LCHF lost in translation…

Dr. Atkins, Phinney and Volek, and Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt (heck, even Mark Sisson and Rob Wolf, because if you want to get technical, Primal and Paleo are really low carb when compared to SAD) and many more had worked hard to lay the groundwork of what LCHF is today, but it seems something has been lost in translation.

Lots of folks have done it, had success, shared it with others, “fat is not the villain”, different folk, different strokes, different food preferences, different eating times, it’s all really simply explained with the whole goose and gander scenario. It’s understandable that there would be new advice, tips and tricks, but on the other hand maybe, just maybe everyone needs a refresher course.

Walking into the world of LCHF these days, the emphasis is mostly placed on the “high fat” and “the more the better”. The truth of the matter though, is that LCHF is not a free for all when it comes to fat, there is a fine line between enough and too much. My enough may be too much for you or vice versa.

Sometimes we don’t lose as fast as Sally or Frank does. Sometimes we gain a little. Sometimes we just need to up our patience dosage because a true stall is way more than 3 days of no loss on the scale. And really, weight loss is so much more than a scale, it’s not a race to the finish line, because there is no finish line.

Some things have been lost in translation, LCHF sounds really complicated these days with all the macros and ratios and what ever o’s, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep it simple, up the patience and you’ll do great.

Cutting out the grains, sugar, and starches make the LC part easy. Fix your burgers without buns and salads instead of fries, diet instead of regular, but water is even better and you’ve got the low carb part down pat.

Cooking your broccoli or asparagus in real butter instead of some chemical crap storm and buying whole chickens instead of boneless, skinless, but we’ve injected “natural flavors” breasts pretty much means you’re eating higher fat than what those low fat/no fat dieters eat.








4 thoughts on “LCHF lost in translation…

  1. Lovely! So simple, yet right the the heart of the matter. Everyone could stand this “refresher” from time to time.

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