The other side of the scale

Weight fat loss tends to get its share of heated conversations on the net. People stand firm with their n=1s because their own experience is what worked for them, and well, sometimes everyone is right.

I’ve typed before about how (believe it or not) there is a such thing as too much fat on a LCHF lifestyle, but I don’t recall if we’ve discussed the other end of the LCHF spectrum too little fat.

If you are old enough to even contemplate changing your way of eating from the SAD (standard American diet), going against the grain {giggles}, thinking about cutting the sweet poison (to a large portion of us creatures known as humans), and opting for a more un-processed approach, you made it through the low fat craze that’s been going on since most of us were in diapers.

If you never fell for the whole “low fat, heart healthy approved” marketing ploys, good for you! You will breeze through LCHF 101 with flare! You’ve been eating butter and bacon your entire life, you, my friend have no need of BPC or fat bombs. Matter of fact if you’re one of those not losing, it’s not for lack of fat, but I digress, we’re discussing the other side today and I will get back to them presently.

What? You eat butter?

What? You eat butter?

The vast majority of us have been taught time and again that it is very very important to keep the fat off our plate. Fat was always at the top of the pyramid, use it sparingly, and when you do use it, only use these here vegetable oils and shortening. Even better is to have your toast dry, with a bit of jelly. (when did they start putting HFCS in jelly?) We cut our fat that was once on our plate, but we’ve increased the fat on our bodies. It would seem that if cutting the fat helped us to get fatter, then maybe, just maybe eating more fat would help us to not produce so much of our own.

Sometimes, the answer is “up the fat”. I know, it’s crazy. What works for Fred or Wilma doesn’t always work for Ben and Jerry, so one must remember that yes, sometimes everyone is right, but just not always at the same time.

Examples are easier, so I’ll just go with it.

We'll use Miss Piggy as the example. (no she's not still dressed up, it's an old pic)

We’ll use Miss Piggy as the example. (no she’s not still dressed up, it’s an old pic)

Miss Piggy started her LCHF way of eating some time ago. At first, she dropped a lot of weight. For the past month or so, she’s not really losing, she’s not really gaining either, she’s hit one of those dreaded things called a weight loss plateau.

Lucky for Miss Piggy, she has the most common problem in her weight loss journey that is easy to fix. See, for years Miss Piggy lived off of heart healthy whole grains for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She traded her mayo for mustard years ago and always cooks in a non stick pan to avoid fats at all cost. She’s meat free on Mondays because she’s going to save the planet and to her, red meat equals heart attacks.

The LCHF change has been a change most difficult, she’s tired of skinless salmon and salad, but what else can she eat*? She’s doing everything right, chia seed pudding or Faux oatmeal for breakfast, salad with boneless, skinless chicken or skinless salmon for lunch and dinner, sugar free jello as snacks. She’s hardly eating 800 calories a day, so it’s not like she can eat less, or can she?

“Give that girl a BPC STAT!” is giggle evoking, but not the answer, well, it could be the answer, but remember, Miss Piggy is having a hard time with fat as it is. A coconut/butter oil slick in her cup-o-joe might just have her running from LCHF like the freaking plague!

While we can all (most likely, maybe?) agree, Miss Piggy is definitely not eating enough fat or calories (can you even eat a calorie?) food for that matter. She has become one of those low-carbers that are not only skerd to death of carbs, but she is skerd of fat too.

Chocolate fat bombs might do the trick for upping her fat, but she was a big fan of candies way back when, so they might also be that slippery slope that derails her entire journey. (Do you see now how everyone’s situation is different, that we can all be right, we can all be wrong, and well, arguing about it is silly, agreeing to disagree works better, truce, maybe?)

*What else can I eat? she asked. How about just eating food? What if Miss Piggy stopped counting her calories and cut her stress by proxy? Instead of looking at any vegetable other than salad as carbs and just ate broccoli, sauteed in real butter (or any other of the many non-starchy vegetables) because it’s food. If nothing can convince Miss Piggy that bacon is ok as long as you stay away from the biscuits, maybe she can work her way up to chicken thighs at least, to up her fat.

It all boils down to this: There is a such thing as not enough fat, just like there is a such thing as too much fat when eating LCHF. One person’s not enough is another person’s too much. We can all be right and wrong at the same time, but it’s up to the person asking the questions to evaluate the answers and figure out what works best for themselves.

If you, or someone you love is suffering from not losing weight while trying to keep the carbs and the fat low at the same time, here are a few examples that may or may not help you figure out that 1. Fat is not bad, except rancid vegetable oils  and 2. You don’t have to add obscene amounts of coconut oil to your coffee or your cocoa powder.

  • cook whole chickens, eat some of that skin. (hell no, it’s not the chicken skin that makes KFC un-healthy, it’s the crap attached to the skin and having macaroni and cheese as a vegetable option…)
  • Toss out your teflon. Invest in an iron skillet or stainless steel. Why? Because stuff sticks without a little butter or bacon lube. You will be forced to saute your veggies in some yummy butter or bacon grease.
  • Bypass the skinless salmon, opt for wild caught, skin on. Melt some butter in that new iron skillet and sear that skin like a boss. There is seriously nothing better than a nice fat piece of salmon that has been cooked til the skin is crispy.
  • Eat a ribeye. Seriously. Sirloin is ok for Stroganoff over shirataki noodles, but if you’re going to have a steak, you might as well enjoy it, and how could you not enjoy the marbled juicy goodness that is ribeye?
  • Plant your chia seeds. (I’m still puzzled as to why folks started eating them in the first place) Ok, that one is up to you. If you like them, keep them, just not for breakfast. Eggs were made for breakfast, end of story.




Instant gratification

Here it is, January 9, 2015 (yeah, I backspaced the 4, the 5 is so new and all), five days into getting my head on straight and I’ll be damned if my size eights still do not fit! {pouty sniffles}

Granted I have lost three whole pounds and lord knows I’ll surely find them, but it hasn’t really been all bad. I actually misplaced a couple of pounds Monday morning, which reminds me of finding them Tuesday morning. I don’t even want to talk about Wednesday and Thursday because I didn’t even check in with that old hag the scale.

It’s got to be that I’m not doing it right, I picked the wrong diet, which isn’t really a diet anyways, I call it meleo (combo of primal, paleo, without carb loading and crossfit (giggles) what works for my diabetes and me). It didn’t even make the cut, but it’s great uncle “Paleo” did and came in dead last. {Don’t wag that finger at me, I know, I know, I shoulda done #13, Slimfast (howling laughter at this point, seriously, bottle of chems or whole foods, yep, chems it shoulda been)}

Maybe I should have re-started Atkins, you know, hit the new and exciting Atkins 40, for when you just want to lose a little, but if you checked out the linky-do, Atkins is on the last page too, #32 to Paleo’s #34.

To be completely honest, I’m not even doing anything aside from what I was doing prior to hunting season and really, really, losing three pounds in five days of doing absolutely nothing is pretty spectacular, maybe downright scandalous. What exactly is that absolutely nothing? No sugar, no starches, simple. Leafy greens, meat, cheese, eggs, fish, even slightly higher carb veggies like Brussels sprouts.

Since I proved to myself what I already knew (you just can’t out exercise a bad diet), I’m not even counting my general goofiness like toting firewood as exercise, so without my general goofiness, I’m pretty much sloth-like. (general goofiness takes up most of my time, so I’m not sloth-like often)

I’m not doing anything silly like putting an entire stick of butter into my 32oz coffee, or just eating sticks of butter talking about my deep ketosis. Ketosis-smosis and all that, you won’t see any snap chats or instagrams of my pissedonketostix for a few reasons, #1 I don’t pee on sticks, that’s what potties are made for. #2 I don’t have snapchat which leads to #3 nor do I have instagram.

I am doing what I found to be most helpful when I lost the weight in the first place, right prior to thinking I was ten foot tall and bullet proof…

Dr. Jack Kruse’s Leptin Rx combined with Mark Sisson’s When Hunger Ensues Naturally. Anyways, both of these were big helps back in 2011 and 2012 when I was discovering my path to controlling my diabetes and losing weight. As far as combining them goes, on the days I wake up hungry, I eat within 30 minutes of rising, high protein breakfast, (I never stopped following the sleep well part), wait 4-5 hours (or longer) between meals. The couple days I’ve awoken without a thought of food, I’m IFing and eating when hunger ensues naturally.

Anyways, I was just thinking that with all the technology, things should be going quicker. My eights pert near falling off me by day five, but no, I’m human just like everyone else. Sometimes we just have to think “yeah, I want it now, but it’s going to take time.” Maybe I’m trying to tell any of you sweet folks out there in Readerville that no matter which diet you chose, what eating plan you adapt, that no big change after 5 days is no big deal. Weight loss is not a transporter from fat to flat in an instant, it’s a series of fits and starts, ups and downs that ultimately lead to getting into shape. The key though is not a “diet”, a “pill”, or a “superfood”, the key is to find what works for each of us as individuals and sticking to it.

“May Be Best Diet Ever”,,, really?

I wish I could say with some honesty that “nothing shocks me anymore”, but I can’t. This morning I found that there is still more Tay McCray-Cray going on in the world that even has potential for shocking an ole memaw like me.

In the race to shed the pounds, lose the flab, “get our skinny on”, we* grasp on to pert near anything, any promise to lose the weight with little or no effort in regards to changing our habits or our lifestyle, and thank our lucky stars that someone is out there to cater to our every want and need. Juicing, Smoothies, Shakes, Powders, Potions, Pills, Fiber (the Skinny kind), Snake Oil, Fairy Dust, don’t blame them, we want easy, peasy, now.

While there are many many diets to supply our demands on easy, peasy, now, today’s news was proof positive that there is always room for another best diet, maybe even the best diet ever. The “Yoga-Ice Cream Cleanse”

From the article:

Miller calls the product ice cream but it doesn’t actually contain milk or dairy products. The frozen treat contains “plant-based, raw coconut cream. So it is no dairy, no sugar and no soy.”

Nice, right? Only they forgot they typed that and follow that with this paragraph:

For $240, customers can indulge in five pints of ice cream per day. It translates to an intake of 1,200 calories, 70 grams of fat and more than 120 grams of sugar.

Sweet, huh? It almost made me wish that I hadn’t already lost my weight and maintained it for the past year, almost. 😉 Granted, there are probably some folks who can lose weight on it, 1200 calories a day, less than my grandkids eat daily, so yeah, call it a diet, call it the best diet, really because Paleo, Primal, Just Eating Real Whole Foods, LCHF, is just too much like work and totally fad

Anyways, I couldn’t dwell on missing out on the best diet ever all day. I needed some steps for Walk Your A.S. Off, so I put some Pandora in my pocket and hit the bags. Non-competitive boxing nets 131 steps a minute and I got 10 minutes in, even broke a sweat. As I was ladling bone broth into pint jars, I thought about the best diet ever, only I was thinking about bone broth and boxing because I don’t need no stinkin’ diet.








Why you should not do low carb, especially whole foods low carb…

Why anyone would even consider a lifestyle change is beyond me. It’s so much easier to not change anything and sit wallowing in self pity when we feel bad about this or that or that or this or what ever seems to be holding us back from getting a grip on happiness.

Rumor has it that there are Type 2 Diabetics who have totally lost symptoms of their disease while losing weight and having super spectacular blood sugars by just changing their lifestyle, cutting out sugar, starches, and grains.

Don’t try it though, it’s just not worth it, and there are no doughnuts.

Besides, I read on the internet that “low carb weight loss is just losing water weight” and we all know that if it’s on the internet, it is true. Just look at my before and 2 year anniversary pic:

December 2010 April 2013

On the left is December 2010, right is April 2013, I was an aquarium, I lost 80 pounds of water…

Another reason one should never attempt a whole foods low carb lifestyle change is because it’s just too darned hard. The foods are bland and tasteless < Ok, seriously, I read that on the internet too, but never fear there are some folks out in this big world of ours ready to sell you a cookbook or whatevs…

Then there’s the whole “I could never give up {enter: pasta, rice, raisin bread, whatevs…}”. I don’t blame you, I told my doc “I could never give up my hazelnut coffee creamer.” That was my first clue that I’m not actually psychic, I did indeed give up that chemical poop storm.

If you find yourself saying “I could never give up this or that”, you can find me saying “put on your big girl/boy pants, suck it up, you’re grown.” <Sorry, I tend to get a little bit witchy when confronted with babies in grown up bodies… (did I just type that out loud? Ooops, I will not apologize for being brutally honest. The world needs more honesty, feel good white lies don’t help in the long run…)

It’s like this, a trade off of sorts. We’ll use me as an example… At 237 pounds I could not give up “comfort foods”, over more years of “comfort foods” wreaking havoc on my blood glucose levels, the chances were pretty good that sooner or later I would have no choice but to give up some toes or a whole foot. Now, what was it I couldn’t live without?? Oh that’s right…

Even if you think it’s ok to lose 80 pounds of water, eating bland and boring foods, having good blood glucose control, and maybe even not having to worry about complications from your Type 2 Diabetes, consider the other people you might be causing undue stress on by attempting a whole foods low carb lifestyle…

Big food processors. That’s right, the cereal, chip, doughnut, pasta industry, the makers of hearthealthywholegrains, COOKIE manufacturers, seriously, they don’t make enough money as it is. Haven’t you noticed that there are five hundred gazillion different chip flavors? These guys will be in real trouble if people start eating things that are either not processed or minimally processed, cutting out the “middle man”, how could you?

Just as recently as yesterday I saw on the internet that if you do “whole foods low carb” that you can’t eat out, even if it’s an emergency like you’re out of town and there isn’t a kitchen in your hotel room, you should just be better prepared and tote around a 20 gallon cooler for those kind of emergencies… Hogwash. You can do low carb at pert near any restaurant, even Chuck E. Cheeses like I told you about the other day… OOPS< I’m supposed to be telling you why you shouldn’t do it…

Then there’s this whole “keto” craze. (it’s driving me absolutely crazy!!!) Ketobread, ketothis, ketothat, ketodoughnuts probably soon if not already… I’m seriously serious, if low carb looked in 2011 like it looks in 2014 with all these “rock star, lifestyle/body coaches”, “high-ketosis”, and folks freaking pasting pictures of their pissed on ketostix on facebook, I wouldn’t have done it. I would probably be 357 pounds by now because the whole “ketocraze” is driving me flipping bananas.

Why? I’m glad you asked. It’s simple really, it’s not that hard. You don’t need to pee on sticks, test blood ketones, or make up “keto-recipes”, or find out what so and so ate during their “nutritional ketosis” because honestly, what works for the goose doesn’t always work for the gander, we each must find our own path. Just by eating whole foods, no sugar, no grains, no starches, blood glucose improves and well, weight loss is a side effect. Don’t believe me? Test it yourself, test your bg, eat a doughnut, test every 30 minutes for 2 1/2 hours, write it down. Tomorrow test you bg eat something like a scrambled egg with some cheddar cheese, test every 30 minutes for 2 1/2 hours, write it down.

I know it’s going to be tough to make a low carb scrambled egg with cheddar, you may feel tempted to google “keto-eggs”, but let me make it easy for you, skillet, heat, butter, melt, egg, swish around until set, top with cheese, salt and pepper if so desired, eat.

Anyways, I hope that you will take into consideration some of what I’ve said and just not change your lifestyle. There are plenty of crash diets out there that have products and potions and shakes and smoothies, then there’s juicing and Tracy Anderson and Jillian Michaels videos, just eat less and exercise more, listen to conventional wisdom and what ever you do, do not change your lifestyle…

*I would like to personally thank the sarcasm department for loaning me an extra helping in order to write this post 🙂



The diet dilemma, what to do what to do?

On the rare occasion that I am unable to fall asleep, I end up falling to think. My mind hits overdrive, causing me to think about something until I fall asleep from the effort. Normally my black out mask and meditation get me nodding right off, but even that’s not working. I’m just not tired. Between daylight savings, spring break, and my husband reminding me of spring break, sweetly saying “you can go back to bed”, I’ve done just that for the past two days.

Last night as I lay in bed falling to think, I couldn’t help thinking about “what am I?”. I didn’t really think about what I know, like a wife, mom, memaw, type 2 diabetic… My thoughts were more geared toward as far as my eating style or as some would use that four letter swear word, diet.

The more I thought, the less I knew. My journey really has had some major twists and turns. I started out with Atkins, the 1992 edition, it was working ok, but I learned about the new Atkins.

The new Atkins taught me about net carbs and math. They taught me that I could have candy bars and milk shakes provided they were their brand. I met a lot of wonderful well meaning people who told me I was eating too much, I wasn’t eating enough, eat every two hours or you’ll get starvation mode… I also met a lot of wonderful well meaning people who had things like cheat days, and ate candy bars for breakfast, as a snack, when ever, who still lost weight. At that time, I met some wonderful well meaning people who told me “take what you need and leave the rest”, “we are all different, what works for one doesn’t work for all”, “you have to find your own way”. These people were often accused of “not doing it right”, “you gotta do it the NANY way”, “that’s not Atkins”.

Those buckers of the system  were the very people that helped me the most. They introduced me to a whole world of people like myself, people who were hell bent on finding what works for them, instead of staying true to what really wasn’t working. These are the people who helped me find my way. The thing these people had in common was that they didn’t limit themselves to doing it by the book, they looked for more information as needed in their own journeys.

Someone from that last group of people introduced me to a wonderful website, bloodsugar101 that helped me to understand the whys and hows that I had never learned when diabetes was in the driver’s seat. I learned that it wasn’t the protein in those candy bars spiking my blood sugar as many wonderful well meaning people said, rather the maltitol. I learned that sugar alcohols were the culprit by eating sugar free candy of a different brand and having the same problem.

Through those people I was also introduced to a whole new way of life, just eat real food. It was there that I was introduced to Paleo and Primal. These groups were so gung ho that as someone who started with Atkins, I really felt like an outsider. I did learn that Paleo, Primal, and old school Atkins really aren’t that different, and I was just in the middle somewhere.

When I needed more help with my T2 Diabetes, “Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution” was recommended to me. It re-enforced the the whole foods and testing my blood sugar often. I thought I knew a lot about what I put in my mouth, but testing more often, before and after each re-introduced food showed me I didn’t know as much as I thought.

Bloodsugar101 and Dr. Bernstein’s book told me what dawn pheonom was, but didn’t really help me get rid of it. It was my last major hurdle as far as getting control over my health and well being. So when one of those buckers of the system was taking a left when everyone else was still going right, I took a leap of faith and followed her to the dark side.

She was doing the Leptin Rx it was whole foods, just eaten at different times, geared at teaching the difference in hunger and habit. I’m pretty sure it was the part about not eating after dinner that really helped my dawn phenom problem, and the bonus was that for me, it did teach me to eat out of hunger instead of boredom or habit.

Somewhere along the line, I was introduced to FatHead, the movie. It taught me to question everything and find out what works for me. It’s not really a diet or WOE, but fellow  Fatheads are open to all people, Paleo, Primal, Atkins, what ever. They are the people who question everything, they have taught me that not all studies are created equal, that science can be flawed by agenda, and follow the money.

It all falls back to finding what works for ourselves as individuals. I see commercials for lose weight quick type products and can’t help but feel bad for all the people who try and fail. Since we are all different, surely those products work for some, but no one thing works for all. Rather than invest in losing it quick, invest time into finding what really works long term.

I still never really figured out exactly what I am with regards to my eating style. You could call me Primkins, maybe, just don’t call me after 10:00pm ha ha. In all my thinking last night I came to the conclusion that I don’t think the label really even matters. What matters is the journey and what we learn from it. Learn every day.

I leave you today with a picture of me the morning after the casino dancing last month. The sun was blaring, so I’m squinting, but I’m also smiling. I’m smiling because I awoke to another beautiful (maybe a little cold) day, and I have found that better health and happiness go hand in hand.


It’s early, the sun is bright, we had a 3 hour drive ahead of us, but I was still happy just to have another glorious day!