The thing about breakfast sausage…

To be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with breakfast sausage. If it wasn’t a link or maple, count me out, more for you and all. Things changed when we (mainly my sister, they lived at her pond after all) raised some pigs a while back. (Sausage, Bacon, and Ham, later known as Bubba)

As I told you way way back, we took Bubba’s sisters to Yoder Brothers in Paris, TN. OMG that was some FINE porky eats, such cuts, such beautiful fat, even bagged me up back fat for making my lard, lard have mercy, the memories make me salivate…

Bubba turned out to be not so tasty. Maybe because he was a boy, maybe because he had gotten so big since evading the trailer before our trip to Paris, or maybe because he was just so lean, who knows? They had the same diet, we snorted with and scratched them all the same (and by we, I mean me, because I’m a pig whisperer, you know, giggles)

Anyways, we finally found a way to make Bubba tasty and of all things, it turned out to be sausage. After his city bacon playing a staring role in the summer sausage and receiving a standing ovation, we decided to use a bit more Bubba in breakfast sausage.

  • 6 pounds venison (we boned another shoulder and added a couple tenderloins)
  • 2 pounds pork, we used 2 thick cut Bubba chops, what little fat left in tact, boned, and boil meat (uncured jowl)
  • 3 T sage
  • 1 T crushed red pepper
  • 1 T black pepper
  • 1 T garlic powder
  • 1 T onion powder
  • 2 T season salt
  • 1 ¼ t Lem cure, I buy it at BPS, AS&O doesn’t carry the un-seasoned cure. Here’s a link if you don’t have a BPS nearby.

The plan was to make links when we made breakfast sausage. The news of a flu season of epic proportions in Nashville made my inner flu-a-phobe settle for just bagging it in freezer bags and making patties as needed. Yeah, one can purchase fancy sausage bags for slicing sausage, but seriously, once sausage is thawed completely, slicing a patty is out of question and we’re patting them out anyways.

Step 1: Remove fat, gristle, and bone from meat if needed.

Step 2: Cut meat into chunks (venison and pork).

Step 3: Process all the meat through the grinder. This time, we put in a little venison, then a little pork, then a little venison and well, you get the point.

Step 4: Combine all seasonings and cure with 6 ounces ice cold water, mix well, until salts are dissolved.

Step 5: If you are like me and do not have a meat mixer, glove up and mix the seasoning/cure mixture into the meat.

Step 6: My inner control freak added this step… Run the whole kit and caboodle through the grinder once more to ensure extra yumminess.

Step 7: I’m not so much a control freak to weigh it out, so I eyeballed one and 2 pounds, per bags, removed the air from the bags, and popped them in the deep freeze.

The sausage turned out not near as fatty as store bought sausage. It’s lean enough that lubing a hot skillet with a tablespoon or so of bacon juice to prevent sticking is a good idea. The sausage also turned out quite darkly colored, but cooks up pink in the non-seared areas and middle. It is mild, so if you like hot, double or even triple the crushed red pepper.

The teen and Big Sexy gave it two thumbs up, and even I ended up liking it. It also worked out quite nicely in my low carb sausage ball recipe.

While I didn’t manage to get any pics while making the breakfast sausage, I did get a nice pic of the new grandson in what the girls refer to as his man suit. 

King Brandon Manuel Serrano, we can already tell at 10 days old that he's going to be a goof-ball.

King Brandon Manuel Serrano, we can already tell at 10 days old that he’s going to be a goof-ball.


4 thoughts on “The thing about breakfast sausage…

    • Thanks, we’ve got a little more Bubba in the deep freeze, but it’s awfully lean stuff left. I’m thinking of getting a 3# pack of Wright’s ends and pieces next go-round (that stuff is super duper fatty!!)

    • Thanks, he takes after his memaw with that goofy picture skills. 🙂 I think he looks a lot like what Mike Myers would look like as Al Pacino in a Scarface parody.

      Originally Bubba was Sausage, Bacon, or Ham. We didn’t want to give them names that would make us think more towards pet than food.

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