Wild wild weekend…

Maybe it’s bat-poo crazy to think that every weekend is the best ever, but seriously, sometimes it happens that way. Last weekend was cool because the girls loved their bows, and I actually got to be the princess!!

Normally the princess, she said "Memaw, I'm the knight, you're the princess. I'm going to save you from the dragon. Yep, they are cool like that!!

Normally the princess, she said “Memaw, I’m the knight, you’re the princess. I’m going to save you from the dragon.” Yep, they are cool like that!!

It turned out to be a wild weekend. We had lots of outside time, and I even finally ended up crossing “make homemade mayo” off the ole bucket list. *it was Diamond approved. It’s a bit tangy for me, probably the cider vinegar. Never fear though, I’m pert near ready to try some with lemon and bacon juice when I get time.

Time… Yes, I probably had time, but I’m reading a book that ended up being pretty good, despite the difficulty getting into it early on. “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” (yes, I know they made a movie and no, I don’t want to see it. * excerpt from an early conversation with Sir Hotsalot)

Speaking of Sir Hotsalot, he had the day off due to weather. We went to Adairville to get chicken feed and then he took me to Bacon Mountain… ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

(cue harps and other beautiful music) Bacon Mountain. Multiply that mountain of goodness times 2 and yeah, I probably consumed a gazillion grams of protein. Never fear, I'm not skerd of the proteins...

(cue harps and other beautiful music) Bacon Mountain. Multiply that mountain of goodness times 2 and yeah, I probably consumed a gazillion grams of protein. Never fear, I’m not skerd of the proteins…

Here I am a week late on the whole knight and princess only to get ahead of myself and skipping this whole doubly wild weekend.

How's that for off the grid?

How’s that for off the grid?

No, I didn’t get a turkey. This is Sunday afternoon. After Saturday morning in a different area.

Which day did we see the deer? Super wild, seriously. We got to the field and there was this lady deer just watching as we pulled up. Turns out deer drop their antlers (hey, don’t laugh if you knew already, some folk think the things on their heads are horns… at least I typed antlers) and pretty lady deer could be mean old Bambi Daddy deer, “Haven’t you seen ‘Animals gone wild'” He asked as I was talking to the pretty lady.

Pretty lady, mean ole Bambi daddy, who knows, that beautiful creature leapt not once, not twice, but three of the most graceful silent leaps ever and was gone. “He’s probably behind that tree, watching us” said Mr. Smarty Pants, I mean Big Sexy. And yeah, she was right behind that tree when he said “Now we’re getting snorted” as she sniffed us loudly from afar.

We were walking to the blind and swish swoosh, turkey, flying through the sky. “It was a hen” he said. A few minutes later, I was in the pop up blind, he was in the forest parts blind when I heard “Bam… Bam…” and I felt the earth move from thirty yards away. Here I am, packing up, when he comes over to say “I missed it.” Shortly after, I break out in coughs (I didn’t tell you? laryngitis  all week, yuck) and spook off those big guys gobblin’ all around us. We figured we’d come back Sunday morning.

On the way home there was another pretty lady deer off the side of the highway, eating near a creek. It’s not quite city limits, but it’s been bulldozed pretty bad and some fire hydrants are growing up where trees used to be. Pretty obvious some people are going to be taking over that whole habitat and she’ll have to find a new home.

We stopped for brunch in the form of gyro salad for me, gyro and onion rings for him. Grabbed a nap when we got home and skipped the afternoon hunt in favor of a very nice dinner on the deck with the teen.

Lucky for us, Sunday morning, there was no rain pouring. We traded “stealing covers and sharing skin” for falling off the grid again. On the way to the wild, we saw a freaking pterodactyl flying gracefully overhead. Most likely it was a blue heron, the second one I’ve seen this year. We’re just about to the field when he says “see that?” and it was a beautiful falcon perched atop a pole. (I wish I’d had the camera!!!!!) Anyways that was the extent of what we saw, as Sunday morning we saw neither hens nor toms.

As Sunday afternoon approached, we had to make a decision, to hunt or not to hunt. We chose to hunt and loaded the car back up. We popped up the pop blind in the woods on the other side of the forest parts blind this time for a little change in my scenery.


I had three sugar free cough drops this time, but that didn’t really prevent me coughing.

Sir Hotsalot was in the forest blind when he decided it was his turn to scare the turkeys away. He heard a noise behind him and saw a snake. It slithered off and once again we started calling out to the turkey as once again I broke out into coughs and skerd the turkeys away. (Until of course, I got to the car and a giant turkey flew off from not even 5 yards away)

Anyways, I’ve got a few days shy of a month and determination to get my turkey(s).












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