OOPS! I did it again

Forgive me readers for I have oopsed. It’s been 14 days since my last post {I crack me up sometimes}. A lot has happened since then, I turned the big 45, got to play a super-hero in real life, won my weight in zucchini (feels like anyways), won the combined weight of my grandchildren in cucumbers (I would so not exaggerate).

45 pretty much feels like 44 did. I’m a little tired lately, but I’ve been busting booty dehydrating zucchini. We’ve discovered that if you dehydrate it most of the way and then deep fry it, it’s a good go with for brats. On top of that, the other evening while on a dinner date with the family, we discovered that dehydrated zucchini rounds are perfectly perfect for salsa dipping.

With the cucumbers, I fermented the first batch. After tossing the squishy ones we ended up with a whole quart {heavy sarcasm typefont}, so the last go-round we opted for trying out a “packet” and going with bread and butter. (yes, by “we”, I mean “me”)

Dill spears in the quarts, bread and butter in the pints.

Dill spears in the quarts, bread and butter in the pints.

Maybe I’ve yet to mention what my neighbor said the other day “I ran out of bags” lmao. When I finished six quarts of dill spears, eight pints of bread and butters and a good half gallon of cucumbers and onions, I realized there were still more cucumbers. The remaining ones were a little yellow, huge, and are currently awaiting rinsing on their way to cinnamon pickle bliss. This recipe takes three days and today is day two……

Oh yeah, the super hero part… I don’t remember what day it was, but it was a sad day when while watering chickens I glimpsed a small bird floating in the big bucket. Seems he had slipped in while getting a drink. (it happens maybe a couple times a year, when it’s really hot and their water sources are lacking)

I got a coffee can to dip out the bird when he moved. I took him up to the house and asked Michael where we could put him and if he’d live. Birds go into shock easy, (he said as the bird was shaking and his heart racing) and we put him in a hollow of the cat tree thing in the sunshine, on the porch.

The little birdy from the water bucket.

The little birdy from the water bucket.

We talked to him and rubbed his head with our thumbs (he was a tiny thing). He calmed down, stopped shaking, and dried up. After a little bit he flew away. It was cool and we were really glad that he made it.

Mostly I’ve just been goofing off though. . May and I have been playing outside every afternoon. We’ve got this new game called “Batkickball”. The pitcher throws the kick ball, the batter bats it with the plastic bat, and then runs bases. Yeah, I realize it has a lot in common with baseball or softball, but seriously using a kickball totally makes us look athletic.



6 thoughts on “OOPS! I did it again

  1. Has it only been two weeks? It felt like forever! Good to read your post! Thanks for the zucchini dehydration idea. I often forget my dehydrator! And I’ve got yellow squash coming on like crazy now! No pickles yet, sadly. Lovely little bird you saved!

    • Our neighbor has the best garden. The zucchini are as big as my arm. In the dehydrator (about 1/8″ thick) the rounds shrink down to “potato chip” size, great for dipping. The yellow squash makes good chips too.

      When the zucchini aren’t so big, I slice them lengthwise on the mandolin, then dehydrate them. They make for great “lasagna noodles”. Sometimes when I’m feeling really daring I make the noodles with yellow squash, use shrimp and scallops with Alfredo sauce for a nice seafood lasagna. (mixing some spinach with the cheese layer)

      For pickles, there may be some hope even if you don’t get enough cucumbers. I saw some pretty promising looking recipes for zucchini and watermelon rind pickles on pick your own dot org the other day. I’ve got a feeling my dehydrator is going to burn out from these 12 hours/day shifts and need an alternate plan 🙂
      Have a great day 🙂

  2. Cute post! I’ve always wanted to make pickles but I don’t feel like I actually like them enough to go to the effort, LOL!

    Glad your little birdy made it, he was lucky you found him!

    • They are pretty time consuming, cutting into my goof-off time, but after tasting them, there are no regrets lol.

      Hopefully he is back with his family now. Have a great day 🙂

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