The things we do for love…

We love pickled banana peppers. So much so that I think I remember doing a post about them last September. The first jar out of the fridge is usually pretty good, then they get squishy.

For the past couple weeks I’ve been playing around with pickles. Started off the first batch fermented some Kosher Dills. Had a couple squishers to trash, but over all they were decent, maybe not worth the week it took to get that whole quart (remember heavy sarcasm.)

Yesterday I cracked open a jar of bread and butter pickles. If I didn’t know I’d made those little slices of heaven, I wouldn’t have believed it. They taste as if the pickle gods themselves worked their magic in that jar. We finished off the jar with some nice pulled pork I’d smoked and frozen.

No squishy ones.

No squishy ones.

Next on the list were some pickles that my neighbor made last year, cinnamon pickles. You use the big ole yellow cukes, seed them, it’s a three day process, but there is candy! (lol) Anyways, if you’re hip to testing them out just google “Christmas Pickles” (I’m using a couple different recipes off allrecipes).

With the Christmas pickles aka cinnamon pickles aka red hots pickles, you use pickling lime to make them crispy. (that was the aha moment, think banana peppers…)

Christmas in July!!! (seriously, the aroma anyways)

Christmas in July!!! (seriously, the aroma anyways)

While sterilizing my jars and bands,

hot steamy facial anyone?

hot steamy facial anyone?

I decided to act upon my aha moment and picked some peppers, and soaked them in a pickling lime solution…

After rinse number 2

After rinse number 2

These guys are already crispy and it is now time for rinse number 3. The jars are about ready and I’m off to the stove.

There are two jars of peppers from last year. Depending on how today's peppers turn out, they're history!

There are two jars of peppers from last year. Depending on how today’s peppers turn out, they’re history!



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