Mothers VS Turtle, and didja know it’s Diabetes Awareness Month?

Believe me when I type to you that I had no intentions of blogging today. I did however, intend on giving Sweet Baby Cam a nice wash and wax, preparing him for the long cold winter to be.

Maybe I should start off by telling you that the first time we waxed him, my hot husband bought me some turtle wax. While I was grateful that he took the time to not just get if for me, but also teach me how to use it, the silly girl in me said something like “I really wanted to try the ‘fancy’ kind”. He told me how Turtle had been around forever and it would be fine to use. In the end, he was right, Turtle and lots of elbow grease did a fine job, Sweet Baby Cam was a red rock metallic mirror several hours after we set to task.

After getting our muzzleloader licenses yesterday, Big Sexy was looking around at the hunty stuff and I told him I’d be right back. Turning left, I went to the car stuff, grabbed some new micro-fiber towels, applicators, and a bottle of Mothers California Gold Brazilian Carnauba wax.

Starting from the inside out, Cam got a nice wipe down, vacuuming, and exterior wash. The works like that normally takes me a solid two hours, but this morning I must have had a little pep in my step because by the time I had him all dried off, I had finished in under an hour and a half.

Turns out, I forgot the tires. I always forget the tires. Usually I remember them when I sit down to admire my work with a hot cup of coffee. This time, I drank my coffee on the way to the basement and back to put a little wood on the fire and feed the dog.

I set my cup down and grabbed the wax, applicators, and microfiber towels. I would be a liar if I said at that point that I was super excited about waxing him. I seriously thought about maybe doing laundry instead, procrastination and I were old chums, went so far as to load the wash and see that there wasn’t enough dirty to justify washing. “Do I really want to spend the next four hours straight wiping on/wiping off?” vs “you’ll just have to wash him again if you put it off, besides, it won’t be this warm again for a good five days…” was playing in my noggin, so since I had my big girl pajama pants on, I went ahead and hit the door.

The first thing I noticed about Mothers California Gold was that it smells really nice. If I were to rate this stuff on smell alone, I would never even try another wax. The second thing I noticed was that it went on really easy, no clumping, no ridges of “not quite dry”, even coverage, no bare spots. It hazed over nicely, wiped off with not much elbow grease at all. I seriously thought about how if I were a car in love with a wax, that wax would be Mothers.

Sometimes the craziest things pop into my head when I’m busy. I started thinking about the Turtle wax and how yeah, it did a really good job, it’s been around forever, but this “new to me” stuff is the freaking bomb.

That lead to me thinking about my diabetes and how when I was diagnosed, I went with the “tried and true”, all things in moderation, nothing is off limits, there’s a pill for that and just how that worked for me.

Like the Mothers car wax, LCHF was new to me. I figured the wax would be difficult, take several hours and that my arms would be killing me at the finish line. With LCHF, I figured I’d give it a try, it probably wouldn’t work, and I’d quit it before it killed me. Because I finally did something different, I got different results. I learned to check my blood glucose levels often, that moderation is a fairy tail, off limits is the way to go.

As I walked into the house to get a refill on my coffee, I noticed that I had only spent an hour or so waxing my sweet baby. Add another point to Mothers tally for time saving. I took my hot mug of goodness outside and sat down to admire my handy work. Cam looked just as shiny as when I spent four hours with the Turtle. Mothers, even though it was new and different to me, is getting closer to being the clear winner.

I was giving him one last look over when I noticed that I had forgotten the tires, breakfast was going to be pushed back to lunch time at this rate. There was a time in my journey with type 2 diabetes that just the thought of being late for a meal would land me in hysterics, let alone missing one. I didn’t think about that when I grabbed my towels and set to task.

Anyways, because it is diabetes awareness month, I’d like to make you aware that tried and true is not always tried and true, that conventional wisdom is only conventional, not so much wise at all. If like I did, you are living your life with diabetes in the driver’s seat, letting it control you, via the tried and true methods of conventional wisdom and getting the same results while expecting something different, how about try something different? Yeah, the old way is comfortable, nothing is off limits, but is {insert that cake, pie, sourdough, whatevs, here} really worth upping the dosage, feeling like crap, and having the doc say “You’re not compliant”?

I’ve got to tell you that there is nothing on this planet that tastes better than feeling good, not having to worry about highs and lows and losing the freaking weight feels.

Anyways, I was pert near all thought out by the time I finished the tires. While finishing my re-heated coffee and typing this, I’ve come to two conclusions. 1. Mothers costs about twice as much as Turtle, but takes less than half the time (plus the smell good bonus!!!), a clear winner in the battle of the waxes. And 2. LCHF/JERF/Primal/Paleo/whatevs takes time, dedication, and lots of blood glucose testing, it’s not easy until it becomes easy, but kicking diabetes out of the driver’s seat, taking control, is worth it.







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