“May Be Best Diet Ever”,,, really?

I wish I could say with some honesty that “nothing shocks me anymore”, but I can’t. This morning I found that there is still more Tay McCray-Cray going on in the world that even has potential for shocking an ole memaw like me.

In the race to shed the pounds, lose the flab, “get our skinny on”, we* grasp on to pert near anything, any promise to lose the weight with little or no effort in regards to changing our habits or our lifestyle, and thank our lucky stars that someone is out there to cater to our every want and need. Juicing, Smoothies, Shakes, Powders, Potions, Pills, Fiber (the Skinny kind), Snake Oil, Fairy Dust, don’t blame them, we want easy, peasy, now.

While there are many many diets to supply our demands on easy, peasy, now, today’s news was proof positive that there is always room for another best diet, maybe even the best diet ever. The “Yoga-Ice Cream Cleanse”

From the article:

Miller calls the product ice cream but it doesn’t actually contain milk or dairy products. The frozen treat contains “plant-based, raw coconut cream. So it is no dairy, no sugar and no soy.”

Nice, right? Only they forgot they typed that and follow that with this paragraph:

For $240, customers can indulge in five pints of ice cream per day. It translates to an intake of 1,200 calories, 70 grams of fat and more than 120 grams of sugar.

Sweet, huh? It almost made me wish that I hadn’t already lost my weight and maintained it for the past year, almost. 😉 Granted, there are probably some folks who can lose weight on it, 1200 calories a day, less than my grandkids eat daily, so yeah, call it a diet, call it the best diet, really because Paleo, Primal, Just Eating Real Whole Foods, LCHF, is just too much like work and totally fad

Anyways, I couldn’t dwell on missing out on the best diet ever all day. I needed some steps for Walk Your A.S. Off, so I put some Pandora in my pocket and hit the bags. Non-competitive boxing nets 131 steps a minute and I got 10 minutes in, even broke a sweat. As I was ladling bone broth into pint jars, I thought about the best diet ever, only I was thinking about bone broth and boxing because I don’t need no stinkin’ diet.









6 thoughts on ““May Be Best Diet Ever”,,, really?

  1. HA! Nice non-diet support of the product: “While Song doesn’t support the ice cream cleanse, he does agree that the frozen treat makes for a good alternative for the lactose-intolerant.” Figures it’s Southern California and you know, bikini season is just around the corner! LOL!

    • The local guy that read the story say $400 and Michael was wishing I hadn’t seen it (I talk a lot at moments like that, loudly lol) When I read the article I was like “Sweet! Now I can afford a plane ticket to Venice!!”

      Even if it did work to some degree, like loosing muscle mass, a week w/o meat (unless it’s high protein ice cream?) or a week of the squirts (laughing at the yoga combo when thinking of it that way), or like the other “liquid” type “diets”, because of no “solid” food. Anyways, I’m holding out for the hagen daz or Ben and Jerry’s diet. <kidding, maybe 🙂

  2. I can’t believe that is even a product LOL! Of course lots of people will try it because, hey, it’s an ice cream diet. We started our paleo lifestyle in November. I say “lifestyle” and mean it loosely. We still cheat about 10% of the time, but it’s getting less frequently because it makes me feel like crap. All of my friends thought I was crazy until they saw that I’d lost 72 pounds in a few months. I still have about 50 left to lose, but I’m over halfway there, so YAY! It’s funny…most of my “dieting” friends eat boring food in tiny portions…and here I am chowing down on basically as much food as I want. Funny how it works that way 😛 Great post!

    • Thanks 🙂 I would have never guessed the day would come I should have seen it coming, what with the “twinkie” diet, the fast food diet, but Ice cream?

      Congratulations on your loss thus far, that is great. I didn’t go hungry either, it’s amazing how satisfying whole foods is.

  3. Holy hell! I just went and read the “article”. The dissenting nutritionist (presumably the guy with a brain who thinks an ice cream cleanse is an awful idea) says: “What kind of stood out to me was the calorie range…it is a great range because it’s from 1,000 to 1,200.”

    IT’S A GREAT RANGE??????????? FOR WHAT?! How are people consistently this stupid??! *shakes head

    • Holy hell is putting it mildly, but yeah, he had my vote at “portion control” (LMAO!) Seriously, my grandkids eat more calories daily than that, and I’ve broke a fast or two on more than that… *smh right along with you.

      We, the people, continue to live to eat instead of eating to live. We let our tastebuds dictate our quality of life at cost of quantity of years. We would rather buy promises of a miracle cure instead of investing in our own potential futures. It’s too hard to change what we’re doing when it’s not working. Time and patience cost too much, only they don’t cost anything really.

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