T-minus four days and counting…

Maybe I’ve told you that it started as a joke. We were at Academy Sports + Outdoors looking for Sir Hots A Lot’s dad a birthday present when I saw crossbow cases. Silly me asked if I could get one for my crossbow, but I didn’t have a crossbow, just being silly, for giggles. As a “TWD” fan, the closest I’d ever come to one was seeing Daryl Dixon put walkers down on the tube.

I guess my hot husband had a “what’s the worst that could happen” moment of his own when he got me one as an early Christmas present. The worst being I’d play with it a couple of times and voila! he’d have himself a crossbow. (Just my guess, I never asked him)

The worst didn’t happen, well, unless you count the couple of times I pert near pegged a stag (young boy chicken) when he was behind the hay bales, don’t worry, he was safe by an inch.

I actually ended up enjoying it, so much so that I’ve decided to step out of my “comfort zone” and try my hand (or bolts) at hunting. In four days it is going to be turkey season here in Tennessee.

For the past week, most of my spare time has been spent watching youtube videos on calling and dressing turkeys. I’ve got a box call that works pretty good and four mouth calls that I’ve yet to master, not gonna stop trying though (gotta stay positive, right?).

He asked me the other day if I was ready and I told him that I am, they make it look so easy on the hunting channels, but we won’t be on a “guided hunt”, we’ll be out in the woods at a friend’s house and I’m a total newbie. In a perfect world it will be like my first game of 5-card stud and I’ll have “beginner’s luck”, but this world is no where near perfect.

On a good note, my desire to become a “huntress” has turned out to be contagious. I talked to my eldest daughter last night and she informed me that the girls also want to be huntresses. The two eldest have requested their own bows and Adrianne was about their age when she tried her hand at archery in the girl scouts.

I’ve come to a decision that even if I don’t get a turkey of my own Saturday, I will be satisfied knowing that my granddaughters have gotten interested in something other than video games and that’s a good thing. The great outdoors is a much better place for spending time than in front of a video game. Who knows, it might even teach them about patience, which is fabulous in this world of “now if not sooner”.



13 thoughts on “T-minus four days and counting…

    • Michael had the day off so he took me to his friend’s house to see where it’s going to be. We saw a couple of turkeys in the field before we even got to the hidey hole. It wasn’t that long before we saw some more turkeys walking along the tree line. It was one of the most awesome experiences I’ve ever had.

      I told them I wanted to take pictures, they were like “be quiet, you’re gonna spook them.” so no pics today. I can’t wait to go back.

    • I read the other day about this lady having to shoo wild turkeys away. They chase her while she walks her dog. I couldn’t help but think how lucky she was and that there probably was a nuisance law that would allow her to put it in the oven.

      I hope they continue to want to do outdoors type things. I’d rather them shoot edibles than angry birds lol.

  1. Sounds like fun! We got my oldest boy a bow and arrow last year. I picked it up like I was a spartan soldier and promptly missed the target (which was 30′ away) by about 10′. I’d have no chance at hitting a turkey (or a walker!). Thank goodness for frozen sections at markets.

    • The crossbow is a lot easier than the long bow as far as distance and accuracy, but that’s shooting at hay bales lol. We put broad-heads on some bolts yesterday, my aim was off and the target is a lot bigger than the turkeys are. Daryl makes it look easy.

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