5 Easy Steps To Losing Weight Effortlessly and a Bonus Bit o’ Common Sense

Step 1: Stop dieting.

Step 2: Stop counting calories.

Step 3: Shop the outskirts of the store eg. produce section, seafood, meat, dairy (eggs & cheese) sections.


Real, whole ingredients. Great source of protein and fat, the kind of breakfast that gives you energy and keeps you sated.

Step 4: Read the ingredients if you must buy canned, boxed, or bagged food. If you have to google any ingredients or use more than one hand to count them, don’t buy it.

Step 5: Cook your meals using fresh whole ingredients like leafy green vegetables, squashes, meats or seafoods, using things like real butter instead of chemical cocktails.


Sir Hots a lot eating cabbage from my cutting board, no hot pockets in this house.


Bonus bit o’ common sense:

We’ve been playing this eat less, exercise more, lowfat/nofat/hearthealthywholegrains game since I was a tot. Diabesity is up, not just adults, but our children, proving to me that it is true, you can’t out exercise a bad diet.

Think about it.


It’s not that all of us morbidly obese are “non-compliant”, it’s more like weight loss is not a one size fits all. If you’re tired of being sick and tired, forget about the hype, just eat real food. Stop fearing the dietary fat from natural sources and well, your body just stops storing fat by proxy.


16 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps To Losing Weight Effortlessly and a Bonus Bit o’ Common Sense

  1. Shopping the outer aisles is the key. My Dad struggled with weight issues and onset diabetes for years. Once he started sticking to the outer aisles (and exercising), weight loss was easy. He didn’t change how much he ate, just what he ate. He just wasn’t eating real food!

    • I lost about half my weight (that I lost) before really being able to exercise, and yeah, like your dad, I still had a hearty appetite during the actual weight loss. I really think that even a little of “the wrong thing” is too much for some of us. He had it right, changing what instead of how much.

  2. I completely agree! I just wish I had at least 3 more hours in the day to be able to prepare meals that were completely unprocessed. Eating “right” does not mean it’s easy – in this day and time, it’s exponentially harder!

    • You’re right, nothing easy about whole foods, well, unless you have a personal chef lol. I would be hard pressed to eat this way if my children were still small. The youngest is 13 and the eldest grandbabies (4&6) help do things to “free up” food prep time.

  3. I think this post was very much what I needed today…definitely a good reminder to shop the outskirts of the grocery store! Thanks!

  4. Reads like a low glycemic index diet. Just cut out soybean oil (and all omega 6 oils) and you have a low inflammation diet that is supposed to prevent plaque from forming on the arteries. Soybean oil is in nearly all processed foods because it is the cheapest vegetable oil available.

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