5 Random things from the internet that just don’t make sense to me…

1. “When exercising, you burn carbs for the first 20 minutes and then hit the ‘fat burning zone'”.

That one is especially confusing because when I work out (weights, boxing, racing the dog up the hill, general goofiness), most of the time I work out in a fasted state. If I happen to work out in a non-fasted state, it is usually after bacon and eggs. I guess my question is where the heck are those carbs coming from I’m burning in those first 20 minutes? (disclaimer: My girly workouts rarely ever exceed 20 minutes anyways, but still, where is the exercising getting those carbs from???)

2. “Eat carbs before working out so you’ve got energy to workout”

See number 1. Maybe that’s the reason for the 20 minute carb burn? Who knows? I’m just a girl into general goofiness, still wondering where those carbs come from when I work out in a fasted state, because it’s common knowledge that I need them to work out in the first place, right?

3. “Since you are a female, above a certain age threshold, you just have to workout extra to keep from gaining all that weight naturally gained from your slower metabolism that comes from said age.”

Seriously??? Before I stopped eating sugar and starches, I truly believed that my fat was bestowed upon me by the evil metabolism regulators and I was way younger then. When I reached a certain age threshold, I stopped eating crap, stopped gaining weight, and even lost weight, tell me again is it wisdom or just conventional?

4. “It’s normal, everyone gains weight over the holidays.”

Blanket statements like that just bother me, I know a lot of folks who did not gain over the holidays, DON’T STEAL OUR SUNSHINE!!!

5. “(enter what-ev new diet miracle potion here) has helped millions to lose that unwanted weight, cue head-less before and after photos of random folks, order now!”

I just want you to ponder this one for a while. If you’ve ever ordered a miracle in a bottle, maybe you found that you lost a little. Maybe you gained it back. Maybe, like me, you’re thinking if there really was a “miracle in a bottle” that there would be no obesity epidemic.









4 thoughts on “5 Random things from the internet that just don’t make sense to me…

  1. I’m going to have to somewhat disagree with the previous commenter. If you are exercising in a fasted state, you are burning more fat than carbs. Your body burns carbs first, but when you deplete that (or don’t have it to begin with) the body then uses protein and fat to build glucose. It’s called gluconeogenesis and it’s the process of building glucose out of non-carbohydrate sources. The theory is that exercising in a fasted state will help you burn more fat overall, because you’re not relying on that initial glucose fuel. But there are also some theories that it overall isn’t good for your muscles and other tissues, plus some people don’t perform as well when you are exercising fasted. (reference: http://dailyburn.com/life/fitness/fasted-cardio-weight-loss/).

    So I’m not sure what you read, but it’s likely that statement was in reference to someone who exercised in a non-fasted state and was burning a snack or meal for energy initially. Personally, I can do some workouts fasted and some workouts non-fasted, depending on the intensity and length. A one hour workout or less is usually fasted, and I usually eat a little bit before and during a longer workout (1.5-2 hours of running, for example). But that’s just what works for me.

  2. 1. Whether you eat them or you don’t, the sugar is released from the liver where all the sugar we eat gets stored, processed and diverted to other tissues. Marathon runners especially are advised to carb-up as they have to endure a long period of physical activity. The sugars/carbs are the easiest and quickest to retrieve. That might also answer your second questions.

    3. Females have less androgenic properties. That means it is harder for us to rev up our metabolism. As we age we lose muscle mass unless we have been working out and keeping that muscled body fit. I think that is where this reference is coming from. Metabolism happens in the muscle cells not in fat cells.

    4. Yeah I agree about blanket statements. But eating is a social exercise. Not something that we do well when alone. During holidays one is more likely to be lax about diet regimens

    5. ๐Ÿ™‚ There are no miracles in weight loss. Burn more than you eat is the only logical explanation I have found. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love reading your blog. Happy Monday.

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