Slim-down Saturday

Weight loss is so easy. Everyone knows that one must only eat less and exercise more in order to lose, right? (it’s what the experts say anyways)

What they don’t say is eat less what? Less meat? Less fat? Up the hearthealthywholegrains!

Maybe you’ve traded in your biscuits and gravy for whole wheat toast, “not butter” spread, and some jam. Maybe along with that you’ve tossed the yolks, and traded your bacon for a banana or a serving of whole grain cereal, cutting more fat, cutting more protein, but you’re using fat free skim milk, and by George you’re gonna lose weight this time.

You’ve got good intentions to work that treadmill like a beast, but you’re tired, the energy is non-existent. Maybe your metabolism is slow because you’re no longer that spring chicken you were in high school.

Maybe weight loss is just too hard and you’re just too old, too big, or too depressed because “common knowledge” and “conventional wisdom” just isn’t working for you.

If you’ve been cutting the protein and the fat for any number of years, still not losing, still tired, hungry all the time, unable to work that treadmill like a beast, maybe, just maybe it’s time to make a change.

Maybe all this stuff you’ve cut out of your life, the yolks, the meat, the full fat dairy, are things your body needs, essential nutrients. Maybe you clicked that little clicky-do and read about the essential nutrients, finding that there are essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Maybe you also saw:


No carbohydrate is an essential nutrient in humans.[4] Carbohydrates can be synthesized from amino acids and glycerol which is obtained from fats, by de novo synthesis (in this case by gluconeogenesis).”

Lots of folks tell me “I can’t live without bread”, well, science says “you can”.

Lots of people believe that a low carb diet (diet as in the things you eat, not a “get slim quick” scheme) is just bacon, bullet-proof coffee, and fat bombs.

Lots of people believe that low carb just doesn’t work, not because they’ve tried it for any length of time, but because it’s just so “un-healthy”, it will kill them and no one but the medical examiner weighs a corpse anyways.

If you have it in your head (like many folks do) that low carb is not for you, maybe it’s time to re-think the whole weight loss situation.

Maybe it’s time to buy into the fact that “You can’t out exercise a bad diet”. What’s it cost? Where can I buy it?

The cost is time and patience. You buy it at the Farmer’s Market, the grocery store, heck, you can even buy it at Micky D’s if you know how to order.

It’s simple. Take a couple of weeks of bun-less burgers with salad instead of fries, breakfasts of bacon (I don’t care if you eat turkey bacon, even turkey bacon is better than a pop tart) and eggs, maybe dinner of chicken with green beans and cauliflower.

Drop the pasta, the bread, the rice, and taters, come back and let me know what happened during your two week dance on the dark side. Let me know if “low carb” is bad because you’re still not losing any weight or if it’s bad because you just miss the stuff you’re no longer eating. (if it’s the latter reason, there is seriously no food that tastes as good as feeling good feels btw)

Maybe by now you’re wondering “why does she care if I get healthy?” I’ll tell you why I care, I spent 40 years out of shape, out of breath, and running on borrowed time. I spent 40 years eating the way of the pyramid, my plate, what have you, only to find myself hypertensive, type 2 diabetic, and morbidly obese. I know what it feels like to be labeled “fat and lazy” because of all that “common knowledge” and “conventional wisdom”.

I also know what it feels like to regain my health, get control over my diabetes, and lose some weight without fairy dust, snake oil, or replacing 2 meals daily with cake shakes. (Just Eat Real Food)

It doesn’t happen over night, we can’t just slim-down in one Saturday alone. Believe it or not, it takes hard work and dedication. It takes saying “no thank you” when faced with a bag of chips or a big fat yeast roll.

It takes putting your health before your taste buds.


Broccoli instead of pasta? Sauce made from tomatoes, onions, peppers, oregano, garlic, and meatballs made without bread crumbs, the horrors!









7 thoughts on “Slim-down Saturday

  1. That last line is one I use lots on my kids! I remind them of what is good for their body (vegetables, fruits, whole nuts, real meats) and then when they have their treats remind them that that is okay! Just remember it’s feeding your tongue and not your body! (I kind of throw in it’s also feeding your psychology–but I don’t think they get that yet! LOL!) I do find it strange how I now crave roasted vegetables (of all sorts–but usually kale, squash, onions, and garlic).

    • I understand the squash, onions, and garlic, but kale? Just kidding, it’s still on my list (to make and try kale chips anyways).

      It’s weird, I agree, my old cravings were for pizza or subway, sometimes veal Parmesan, but yeah, I can see having a hankering for some nice roasted veggies. Sometimes folks tell me they just don’t like veggies and other whole foods, but I just tell them they are an acquired taste, once their tastebuds heal from the maybe meats and hot pockets they too can experience a flavor explosion from non-processed stuff. (but you know how it goes, it’s too hard and we don’t have donuts lol)

      • Yes! It is too hard! So hard my husband had to keep me in a headlock sometimes to keep me going! 🙂 But I persevered and those acquired tastes serve me well now! Throw the kale tossed in olive oil in last, give it a hot blast to make them kale crunchy among the tender squash…mmmmm! I ate all that processed stuff. Now it seems like it would be waxy and leave a funny feeling in my mouth!

        • Some girls have all the luck! We’ll go out occasionally to somewhere that brings bread or cheddar biscuits to the table and he’ll make this big scene “Yum, ummm, you know you want some” and I only want to put him in a headlock!! I am going to try kale. Maybe this week. I don’t know what my problem is, I eat nori and turnip greens. There was a time when I lived off the processed stuff, but that was before I knew what “living” was lol

      • “it’s too hard and we don’t have donuts” well … maybe. 🙂 I’ve seen some I’d be willing to try if I hadn’t just scarfed some other foods we can’t eat (like cheesecake). Thank you for these posts … I love them!

        • Thanks for reading 🙂 I’ve seen some recipes for lc donuts but even coconut flour and almond flour have to be a rare treat. Sugar free cheesecake though likes me better and I can have that as an occasional treat lol.

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