Silly girl adventures in milking a coconut…

Last week’s coconut macaroons left me with shredded coconut to spare. Lucky for me, I never ever run out of things to ponder, so when I saw a link to a recipe for coconut yogurt, I was down like four flats on a Cadillac.

If I take a little time and search my browsing history, I could probably find you the link. Problem is, that particular recipe, while the ingredients were just like all the other coconut yogurt ingredients, the actual “instructionable” part of the recipe is lacking.

The recipe called for a can of coconut milk, probiotic capsules, and a small amount of sugar, honey, what evs, to feed the culture. (I don’t always use real sugar, but when I do, it’s to feed a freaking culture, I tell ya)

Rather than a can of coconut milk, I had a carton. In the winter, often times I make hot cocoa with coconut milk, so in the winter, it’s a staple. Maybe I’ve become lax in my ingredient reading, but the list was long. I didn’t want that crap in my yogurt. I thought about getting dressed and running (ha ha, as in driving) up to the store to grab a can o’ coconut milk, but the “don’t want to leave the comfort of my pjs and a warm house” side of me was thinking “Google is your friend Grasshopper”…

I googled DIY coconut milk and this one link stood out from the rest.

Normally I get Chris Kresser’s blog posts on my FB feed, but this was an older article. Thinking “say it isn’t so”, I ended up realizing the title was a wee bit misleading, he’s talking about the canned kind and lots of ingredients kind. Turns out he has a pretty sweet recipe/instructional on “Homemade Coconut Milk” at the end of the nice read.

Wine glass worthy...

Wine glass worthy…

How to milk a coconut:

  • 4 cups water
  • 2 cups unsweetened shredded coconut

(If you read the instructions in the link, you will see that it calls for 1.5 – 2 cups of the coconut. I had 2 cups, so I went for the extra coconutty option 🙂 )

Heat water to until hot but not boiling. I have a magic bullet type blendermagig, so I placed 1/2 cup of coconut and 1/2 cup of hot water in and zip, zip, zip, zipppppped until it no longer looked like water and shredded coconut. After blending the coconut and hot water, pour it through a fine mesh sieve.

Most definitely better smelling than cow milking...

Most definitely better smelling than cow milking…

Once you’ve got it all blended, place the pulp in a tea towel and squeeze the rest of the silky goodness out. Make sure to try a bit of the warm deliciousness. Store it in a glass jar in the fridge. I don’t know how long it will keep, I used 3 cups of it for the yogurt and drank the 4th cup…

My first attempt at milking a coconut was a complete success. It was easier and less time consuming than getting dressed. It cost less than driving to the store and purchasing coconut milk in a can because I already had the ingredients.

Slow down just a minute, before you dump that there pulp in the compost, I’ve got a recipe within a recipe…

One ingredient coconut flour…

  • pulp from your homemade coconut milk

Not one for waste I thought maybe I could use that pulp for coconut flour. I consulted some friends in that super secret ninja group and ended up giving it a go, and this is how I did it:

Line a large (1/2 sheet pan size if you’ve got it) baking sheet with parchment paper. Thinly spread coconut pulp over the paper. Place pan on the middle rack of a  250° preheated oven. I mixed it around every 15 minutes for about an hour. The time will vary depending on if you squeezed it through a tea towel when making the milk, how long you left it in the sieve before putting it in the oven. Be sure and check it often, you don’t want it brown, you want it dry.

Once it was dry, I placed it in an unused coffee grinder. Zip, zip, zip, zippppp later, and I had this:

Not as finely milled as the kind I buy. Love the color though!!!

Not as finely milled as the kind I buy. Love the color though!!!

It’s almost the texture of almond meal. It doesn’t smell much like anything. I really love the color, and after sifting, used it to make yet another batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Guess what? I finally got the coconut taste outta dem cookies lol.


About that yogurt………

It was a flop, the instructable part called for letting it sit in a window sill. Well, the cold winds are rising, my stove top was warmer, the worst that could happen was that it wouldn’t work. It didn’t.

At the store anyways, I grabbed a couple cans of coconut milk, to hell with the three reasons, yogurt was NOT going to be the boss of me (pardon me while I giggle). I hit my ole friend google up one last time and found this recipe.

Now I've really gotta clean the fridge...

Now I’ve really gotta clean the fridge…

It doesn’t smell very appetizing, but it tastes good. I didn’t use any thickeners, so it’s not thick. I’m definitely going to make it again, anything worth doing takes practice.





3 thoughts on “Silly girl adventures in milking a coconut…

    • I’m not sure. I made it on October 30th, only used half. The second half I put in a zipper bag and tossed it in the pantry (to see if it would stay good at room temp like the store bought kind). Just pulled it out and it’s still white as snow, still doesn’t really smell like anything though. I’ve got close to a pound of the store bought kind (organic from the Amish market, but it’s as yellow as Bob’s Red Mill brand) so I can keep this homemade kind in the pantry for a while and see if there is a color change. (I hope it stays like snow though!! 🙂 )

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