Muzzleloader day one…

I almost didn’t go hunting this morning. Bad sleep, bad mood, bad hair day. Wasn’t really feeling it, but then again, didn’t want to miss it. Put on my big girl coveralls and got in the truck. We headed down to the hunty hole, blind in tow, around 4:45 this morning. Maybe it was a few miles from the house when I realized I’d forgotten my phone. No biggie. Forgot a knife too, potential biggie, but I wasn’t really expecting the need of one.

This is the blind my hot husband built us.

This is the blind my hot husband built us.

Sweet blind, right? I type “built us”, but he’s not skerd of no tree stand, he built it so I wouldn’t have to get too far out of my comfort zone and up a tree. Another way to tell he built it with my comfort in mind is that it has a freaking heater (YEAH BABY!!!).

Normally it’s between 8:30 am and whenevs before we see deer. Today, a flock of geese flew over really early, the butt crack of dawn to be precise. Not long afterwards Big Sexy said “deer”. I didn’t see nothin’. A bad night of not sleeping, my hunty eyes were only working at about 2%, when she moved and I saw her.

He asked if I wanted her and passed me the muzzleloader. Yeah, I wanted her. There was a smaller deer with her and he said it was probably her baby. (insert second thoughts) “Will it live without it’s mom?” I asked. “Yeah, it’s a yearling at least” he said. I took aim. She turned and went behind some scrub. “You can’t shoot through all that brush” he said. “Ok”. I said. “Take your time, wait til you’re ready” he said.

About that time, she turned again, I was ready, pulled back the hammer and he said “buck”.  I don’t know if I said anything. I remember seeing another deer approach them, it happened so fast, the lovely lady and her youngster took off up the hill with the little young buck in hot pursuit.

Big Sexy did what any other Hot Husband would do in that situation, he pulled out the call. Grunted. BAM~! Big daddy buck pops out of freaking no where. “Buck” he said. “Take your time, are you nervous?” he said. “no, {panting, think labor breathing}” I said as the scope jumped each time my heart beat. “When ever you’re ready” he said. He had a clear shot at that point, but I had the muzzleloader. I couldn’t get a good aim because I was too far to the right.

He’s been telling me how during the rut the big guys act like they ain’t got no sense. He wasn’t just whistling dixie. This beautiful buck just stood there, posing, looking right in our direction. He didn’t see us because he didn’t snort. Matter of fact, he started coming a bit closer like that love stuck little buckaroo that didn’t want to leave me alone in the turkey blind last month.

Like I typed a few paragraphs up, I had already pulled the hammer for that doe. I don’t think 5 minutes had passed since pulling that hammer, but it felt a lot longer than that. Deep breath, deep breath, finally I don’t think I’m shaking anymore, and BOOM. Ok, I had on ear muffs, so I didn’t really hear a boom.

“Did you hit him?” he asked. “I don’t know, it happened too fast, it wasn’t loud, my shoulder doesn’t even hurt” I said, “let’s go see” I added. He told me about how it’s a lot easier to just wait a little while before running out there, turns out, if you spook them, they run further. After a few minutes that felt like more, Big Sexy got out just to go see where the big guy had been standing.

“You hit him” he told me.

Until today, I always thought the waiting to see one, getting one in range, was the hard part. Today I learned that part is easy. There was a little blood where I had shot him, so we looked around and picked up his trail. With tall grasses and woods, one must keep a keen eye out for the blood trail. A spot here, a smear there, 100 yards later, we came upon him.

I will not tell a lie. I cried. Not tears of sadness, I wasn’t like all boo hoo cry baby like if my feelings were hurt, it was different than that. If I had to explain it, it was seriously like giving birth. The anxiety, the nervousness, the adrenaline, the joy, the wonder… I sat on the ground beside him, tears in my eyes, rubbing his soft fur, as I thanked him for providing meat for our family.

My 12 point buck

My 12 point buck

(Yeah, I rock those Isotoners even in the woods lol)

He  counted up 12 points. Big Sexy was telling me how awesome that was, that 12 was great. He took a couple pics for me since I had forgotten my phone.

Looking less like a goober, but the bad hair day is evident lol

Looking less like a goober, but the bad hair day is evident lol

We took the big guy to Shackle Island Processors in Goodlettsville, where we picked up last weekend’s doe.

Perdy lady from last weekend, yeah, there were tears when I thanked her too.

Perdy lady from last weekend, yeah, there were tears when I thanked her too.

Shackle Island Processors is pretty fabulous. They had the doe all ready for us and when we asked about when the cape would be ready on the big guy, they told us 10-15 minutes. I won’t go into details, TMI and all, but the butcher is an artist. At most, we were down the road at Mr. Dallas’s taxidermy 15 minutes later. Mr. Dallas said he’d never seen a rack like the big guy’s rack. It was so cool to see his shop, bobcat, fox, fish, turkey, deer, ducks, etc. Even got to pet a coyote!

Anyways, I’m on hour number 15 since the alarm went off and think I hear a glass of wine calling my name. Fingers crossed for sleeping well and LATE!!!




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