Spike-y Mocha Latte, maybe…

The coffee liqueur is about ten weeks old now. I’m seriously amazed at how good it is. I’ve left it sit in the cabinet for the past 5 weeks. No longer is there a need to shake or stir.

Needing something to warm me up, not only from that chilling episode of TWD, but from the cold itself, I thought about what the worst would be iffin’ I was to mix a little of that with a little of this, a packet of that and push play on the Keurig.

The worst did indeed happen. It was good, I wanted another one. Having recently finished reading “Interview with the Vampire”, I fancied myself Claudia, and indulged enthusiastically in another round of the warm, thick goodness.(I slay me lol)

Call it what you’d like, I call it Spike-y Mocha Latte, if anyone asks.

  • 1 large mug
  • 1 shot home made coffee liqueur (you did make it, right?)
  • 1 shot heavy whipping cream
  • 1 packet diet hot chocolate mix (read the box, 4 carbs per serving, or make your own sugar free version and send me the recipe, thank you very much)
  • small or medium shot of hot water from the keurig, depending on the size of your mug.

In a large mug, add the coffee liqueur, heavy whipping cream, and diet hot chocolate mix. Using a mini wire whip, whip until well incorporated, it will be kinda frothy. (if you don’t whip it, whip it good, it will be lumpy and lumpy is not good.) Fill the rest of the way with hot water, use small or medium, depending on your size mug if using a one cup coffee maker.

As always, if you are a type 2 diabetic like I am, test prior to, one and two hours after consuming any “new to you” foods and beverages. Knowledge is power.


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