Feed Me Friday, eating the yard.

Ever since I read makj-spring-weed-chicken-soup back in March, I’ve been googling every weed I find growing in the yard, hoping to find something in my own yard that was not only edible but tasty.

It was really cool that the wild violets growing up all over the back yard are edible. I tasted a couple and they aren’t that bad. I’m thinking about putting them in a strawberry and spinach salad with some bleu cheese…

Yesterday though, the plan was to cut the front yard. There were a lot of little purple/green weeds growing by the clubhouse that I hadn’t googled yet. Procrastination set in, in the form of research of course, and I got to googling.

Purple Deadnettle


“Deadnettle” made me nervous for a few seconds, but that only means the stingers don’t work. With that bit of info, I tasted a bit.

I don’t really know how to explain the taste, it was kinda furry, a little bitter, a bit grassy. Kinda like eating grass or a weed I guess (lol). I figured if it were going to have a chance that I should heat up that pan I had fried sausage in, add a bit of bacon juice and saute it.

As the skillet heated up, I washed the purple deadnettle. I pulled off some of the long stems and tossed it in the pan.

I added some salt and pepper and sauteed it over medium heat.

I added some salt and pepper and sauteed it over medium heat.

After several minutes, I tasted it. I added a bit more salt and pepper, a dash of granulated garlic and a smidgen of minced onions. A couple minutes later, upon tasting it again, I thought it would be quite nice to add some lemon juice, and well, it was.

The finished product.

The finished product.

I was quite pleased with my foraged snack. The taste is much easier to describe cooked, it tasted very similar to Brussels sprouts. The texture was more like collard greens and green onions, which wasn’t bad.





8 thoughts on “Feed Me Friday, eating the yard.

  1. I can be fun (and frustrating for the one who wants to mow but you won’t let him because you want some more weeds to grow). Chickweed is really good, too (and should be growing there now). I just love the idea of free food growing in my yard that doesn’t care if it gets watered or not! lol

    • I’m still looking for the chickweed, may have to check out other folks yards (LOL). I did find some henbit growing around the fire pit. The family is like “no, I’m not eating that”, so I’m going to have to ease them into it.

      Anyways, it’s not just food, it’s an adventure!!! (I think I can get the girls to go foraging, gonna turn them into survival girls yet!!)

  2. Very interesting. I am sure we are missing a lot of good flavours and textures through fear. Isn’t Google such a great friend?
    I think it was. Mark Twain who said:
    “What is a tree but a weed allowed to flourish”?
    So true!

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