The other side of the scale

Weight fat loss tends to get its share of heated conversations on the net. People stand firm with their n=1s because their own experience is what worked for them, and well, sometimes everyone is right.

I’ve typed before about how (believe it or not) there is a such thing as too much fat on a LCHF lifestyle, but I don’t recall if we’ve discussed the other end of the LCHF spectrum too little fat.

If you are old enough to even contemplate changing your way of eating from the SAD (standard American diet), going against the grain {giggles}, thinking about cutting the sweet poison (to a large portion of us creatures known as humans), and opting for a more un-processed approach, you made it through the low fat craze that’s been going on since most of us were in diapers.

If you never fell for the whole “low fat, heart healthy approved” marketing ploys, good for you! You will breeze through LCHF 101 with flare! You’ve been eating butter and bacon your entire life, you, my friend have no need of BPC or fat bombs. Matter of fact if you’re one of those not losing, it’s not for lack of fat, but I digress, we’re discussing the other side today and I will get back to them presently.

What? You eat butter?

What? You eat butter?

The vast majority of us have been taught time and again that it is very very important to keep the fat off our plate. Fat was always at the top of the pyramid, use it sparingly, and when you do use it, only use these here vegetable oils and shortening. Even better is to have your toast dry, with a bit of jelly. (when did they start putting HFCS in jelly?) We cut our fat that was once on our plate, but we’ve increased the fat on our bodies. It would seem that if cutting the fat helped us to get fatter, then maybe, just maybe eating more fat would help us to not produce so much of our own.

Sometimes, the answer is “up the fat”. I know, it’s crazy. What works for Fred or Wilma doesn’t always work for Ben and Jerry, so one must remember that yes, sometimes everyone is right, but just not always at the same time.

Examples are easier, so I’ll just go with it.

We'll use Miss Piggy as the example. (no she's not still dressed up, it's an old pic)

We’ll use Miss Piggy as the example. (no she’s not still dressed up, it’s an old pic)

Miss Piggy started her LCHF way of eating some time ago. At first, she dropped a lot of weight. For the past month or so, she’s not really losing, she’s not really gaining either, she’s hit one of those dreaded things called a weight loss plateau.

Lucky for Miss Piggy, she has the most common problem in her weight loss journey that is easy to fix. See, for years Miss Piggy lived off of heart healthy whole grains for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She traded her mayo for mustard years ago and always cooks in a non stick pan to avoid fats at all cost. She’s meat free on Mondays because she’s going to save the planet and to her, red meat equals heart attacks.

The LCHF change has been a change most difficult, she’s tired of skinless salmon and salad, but what else can she eat*? She’s doing everything right, chia seed pudding or Faux oatmeal for breakfast, salad with boneless, skinless chicken or skinless salmon for lunch and dinner, sugar free jello as snacks. She’s hardly eating 800 calories a day, so it’s not like she can eat less, or can she?

“Give that girl a BPC STAT!” is giggle evoking, but not the answer, well, it could be the answer, but remember, Miss Piggy is having a hard time with fat as it is. A coconut/butter oil slick in her cup-o-joe might just have her running from LCHF like the freaking plague!

While we can all (most likely, maybe?) agree, Miss Piggy is definitely not eating enough fat or calories (can you even eat a calorie?) food for that matter. She has become one of those low-carbers that are not only skerd to death of carbs, but she is skerd of fat too.

Chocolate fat bombs might do the trick for upping her fat, but she was a big fan of candies way back when, so they might also be that slippery slope that derails her entire journey. (Do you see now how everyone’s situation is different, that we can all be right, we can all be wrong, and well, arguing about it is silly, agreeing to disagree works better, truce, maybe?)

*What else can I eat? she asked. How about just eating food? What if Miss Piggy stopped counting her calories and cut her stress by proxy? Instead of looking at any vegetable other than salad as carbs and just ate broccoli, sauteed in real butter (or any other of the many non-starchy vegetables) because it’s food. If nothing can convince Miss Piggy that bacon is ok as long as you stay away from the biscuits, maybe she can work her way up to chicken thighs at least, to up her fat.

It all boils down to this: There is a such thing as not enough fat, just like there is a such thing as too much fat when eating LCHF. One person’s not enough is another person’s too much. We can all be right and wrong at the same time, but it’s up to the person asking the questions to evaluate the answers and figure out what works best for themselves.

If you, or someone you love is suffering from not losing weight while trying to keep the carbs and the fat low at the same time, here are a few examples that may or may not help you figure out that 1. Fat is not bad, except rancid vegetable oils  and 2. You don’t have to add obscene amounts of coconut oil to your coffee or your cocoa powder.

  • cook whole chickens, eat some of that skin. (hell no, it’s not the chicken skin that makes KFC un-healthy, it’s the crap attached to the skin and having macaroni and cheese as a vegetable option…)
  • Toss out your teflon. Invest in an iron skillet or stainless steel. Why? Because stuff sticks without a little butter or bacon lube. You will be forced to saute your veggies in some yummy butter or bacon grease.
  • Bypass the skinless salmon, opt for wild caught, skin on. Melt some butter in that new iron skillet and sear that skin like a boss. There is seriously nothing better than a nice fat piece of salmon that has been cooked til the skin is crispy.
  • Eat a ribeye. Seriously. Sirloin is ok for Stroganoff over shirataki noodles, but if you’re going to have a steak, you might as well enjoy it, and how could you not enjoy the marbled juicy goodness that is ribeye?
  • Plant your chia seeds. (I’m still puzzled as to why folks started eating them in the first place) Ok, that one is up to you. If you like them, keep them, just not for breakfast. Eggs were made for breakfast, end of story.




Instant gratification

Here it is, January 9, 2015 (yeah, I backspaced the 4, the 5 is so new and all), five days into getting my head on straight and I’ll be damned if my size eights still do not fit! {pouty sniffles}

Granted I have lost three whole pounds and lord knows I’ll surely find them, but it hasn’t really been all bad. I actually misplaced a couple of pounds Monday morning, which reminds me of finding them Tuesday morning. I don’t even want to talk about Wednesday and Thursday because I didn’t even check in with that old hag the scale.

It’s got to be that I’m not doing it right, I picked the wrong diet, which isn’t really a diet anyways, I call it meleo (combo of primal, paleo, without carb loading and crossfit (giggles) what works for my diabetes and me). It didn’t even make the cut, but it’s great uncle “Paleo” did and came in dead last. {Don’t wag that finger at me, I know, I know, I shoulda done #13, Slimfast (howling laughter at this point, seriously, bottle of chems or whole foods, yep, chems it shoulda been)}

Maybe I should have re-started Atkins, you know, hit the new and exciting Atkins 40, for when you just want to lose a little, but if you checked out the linky-do, Atkins is on the last page too, #32 to Paleo’s #34.

To be completely honest, I’m not even doing anything aside from what I was doing prior to hunting season and really, really, losing three pounds in five days of doing absolutely nothing is pretty spectacular, maybe downright scandalous. What exactly is that absolutely nothing? No sugar, no starches, simple. Leafy greens, meat, cheese, eggs, fish, even slightly higher carb veggies like Brussels sprouts.

Since I proved to myself what I already knew (you just can’t out exercise a bad diet), I’m not even counting my general goofiness like toting firewood as exercise, so without my general goofiness, I’m pretty much sloth-like. (general goofiness takes up most of my time, so I’m not sloth-like often)

I’m not doing anything silly like putting an entire stick of butter into my 32oz coffee, or just eating sticks of butter talking about my deep ketosis. Ketosis-smosis and all that, you won’t see any snap chats or instagrams of my pissedonketostix for a few reasons, #1 I don’t pee on sticks, that’s what potties are made for. #2 I don’t have snapchat which leads to #3 nor do I have instagram.

I am doing what I found to be most helpful when I lost the weight in the first place, right prior to thinking I was ten foot tall and bullet proof…

Dr. Jack Kruse’s Leptin Rx combined with Mark Sisson’s When Hunger Ensues Naturally. Anyways, both of these were big helps back in 2011 and 2012 when I was discovering my path to controlling my diabetes and losing weight. As far as combining them goes, on the days I wake up hungry, I eat within 30 minutes of rising, high protein breakfast, (I never stopped following the sleep well part), wait 4-5 hours (or longer) between meals. The couple days I’ve awoken without a thought of food, I’m IFing and eating when hunger ensues naturally.

Anyways, I was just thinking that with all the technology, things should be going quicker. My eights pert near falling off me by day five, but no, I’m human just like everyone else. Sometimes we just have to think “yeah, I want it now, but it’s going to take time.” Maybe I’m trying to tell any of you sweet folks out there in Readerville that no matter which diet you chose, what eating plan you adapt, that no big change after 5 days is no big deal. Weight loss is not a transporter from fat to flat in an instant, it’s a series of fits and starts, ups and downs that ultimately lead to getting into shape. The key though is not a “diet”, a “pill”, or a “superfood”, the key is to find what works for each of us as individuals and sticking to it.

What are you waiting for?

Tis the season. The season to over-shop, over-spend, over-indulge in the spirit or is it the “spirits”?, and over-consume all things “comfort”.

Sometimes I catch myself wondering why certain foods are labeled as “comfort”. Maybe it’s the comfort while eating, because after a big ole plate of “comfort”, a slice or scoop or bowl of “comfort”, I never much felt “comfortable” afterwards. Tired, lethargic, irritable, moody even, but most definitely not comfort.

With this time of over-everything, we  realize come January that there is a price to be paid in over-everything. Be it that credit card we got to make Christmas happen, the serious hang-over from a week of excess, or maybe those clothes are a bit more snug than last winter, heck maybe more so than last week when we tried them on.

We see it every year come resolution time. Resolutions to stop bad habits, to lose weight, to improve health markers, save money, spend less, the list is as long as the number of us human beings are different in what we perceive as needed changes in our lives.

Sometimes folks talk about how they’ve been meaning to do this or that, since it’s resolution time, the meaning is over, they’ve decided that it will happen, it’s a resolution after all. Don’t get me wrong, resolutions are great, we get all gung-ho the month of January, half of February, revived during Lent, and pepped back up for bikini season…

Not everyone loses their way with a new year’s resolution. Sometimes we actually attain our goals set and accomplish change. Sometimes though, we find ourselves re-hashing resolutions past, excusing away why we weren’t successful, making a new and improved plan for success.

Here we are, a couple of short days away from the biggest comfort food event of the year, Thanksgiving, followed by the best deals and biggest shopping days, which ironically includes Thanksgiving for some retail giants… and I wonder, what are we waiting for?

Why wait until January, a whole month away? Why not start right freaking now? I’m not saying make a major dietary change just two days before the annual gorge-fest, maybe just make a plan to be a little more thankful and a little less comfort food minded? Maybe instead of leaving the table for a grand Thanksgiving day sale, stick around, watch a football game (football games have the greatest commercials btw…), hang with the fams, reflect what we’re thankful for and how maybe we can be more mindful year round of things we should be thankful for?

I know, I know, it’s no fun to think about resolutions in November, but it’s really not any fun in January either, sitting at the computer in our newly tightened clothes, thinking “good gracious, I’ve got my resolution right here” or looking at the cobwebs in our billfolds thinking maybe there is something to that 52 week money challenge. (word of advice, if you do the 52 week challenge, don’t wait until January to start, start now, with a dollar, be ready to have your cash flow in November, not January, spend the cash on Christmas instead of using it to pay interest in January, duh!)




What the netsperts are saying or what in the heck are you thinking?

A little over a year ago a friend of mine told me I should just write a blog. Not that she was growing tired of my moaning and groaning about this and that in regards to my type 2 diabetes or weight loss, but that when I posted things where I posted them, it was things we were all pretty much already aware of and really, I was “preaching to the choir”.

As an ole memaw, I’m not the best blogger, I had no idea what I would say, I told of my journey, some silly things I’ve done, and well, shared a few recipes. In my journey to becoming a blogger, I learned that if this ole memaw could have a blog, then really anyone could have a blog. (meaning you do not have to be an expert in any given field to voice your opinions via blogs)

I don’t claim to be an expert at anything, well, except my own body because I’ve had the past few years to figure out what works for me. If what works for me helps any one of you to find your own path, or even just think about maybe finding a path, well, my work here is done. That’s all I’ve set out to accomplish, to maybe motivate or inspire someone, anyone to forget about living to eat, and eat to live, meaning, eat what works with your own body in order to control your own blood glucose, lose weight, what have you.

These days, there are many cliques in the low carb/whole food/what have you world. It’s mainly a game of who ever talks loudest, most often, and strokes enough egos fare better than those who question tips and tricks. I’m not one for tips and tricks, well unless the tip is stay away from sugar, starches, and grains, because well, that tip worked for me, and could possibly work for you, but you’d have to really try it and see for yourself, I’m not a psychic, heck, I don’t even play one on the internet.

With all this information floating around, it’s pretty safe to say that anyone can be a “netspert”. I was joking, kinda, this morning when I updated my facebook status:

“Snarky people on the internet?” No way, no how, that’s just a “netspert” you’ve interacted with… lol

Anyways… before anyone gets their nickers in a twist, just remember that there is a lot of information on this information superhighway. Not all information is “the gospel”, some information is just silly and should be dismissed as such. Everything we read should be taken with a grain of salt as there is no guarantee that everything works exactly the same for everyone.

That being said, use common sense. Use google. Read everything you can before trying tips and tricks. If you are taking medications for your condition, keep in close contact with your doctor. In case you did not know, some medications can have side effects when stopped “cold turkey”. (Don’t believe me, google it, heck ask a pharmacist or doctor)

“close contact with my doc, what the heck are you thinking? My doc wouldn’t approve!” Which brings us to the number one way to get your doctor on board with your choice of a lifestyle change…

Progress. That’s it, plain and simple.

If you’ve been overweight, obese, or even morbidly obese for any length of time, well your doc has probably told you to lose weight. Maybe your doc has even given you his own tips and tricks for doing so. If they worked, great, if not, well, maybe you’ve discovered low carb /whole foods/Primal/Paleo/LCHF and you’ve lost a little weight that way. Maybe you think that your doc would still “not approve”, but how do you know until you talk to him/her.

It’s like this, more and more docs, dietitians, scientificy types are seeing more and more real folks that low carb is working for. While it may be a “fad” diet to the vegans and department of agriculture, mainstream medicine is catching on. Talk to your doc, walk your journey with your doc on your side and let him/her adjust your meds as needed. That’s what they are there for. If for any reason you are uncomfortable with your doctor, that’s ok, there are other doctors out there, you should never feel uncomfortable with someone who has your health in their hands, find a new one.

On that note, I’ve got sauerkraut to squish, jerky to dry, and sunshine to play in. Have fun folks!



Slim-down Saturday

Weight loss is so easy. Everyone knows that one must only eat less and exercise more in order to lose, right? (it’s what the experts say anyways)

What they don’t say is eat less what? Less meat? Less fat? Up the hearthealthywholegrains!

Maybe you’ve traded in your biscuits and gravy for whole wheat toast, “not butter” spread, and some jam. Maybe along with that you’ve tossed the yolks, and traded your bacon for a banana or a serving of whole grain cereal, cutting more fat, cutting more protein, but you’re using fat free skim milk, and by George you’re gonna lose weight this time.

You’ve got good intentions to work that treadmill like a beast, but you’re tired, the energy is non-existent. Maybe your metabolism is slow because you’re no longer that spring chicken you were in high school.

Maybe weight loss is just too hard and you’re just too old, too big, or too depressed because “common knowledge” and “conventional wisdom” just isn’t working for you.

If you’ve been cutting the protein and the fat for any number of years, still not losing, still tired, hungry all the time, unable to work that treadmill like a beast, maybe, just maybe it’s time to make a change.

Maybe all this stuff you’ve cut out of your life, the yolks, the meat, the full fat dairy, are things your body needs, essential nutrients. Maybe you clicked that little clicky-do and read about the essential nutrients, finding that there are essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Maybe you also saw:


No carbohydrate is an essential nutrient in humans.[4] Carbohydrates can be synthesized from amino acids and glycerol which is obtained from fats, by de novo synthesis (in this case by gluconeogenesis).”

Lots of folks tell me “I can’t live without bread”, well, science says “you can”.

Lots of people believe that a low carb diet (diet as in the things you eat, not a “get slim quick” scheme) is just bacon, bullet-proof coffee, and fat bombs.

Lots of people believe that low carb just doesn’t work, not because they’ve tried it for any length of time, but because it’s just so “un-healthy”, it will kill them and no one but the medical examiner weighs a corpse anyways.

If you have it in your head (like many folks do) that low carb is not for you, maybe it’s time to re-think the whole weight loss situation.

Maybe it’s time to buy into the fact that “You can’t out exercise a bad diet”. What’s it cost? Where can I buy it?

The cost is time and patience. You buy it at the Farmer’s Market, the grocery store, heck, you can even buy it at Micky D’s if you know how to order.

It’s simple. Take a couple of weeks of bun-less burgers with salad instead of fries, breakfasts of bacon (I don’t care if you eat turkey bacon, even turkey bacon is better than a pop tart) and eggs, maybe dinner of chicken with green beans and cauliflower.

Drop the pasta, the bread, the rice, and taters, come back and let me know what happened during your two week dance on the dark side. Let me know if “low carb” is bad because you’re still not losing any weight or if it’s bad because you just miss the stuff you’re no longer eating. (if it’s the latter reason, there is seriously no food that tastes as good as feeling good feels btw)

Maybe by now you’re wondering “why does she care if I get healthy?” I’ll tell you why I care, I spent 40 years out of shape, out of breath, and running on borrowed time. I spent 40 years eating the way of the pyramid, my plate, what have you, only to find myself hypertensive, type 2 diabetic, and morbidly obese. I know what it feels like to be labeled “fat and lazy” because of all that “common knowledge” and “conventional wisdom”.

I also know what it feels like to regain my health, get control over my diabetes, and lose some weight without fairy dust, snake oil, or replacing 2 meals daily with cake shakes. (Just Eat Real Food)

It doesn’t happen over night, we can’t just slim-down in one Saturday alone. Believe it or not, it takes hard work and dedication. It takes saying “no thank you” when faced with a bag of chips or a big fat yeast roll.

It takes putting your health before your taste buds.


Broccoli instead of pasta? Sauce made from tomatoes, onions, peppers, oregano, garlic, and meatballs made without bread crumbs, the horrors!








5 Easy Steps To Losing Weight Effortlessly and a Bonus Bit o’ Common Sense

Step 1: Stop dieting.

Step 2: Stop counting calories.

Step 3: Shop the outskirts of the store eg. produce section, seafood, meat, dairy (eggs & cheese) sections.


Real, whole ingredients. Great source of protein and fat, the kind of breakfast that gives you energy and keeps you sated.

Step 4: Read the ingredients if you must buy canned, boxed, or bagged food. If you have to google any ingredients or use more than one hand to count them, don’t buy it.

Step 5: Cook your meals using fresh whole ingredients like leafy green vegetables, squashes, meats or seafoods, using things like real butter instead of chemical cocktails.


Sir Hots a lot eating cabbage from my cutting board, no hot pockets in this house.


Bonus bit o’ common sense:

We’ve been playing this eat less, exercise more, lowfat/nofat/hearthealthywholegrains game since I was a tot. Diabesity is up, not just adults, but our children, proving to me that it is true, you can’t out exercise a bad diet.

Think about it.


It’s not that all of us morbidly obese are “non-compliant”, it’s more like weight loss is not a one size fits all. If you’re tired of being sick and tired, forget about the hype, just eat real food. Stop fearing the dietary fat from natural sources and well, your body just stops storing fat by proxy.

LCHF lost in translation…

Dr. Atkins, Phinney and Volek, and Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt (heck, even Mark Sisson and Rob Wolf, because if you want to get technical, Primal and Paleo are really low carb when compared to SAD) and many more had worked hard to lay the groundwork of what LCHF is today, but it seems something has been lost in translation.

Lots of folks have done it, had success, shared it with others, “fat is not the villain”, different folk, different strokes, different food preferences, different eating times, it’s all really simply explained with the whole goose and gander scenario. It’s understandable that there would be new advice, tips and tricks, but on the other hand maybe, just maybe everyone needs a refresher course.

Walking into the world of LCHF these days, the emphasis is mostly placed on the “high fat” and “the more the better”. The truth of the matter though, is that LCHF is not a free for all when it comes to fat, there is a fine line between enough and too much. My enough may be too much for you or vice versa.

Sometimes we don’t lose as fast as Sally or Frank does. Sometimes we gain a little. Sometimes we just need to up our patience dosage because a true stall is way more than 3 days of no loss on the scale. And really, weight loss is so much more than a scale, it’s not a race to the finish line, because there is no finish line.

Some things have been lost in translation, LCHF sounds really complicated these days with all the macros and ratios and what ever o’s, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep it simple, up the patience and you’ll do great.

Cutting out the grains, sugar, and starches make the LC part easy. Fix your burgers without buns and salads instead of fries, diet instead of regular, but water is even better and you’ve got the low carb part down pat.

Cooking your broccoli or asparagus in real butter instead of some chemical crap storm and buying whole chickens instead of boneless, skinless, but we’ve injected “natural flavors” breasts pretty much means you’re eating higher fat than what those low fat/no fat dieters eat.







Supercalifragilistic-nutrional ketosis?

“My macros are spot on”, “What’s your ratio?”, “Check your percentages”, “Do you even monitor your ketones?”, “Keto-this keto-that”, “Do you even lift?” ok, I snuck that last one in just for giggles…

LC, LCHF, Wheat Belly, Atkins, LC Paleo, LC Primal, JERF, yeah, it’s pretty daggum confusing, right?

Often times in the “Low Carb” or “Low Carb High Fat” communities the question is pondered “It’s worked so well for all of us, why doesn’t every single obese person give it a try?”

It’s easy for those of us who have found success in giving up grains, starches, and sugar to maybe not think about those first hours, days, weeks of starting something “new to us”. There comes a time in our journey where everything really is second nature, we don’t have to think when we place an order at our favorite restaurant for a “burger, no bun please, and can I get a side salad instead of fries”.

We don’t really have to think very hard while preparing dinner at home because it’s been so long since we ate the Standard American Diet (SAD), that we no longer have those kind of ingredients on hand, so we just cook and eat and play it again Sam tomorrow.

Maybe we meet someone on the internet, they are interested in our success, they want to know “What do you eat?”, “What do you order when you dine out?”, or “How do I do this?” The easy answer: No grains, no starches, no sugar.

As easy as the easy answer is, it is often lost in translation. While the acronyms for this that or the other are pretty much second nature to someone who’s been low carbing it for six months or longer, it can sound like a whole ‘nother language to new folks. Toss in some keywords like macros, ketosis, ratios, and percentages, and well, we can lose them before they begin.

The thing is that I went two years and made goal without once thinking about my “macros”, “ratios”, or “percentages”. To this day, I’ve never even tested blood ketones and while in the beginning I had a vial of ketostix, I maybe only pissed color onto two of the fifty sticks.

If you’re lost, bear with me, I have a point, maybe you can see the point already, if not, well, it’s like this > You do not have to buy all these gadgets or products or ketostix to lose weight on low carb. You do not have to worry about macros or percentages or fat bombs or keto-cookbooks. It’s only as hard as you want it to be.

You really, seriously, don’t even have to follow a specific plan, the plan I follow is simple, I Just Eat Real Food (Without sugar, grains, or starches) for the most part. Sometimes when I’m feeling silly, I call my plan Meleo, because it’s not 100% Atkins, Wheat Belly, Primal, or Paleo, more of a take what you need and leave the rest, combination of simply what works for me.

So, here we are, without further ado, what I did, what I still do… I eat chicken with skin, preferably bone in (it’s just juicer that way), beef, pork, fish, eggs to get my protein, and if it happens to be a “lean cut”, I cook it with butter or bacon fat. I eat lots of vegetables, salads, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, green beans, Brussels sprouts, turnip greens, the list is pert near endless. For raw veggies like salad, I use full fat dressings like blue cheese or olive oil and vinegar, usually made in my kitchen to avoid the chemical crap storm that is salad dressings these days. For cooked veggies I use butter, real butter, you know, cream and salt or no salt, I’m not that picky, just no fake butter please.

I counted my carbohydrates and that was all.

Because I am Type 2 Diabetic, I do still use artificial sweeteners and I’ll tell you again that to my body, they are far less toxic than table sugar, honey, or agave thank you very much, your argument is invalid. Sometimes I even drink a diet root beer…

The main thing to remember is that while fat has been vilified for decades, it’s not as evil as it is portrayed. It is an essential nutrient that our bodies are capable of making out of carbohydrates if we don’t eat it. The problem with not eating it and leaving it up to our bodies to make it is that when our bodies make it, it’s not dietary fat, it’s body fat, and well isn’t that what we’re trying to get rid of in the first place?

Low carb works for me because I’m no longer spiking my blood sugar. Low carb works for me because I’m no longer eating the things that would fill me up while at the same time, leave me wanting more. Low carb works for me because I realized that while weight loss is partly the scale, the scale is not the end-all. Low carb works for me because I realized early in that weight loss is not a downward spiral into “one-derland” (that magical place those of us who were over 200 pounds long for in the beginning), more of a series of ups and downs where the scale is concerned, but in the end more down than up if you feel me.

Low carb tends to be a higher fat way of eating (don’t call it a diet, you’ll be cheating in no time) because when you break it down on fatsecret or what ever app you use, your fat and protein tend to be where the bulk of your calories come from. There are plenty of folks who will suggest to just eat fat all day and you won’t be hungry, but seriously, there is a fine line between eating enough fat and eating too much fat so that your body never even has to tap into your body fat for energy.

If my ramblings have you thinking that this whole Low carb isn’t going to be as hard as you were thinking and you want to give it a try, just try it. Don’t worry about fat bombs or BPC, just cut out the grains, sugar and starches. Cook foods that don’t have labels or seals of approval from who-evs.

Maybe a couple months down the line, after you see for yourself that there’s just not as much of you in that reflection and you get a hankerin’ to make your way of eating more complicated, look into all the acronyms and gadgets and other things that for me cause undue stress, go for it. Until then though, keep it simple and if you’re Type 2 Diabetic like me, use your meter often, keep in touch with your doctor and let him/her in on your secret to success.









“Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.” – quote from (simply because 1974-1978 was long long ago and I couldn’t remember it word for word)

Fast forward to 2014, we have the technology, we have the capability to process foods to where they would barely be recognizable in the 1970’s. Better? Stronger? Faster? Well, I for one can not argue the whole “faster” part, but when it comes to food, is faster really better?

Some may argue the obesity epidemic is simply a mathematical problem, there are far more people in this world than there once were. Some may argue that the “diabesity” problem is no problem at all, folks just eat too much and don’t move enough, if they’d just move more and eat less they’d be moving too much and Diabetes wouldn’t catch them…

I can even partially agree that as a whole, we don’t move nearly as much as we used to, but the root of the problem, eating too much, not moving enough? We sit in our chairs and surf the world wide web rather than hanging ten on some real waves, calories in/calories out, weights and measure, a generation of sloths? Really?

It has nothing to do with the rainbow of flavors per brand of this or that, the added sugar to combat the plastic-like textured tasteless low fat/no fat “heart healthy seal of approval” processed maybe once was food, chopped and mixed and “enriched” with vitamins and minerals to make it palatable, maybe even addictive? No, no way. We have the technology. We’ve been taking out the fat for years, it’s the people’s fault, they aren’t moving enough, they’re eating too much… They don’t understand a pyramid, let’s give them a plate, a smaller plate, because a smaller plate will make you eat less…

Let’s put calories on the menu because when someone wants a burger and fries showing the calories will make them think twice before saying “Why yes, supersize me!!!”


We’ve got it wrong. We’ve gotten people to the point to where they actually believe that faster food is better food. One pot “helper” type meals are better because they have serving sizes, calorie counts, and lower sodium as needed because it’s the salt that makes us fat. No, it’s the fat that makes us fat. Not the sugar, sugar is an empty calorie and it’s common knowledge that “empty” means the same thing as “nothing” and nothing really doesn’t count.

What if… it is the sugar and it is the added crap, the taste enhancers, the endless array of flavors, heck, there was a chip in a can that came out with “pecan pie” flavor chips for the holidays.

pecan pie pringles

Na, processed foods are good for us, they’re fast. Why bake a pie and eat chips when your chips can be pie flavored?

Not to be outdone, weight loss products have also become “Better…Stronger…Faster…”. Used to be “slimfast” had the niche in the market, but no more, say hello to the plethora of diet shakes, potions, smoothies, juicing et al that have the celebrity spokespersons, “Who doesn’t want to lose weight drinking a shake that tastes like a DQ Blizzard?” Sign me up, YEAHHHHH! (pardon me while I puke my guts up)

Maybe one day they’ll go the way of “Sensa”, you remember that great little packet of fairy dust, just sprinkle it on your vittles and watch the pounds melt away…

Might be you’re wondering what has my nickers in such a twist, you’ve seen my before and after (well, they aren’t afters, I’m a work in progress, baby!) and I didn’t get where I am now on processed crap and fairy dust. Hard work, dedication, and real whole foods, testing my blood glucose prior to, one and two hours after eating, at bedtime and upon waking.

You’re darned right I get a bit ticked off when I see “visions of sugar plums”, snake oil salesmen, promises of “a new me” if I just send in $19.99 plus shipping and handling.

While yeah, it’s 2014 and we have the technology to wage war on obesity, diabetes, and many other weight related maladies, we use our power to get fed quicker and easier. Why stop at plain, sour cream and chives, or nacho when we can have “loaded baked potato or Pecan Pie” flavored chips also? Who can eat just one? (Remember that motto? Ever think that maybe they may have known something when they came up with it?)

Chalk it up to a conspiracy theory, I’ve been accused of worse, sit back in your easy chair and pop open a bag or four of your favorite chips flavors (or cereal flavors, who’s counting anyways). Remain unmoved as (cue spooky music left over from Halloween) the powers to be continue to tell you it’s your fault you are fat or it’s your fault you are diabetic, all the while spending your hard earned dollars on cheap and easy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to take all the blame off of we the people. I’m not trying to give all the blame to the processors, fairies, and snake oil salesmen either, they only give us what we want. (That’s what marketing is folks…those “create the new flavor” contests aren’t just so they can give away cash…)

What I am trying to do is get your nickers in a wad. Get mad at me, I’m used to it, get mad at yourself, don’t buy that crap anymore, get mad at who ever you need to get mad at, as long as you do something about it. Don’t sit around and wait for some nanny to tell you it’s the soda or the donuts because it’s not the sodas or the donuts, it’s EVERY FREAKING THING we put in our mouth without thinking about what it is doing to our bodies.

In the beginning, there was food. We worked for our food, be it digging and planting or hunting and fishing. Food didn’t come in a bag or a box, it came from our mom spending some time prepping and cooking, or our dad grilling out back. Yeah, it took a bit of time to make that sauce from real tomatoes, but we at least knew what was in it back then.

Do yourself a favor, cut out the middle man. If you don’t know how to use a stove, grill, or oven, I’m sure there’s a Youtube video for that. You’re welcome.


The Silly Girl Guide to Becoming Un-Obsessed with food…

When last we talked, or should I say I talked? I told you about how lifestyle changes like low carb are just too hard, it’s just easier to do nothing. I was being seriously sarcastic as changing my eating habits via a low carb lifestyle change actually saved my life.

For many years I was obsessed with food. If I saw it, I wanted to make it, taste it, serve it. Sushi, Beef Wellington, big fat yeast rolls… It was only natural that a food obsessed ole memaw like me would still be a bit obsessed even after cutting out grains, sugar, and starches.

We often read about how “low carb”, “keto”, and “LCHF” type lifestyle changes result in the weight just melting off, and well, it’s pretty true for many. There are folks in this world who can eat low carb versions of cookies, cakes, ho-ho’s on a daily basis and still own that scale like a beast. Then again, there are folks like me who for what ever reason have to just realize that it’s just food, it nourishes my body, much like gas fuels a car.

In the beginning of my journey, I felt like I had to make a substitute. I had to be eating more like a “normal” person so that I wouldn’t look so silly. Over time though, I found that “low carb versions” of things like Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits, didn’t really like me as much as I liked them and even though the coconut flour only had 3 net carbs per serving, it was the 5 carbs in the form of fiber that was subtracted from the 8 total carbs that helped me to just keep treading water instead of swimming those laps in the pool of weight loss awesomeness….

I had to learn to stop obsessing over the food and how other’s perceived my diet (the food I eat), and just embrace my inner silly.

It started small, where we would once add bacon to the songs on the way home from picking up the girls, to make them better, we now add a camaro.


Knowing my somewhat silliness, May sent me this pic from Gatlinburg, green, my fave 🙂

We giggle like crazy because of our silliness, so much so that driving through Nashville is not nearly as bad as it used to be. If we see a camaro, pony, or blista compact (thanks a lot GTA…) we say “you get 10 points”, sometimes forty-sixty-eight, once in a blue moon a gazillion… With all the giggles and “yeaaah!” and “I see a bumble bee Memaw”, we never really have time to think about that drive thru we just passed.

Sometimes the girls get all silly and tell their mommy about our silliness and I get pics like this:


“Tell Memaw how many points if we’re in one!”

or this:


Adrianne used to work at the car rental place at the airport and still has friends there…

Without even realizing it, May came up with a way to keep my food obsessions quelled on Mondays. When Teen Wolf came back last month, we wanted to do something special and she came up with “Alpha Nails”.


Mid season premier, we were ready 🙂


We were even sillier for episode 2.

One of the great things about being silly with our fingernails is that you can’t make, much less eat “low carb bon bons” with wet nails. By the time they dry you know if it was just a hankerin’ or if you’re really hungry, by then something just regular low carb like chicken and broccoli or a bacon and cheese omelet sound better than those bon bons did anyways.


Last week, when left to my own devices.

Another benefit of silly and giggles is that I don’t really feel like an ole Memaw anymore. Maybe it’s the silly or maybe it’s the giggles that Ponce de Leon shoulda been looking for all those years ago 🙂