Pluck it, I gotta tell ya…

I know, I shoulda spilled it yesterday, but in all the excitement (and yes, if you are thinking “laziness” you are correct lol) I just didn’t get around to it. ***warning, the rest of the story is about plucking turkeys and any other random thing I happen to think of, continue at your own risk…

After sleeping in Sunday, forgoing the hunt, Big Sexy got antsy and went back to the hunting grounds. If you read the comments Sunday morning, you would know that I stayed home and shared some (virtual) coffee with a friend. (giggles)

Not long after the coffee, Teen Wolf started playing in my pocket, and yeah, it was Big Sexy playing it all cool, he’s on his way home and by the way… I put another pot of coffee on.

The turkeys arrived and I thanked them. I decided that I wanted to keep the skins on and smoke them, so I gloved up.

Plucking turkeys is not a difficult job, but I will admit that after plucking the breast and legs, then finding lice  (And now I understand why some folks scald them first.) that I did cease plucking them and opted for the quarters and breasts route.

I thought sending my niece a pic of the turkeys and requesting her presence at the plucking would totally gross her out, but she actually texted me back. (never showed up, go figure…)

I thought the actual plucking would gross me out, but It didn’t. I thought it would be hard, but it was fairly easy. Call me crazy, but I’m starting to look at my non-producing hens in a new light…

Something that did cross my mind yesterday while making a serious pile of feathers in a trash bag was “they must think I forgot I have diabetes”. Seriously, all I ever talk about is freaking hunting, halloween, and camaros. Further thought led me to thinking that it’s not that I’ve forgotten about my diabetes, it’s just that my diabetes is not me. I don’t have to think of it all the time because I don’t do the silly things to provoke it, well except for wine and chocolate, but I’ve not touched a morsel of chocolate in twenty-four hours (it was dark chocolate of course…).


7 thoughts on “Pluck it, I gotta tell ya…

  1. Oh I’m trying to imaging plucking a turkey. Your description was fooling me into thinking I could until you mentioned lice. If I had time I’d Google if those lice could live on us! Yuck thought! On your closing thought on diabetes, that’s a nice goal to have reached. Where you don’t even have to think about your diet much anymore because it is no longer work for you and it is doing its job! I’ll bet coffee in the morning in TN is lovely.

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