How does if I never see another mason jar again turn to a glutton for punishment?

I did it. Sunday. Finished the mountain of cucumbers, a batch of bread and butter, a batch of cinnamon pickles. Sunday was going to be a new beginning to a week of no more canning, until…

Monday came along and we received a mountain of banana peppers. Turns out the things we do for love, like the never ending quest for crispy banana peppers worked out pretty good. We opened a jar the other day, they were crispy. They were crispy a couple days later and a couple days after that when I tasted them again this morning.

The plan for this morning was to check our banana and jalepeño plants and I ended up with quite a few peppers. There were so many peppers I ended up spending a couple hours in the kitchen with Justin Timberlake.

I guess I neglected to mention that I got a couple new cds for my birthday, and they are both pretty good. So good that Sir Hotsalot has pondered asking me to put Maroon 5 back in the player. I did tell him to not worry his fine self over it, he’d be tired of them as soon as V comes out… I digress, this is a story of my love/hate relationship with canning vegetables and I’ve wandered away from the subject.

After all the canning (seriously. it’s easy peasy, but it takes freaking all day long, washing, rinsing, sterilizing, chopping, slicing, measuring, weighing, pouring, straining, draining, peeling, etfreakingcetera. It’s a lot of lifting too. I would seriously rather be making jam like in the old days.

A strange thing happened when I sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee with an episode of a Netflix original. I felt a surge of guilt wash through me. There were green tomatoes on my withering plants, three-quarters of a large head of cabbage and fresh red and green peppers on our bell pepper plant. I figured the peppers need another eighteen hours in the crock, there are a couple empty crocks, I could hit up google for a chow chow recipe. (yep, for the love of chow chow.)

With pandora in my pocket, proceeded to gather, wash, chop, process, salt, and squish it all together. The mixture has to chill out in the crock overnight. Tomorrow, in between the three hours of a rinse/soak relationship with the peppers, I’ll be draining and rinsing the potential chow chow.

While putting things in place, I found a few limes. Decided on bacon wrapped shrimp and ceviche for dinner. Pandora was doing a good job music-wise, so I got the fish and shrimp prepped. I decided that peeling shrimp is definitely more a punishment than pickle making, maybe lol.








2 thoughts on “How does if I never see another mason jar again turn to a glutton for punishment?

    • I think our neighbor has a couple green thumbs! Thought I was finished, but no. Another basket filled with goodies. I had ran out of pint jars so the mountain of peppers ended up being a couple quarts. The goodies are going in the fridge. I’m taking a 3 day weekend, canning resumes Monday lol.

      On a positive note about no cukes, many things can make nice pickles. I’ve found recipes for pickled just about anything. Have a great weekend.

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