Goodbye Sweet Halloween, until next year!

Since I lost my zombie tats, and ran out of time for shadowhunter runes, I guess you could say I was a warlock...

Since I lost my zombie tats, and ran out of time for shadowhunter runes, I guess you could say I was a warlock…

Well, yeah! I recycled 2013’s costume. (In case you missed last Halloween, I was Ann Boleyn, Big Sexy was Freddy Kruger, and May was a Zombie prom queen.)

This Halloween, I wanted to kinda be a zombie and kinda be a Shadowhunter, and then I found the feathered mask at Party City. I’m not going to lie, I paid three times as much for that mask as I paid for the dress. ($15.00 mask, the dress was an excellent find last October at one of my favoritest places to shop, Goodwill 🙂 ) The skull jewels (clip on earrings, choker, skull bracelets, be-jeweled spider rings) and wig (still in sealed package) were also recycled from last year, also fabulous finds at the Super Saturday Sale of October 2013 at Goodwill. (which makes me think that my whole costume, save the mask, might very well be “tri-cycle”d giggles)

Anyways, Halloween was a blast!! My first trick-or-treater aka my friend Lori came calling before sunset, while I was getting everything ready for the evening. I let her pick her own candy from the grabby bowls and she was quite happy with my decision to offer glasses of home made sangria to the adults. We were on our second glass when Big Sexy got home and changed into his zombie suit.

Since we live on a main road that connects a couple highways, we don’t get a lot of trick-or-treaters. (I think last year was 4, maybe?) By 8:00 pm, we had gotten 6! So happy, I decided to have another glass of wine (If you’re thinking “that’s glass number 3, she’s a wino”, let me explain that my glass of wine is half wine and half diet ginger ale, so a re-do on the math, it’s glass number 1.5……).

I’m adding the ginger ale when “Bam Bam Bam” comes a banging on the front storm door. Halfway to the door, I hear “Mom, Mum, Mam, Mom”, it reminds me of “Stewie”, it doesn’t sound like Matthew and Carmen, when I see it is “Sally” (from A Nightmare Before Christmas) aka May and all her friends. Friday afternoon, I was sad. May is almost grown up, 14, too old to hang out with the parental figures on Halloween, she was going to her friend’s house for a party.

Needless to say, it was pretty fabulous when her and her friends brought her friends little brothers over for treats. Exhausted from the walk, and the candy getting, Hot Stuff gave them a lift back to the party. My son and his girlfriend brought her little cuties (Devil girl and Optimus Prime) over and got some treats, making this Halloween have the least left over candy, ever!

I guess I should have donned my cover-alls, braved the cold, and took down the decor on Saturday, but it was cold and windy. So cold, so windy, that bolts would most like fly off target, so at 4:00 am, we opted to go back to bed instead of hit the woods.

Sunday morning was cold, not so much windy, so at 4:00 am, we donned our gear and hit the woods with the new blind Big Sexy built us. By the time we finished hunting, it was time for lunch and a nap. I guess I could have taken Halloween out of the front yard after the nap, but I wasn’t really feeling it, and well, the totes are filled with pine needles and hunting gear.

This morning I got new totes, they are sitting empty, waiting for me to come back outside and fill them with the joy of Halloween. Maybe I’m having a hard time letting go because the sun is shining, it’s not too cold to put Halloween back in the attic, but I’m all of a sudden thinking it’s a nice day to tote firewood. 🙂

Spooky ooky

Spooky ooky





7 thoughts on “Goodbye Sweet Halloween, until next year!

    • Thank you 🙂 She was fine until while lounging, the 99 spooky Halloween sounds decided to play the werewolf howl. She shot through the house like a bolt of lightening! We didn’t see her again until 4:00 am Saturday morning, curled up between some sandals on our closet floor.

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