call chalk
  • ink pen

The ink pen is something I’ve added this season because we needed one, one day during deer season.

This is all the pack gear that can be packed this early. We take bottles of water, but do not pack them until we walk out the door. Decoys and pop up blinds are usually put in the truck a few days in advance of opening day.

Since I got zero turkeys last year, none within the range of my crossbow (because guns are too loud), I may try out the new turkey gun Big Sexy got me. It can’t be any louder than Thor (my muzzleloader that I got my two bucks with). Speaking of bucks, Mr. Dallas called back early February, turned out spring came early…

This is John. John Deer. My 12 point buck. I wipe him down weekly, so I had to call him something.

This is John. John Deer. My 12 point buck.