What are you waiting for?

Tis the season. The season to over-shop, over-spend, over-indulge in the spirit or is it the “spirits”?, and over-consume all things “comfort”.

Sometimes I catch myself wondering why certain foods are labeled as “comfort”. Maybe it’s the comfort while eating, because after a big ole plate of “comfort”, a slice or scoop or bowl of “comfort”, I never much felt “comfortable” afterwards. Tired, lethargic, irritable, moody even, but most definitely not comfort.

With this time of over-everything, we  realize come January that there is a price to be paid in over-everything. Be it that credit card we got to make Christmas happen, the serious hang-over from a week of excess, or maybe those clothes are a bit more snug than last winter, heck maybe more so than last week when we tried them on.

We see it every year come resolution time. Resolutions to stop bad habits, to lose weight, to improve health markers, save money, spend less, the list is as long as the number of us human beings are different in what we perceive as needed changes in our lives.

Sometimes folks talk about how they’ve been meaning to do this or that, since it’s resolution time, the meaning is over, they’ve decided that it will happen, it’s a resolution after all. Don’t get me wrong, resolutions are great, we get all gung-ho the month of January, half of February, revived during Lent, and pepped back up for bikini season…

Not everyone loses their way with a new year’s resolution. Sometimes we actually attain our goals set and accomplish change. Sometimes though, we find ourselves re-hashing resolutions past, excusing away why we weren’t successful, making a new and improved plan for success.

Here we are, a couple of short days away from the biggest comfort food event of the year, Thanksgiving, followed by the best deals and biggest shopping days, which ironically includes Thanksgiving for some retail giants… and I wonder, what are we waiting for?

Why wait until January, a whole month away? Why not start right freaking now? I’m not saying make a major dietary change just two days before the annual gorge-fest, maybe just make a plan to be a little more thankful and a little less comfort food minded? Maybe instead of leaving the table for a grand Thanksgiving day sale, stick around, watch a football game (football games have the greatest commercials btw…), hang with the fams, reflect what we’re thankful for and how maybe we can be more mindful year round of things we should be thankful for?

I know, I know, it’s no fun to think about resolutions in November, but it’s really not any fun in January either, sitting at the computer in our newly tightened clothes, thinking “good gracious, I’ve got my resolution right here” or looking at the cobwebs in our billfolds thinking maybe there is something to that 52 week money challenge. (word of advice, if you do the 52 week challenge, don’t wait until January to start, start now, with a dollar, be ready to have your cash flow in November, not January, spend the cash on Christmas instead of using it to pay interest in January, duh!)





9 thoughts on “What are you waiting for?

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  2. One of the hardest things is to actually be consistent. It is much harder to write 1/2 page every day then to write 10 pages once in a while. The problem is that 1/2 page every day goes much farther then 10 pages once in a while. The point I’m trying to make is, as with weight control, diabetes control, over indulging in Christmas, the key is to do a little, but do a little every single day. Drastic changes, or anything drastic for that matter always create a rebound effect, and that’s when we suffer…

    • You’ve got that right. It was so hard a few years ago to be consistently drastic. I really thought it would last forever, and then I made goal. I got more lax, not cake and ice cream, but things that didn’t give me high readings, but still ended up showing up on the scale. I never thought about it as rebound effect, but I’d have to agree that’s what happened.

  3. So true! I find that one other problem in winter is that we wear bulky and loose sweaters. After experiencing my first winter and seeing the scale show an unbelievably high number in March, I started wearing a body hugging camisole to strengthen my resolve against gorging on holiday treats and to get me to peel my bum off the couch.

    • Good idea. My winter clothing (from last year) fit more like “spanx” this year. If I were to put off buckling down any longer, it wouldn’t be just my littlest clothes collecting dust.

  4. I think calling it comfort was some food marketer’s diabolical plan. Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s to fam, lots of good commercials and a big green salad on your table! Cheers!

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you also 🙂 I bet you’re right and what a wonderful (for the food industry anyways) plan it was. It’s almost relieving to type this out-loud, but I’m not making a salad. Our eldest and the grandbabies are coming up, so there will be some temptation, but there will be a lot more “primal” options to keep me occupied (lol).

    • I have been less than stellar (who the heck am I kidding, insert WAY before less) since hunting season began. I put on some jeans and was like OMG. The scales haven’t shifted so much as my actual mass, so I can’t put this mess off!!! Typing it out-loud like that helps me be accountable. Have a great day 🙂

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