The last time we talked

Is it talking? I dunno, maybe the last time I typed sounds better? I was a wee bit perturbed at the choice of cuisine served to a certain pre-diabetic while hanging out in the ER for just shy of twenty-four hours. I was under the impression that the “patient” had been waging her own war on her “pre-d”, attempting to discourage full blown D2, and well, I’m not up to wasting precious key strokes on such nonsense as is that whole story…

On another note, my hot husband’s cousin Kerry (and his wife who just happens to be a Shannon also) have been rocking low carb since February with nothing but outfreakingstanding results. (Kerry is a T2) They have been successful because they not only asked questions, but they also applied themselves. I am so happy for both of them.

I didn’t really intend on disappearing as long as I did. I just needed a little time off and the more time I took, the harder it was to come back. It helped that sometime early on I got a new phone and did not download the wordpress or facebook apps. It is amazing what one can get done with only pandora on their phone (lol).

Something I’ve been working on is my strawberry gutter. Maybe I told you about how a couple of my strawberry plants lived through the winter, in the wagon, parked in the garage. For Mother’s day, I got the best gift ever, a gutter. As if that wasn’t super enough, Michael hung it from the deck, and it was all ready for my strawberries.



The strawberries were doing so well, they made more plants.

this is a baby strawberry plant.

this is a baby strawberry plant.

While some of the runners ran down the gutter, most did not. At first, I arranged pots on the railing and attempted to force the runners over the tops, with limited success. One day while sitting on the deck, enjoying a nice icy beverage I realized that doing the same thing over and over again did not make it work any better. A change was needed and my strawberry experiment began.

Not only did I need to get dirt under my baby plants, I also needed a full proof (or is it fool proof? giggles) plan for keeping my pots on the railing. As I pondered my problem over another frozen dirty apple martini (I said icy beverage…) the solution was staring me in the face. Under, not over, besides, what’s the worst that could happen, right?

yeah, I've got my brilliant moments...

yeah, I’ve got my brilliant moments… A little dirt, push the runner up through the drain holes, a little more dirt, nice, right?

I decided that the worst indeed was that it wouldn’t work, but the odds musta been in my favor because it worked like a charm.


The runners don’t just make awesome new plants, they also keep the pots from blowing away. win/win


It’s been a couple weeks since the experiment began and I’ve actually had to give away a couple pots of strawberry plants. Not only are the freshly potted plants thriving, they are holding their own against the wind, birds and occasional showers we’ve been getting.

While I didn’t really intend on talking about diabetes/weight loss/healthy anything today, typing to you about the problem with the strawberries kinda makes me think about diabetes/weight loss/healthy anything.

It’s like this. We are either healthy or we’re not. If we are not, continuing to ponder how to go about changing that is a good idea. Continuing to ponder while not attempting any change, well, not so much. The main thing to remember is that (like with my strawberries) continuing to do the same thing over and over, just in case one can get different results is a big fat waste of time. In order to attain change, one must first attempt to change. The first attempt is not easy, change is hard, but change is worth it.

On that note, I’ve got some calamari, tilapia, jalepeños, and lime juice that are just aching to become ceviche.




11 thoughts on “The last time we talked

  1. Welcome back!!!!!!!!! Since you are clearly a strawberry whisperer, do you know why I would get big, beautiful, juicy strawberries from my hanging plants…..but which taste like crap? Sour, bitter, awful. Gorgeous to look at, not so much to eat. 😦

    • Thanks 🙂

      I don’t know. These have been pretty tasty, not really big though, and not nearly enough production wise.

      With these, I used miracle grow potting soil (in the blue bag). I water them on the days that it doesn’t rain. Lately I’ve not gotten many berries, but am getting baby plants like mad. They get pretty much full sun for about twelve hours a day (90’s lately).

  2. Welcome back! Good to “see” you! So what is actually planted in the tops of the pots? Nothing? Or strawberry plants? And the runners from the gutter you just ran up through the holes to help keep the pots there? Or what am I not understanding? (Obtuse. Sorry.)

    • Thanks 🙂

      Some of the runners had some pretty decent sized plants on the ends. I kinda rolled/folded the leaves up and pushed them up through the holes. Kinda like threading a needle, then added a couple cups of potting soil. Some runners were longer than others, but somehow they “sensed” the dirt (sounds cool anyway lol) and started growing roots.

      I’ll have to get some new pics soon because those pots have runners coming out of those plants now.

      It was a lot easier the first time, with empty pots. Yesterday I noticed there are more runners coming off the other side. I poked a hole through the dirt and fed them through too. Since the previous plantings, the pots now seem to be firmly attached to the “mother plants”, making the pots somewhat difficult to move. (even the thunderstorms didn’t tip them and they may weigh a pound each maybe)

      Holding them in place was a bonus really. Having always grown them in the wagons, I would just put another pot of dirt in the wagon, the runners draped over the sides. (on the deck railing, that way made for messes and it was hard to make the runners run up).

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