More fabulousness going on in 2014

We interrupt our regularly scheduled diabetic/weight loss/general goofiness post in order to mark a few things off my bucket list…

Wednesday was absolutely fabulous. We had to go off the grid {I crack myself up}, seriously, my phone was so out of area. Hot Stuff and his friend took me to see the hidey hole thingy, otherwise known as a “blind“. (The blind his friend and his friend’s uncle built is not like those little pics in the link. It is made with real forest parts.)

On the way to the blind we saw a couple of turkeys. We had to scrunch down and go around a long way. Now I know where we are going to be on Saturday. On the way back from the blind we saw a whole posse of turkeys.

After we got home, Hot Stuff put a couple of broadheads on a couple of bolts and we practiced. I practiced with the mouth calls for a little bit. I’m pretty darned awesome with the mouth calls, well, if we were hunting hyena! (it looks like I’ll be using the push/pull box caller thinger)

The week could have ended on Wednesday and it would have still been fabulous, but today ended up even better. Since we already had our hunting/fishing licenses, and he had the day off, he fixed up a couple of fishing poles and a tackle box. Then we went fishing. It was cool.

He said the “no talking/noise rule” is a myth. Then when I started talking to the birds at the pond he said I’d scare the fish off. (So I dance-casted.) It was fun, I practiced setting the line (how was I supposed to know you gotta wait for a nibbler to set it?) . I don’t think I’ve been fishing since I was 12. Today I got a nibbler, but he got away.

This afternoon we had to get the other part of the licenses. It’s crazy, but even though a turkey is tiny compared to a bear or a deer, they are big game. I got my archery, and he got his big gun permit.

Tomorrow is the big day, so I made some peanut butter brownies. I’d give you the recipe but they are really really dense, not quite sweet enough, about good enough to take out in the woods in case you get lost, you know, survival food.






9 thoughts on “More fabulousness going on in 2014

    • When I googled group of wild turkeys, there were so many different “names”, posse was by far the coolest though lol. It was one heck of an experience.

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