Good, but not clam chowda

There are a few things that just can’t be “low carbed”. No matter how we go about it potato soup and clam chowder just can’t be low carbed. Before you point me to one of the many fauxtato soup recipes, please know that no matter how you spice it, a turnip is still a turnip and well, cauliflower is not a potato either. As good as “replacements” may be, they are still just “substitutions for the real thing”. (and yeah, radishes, that’s old news, tried it, and well, they are not potatoes either)

That being said, I had a jar of clam juice, a can of baby clams, some bacon, and a turnip. I didn’t expect clam chowder, so I was satisfied with “not clam chowda” because it was pretty good.

Ingredients: 1 jar  clam juice, 1 can baby clams, 2 thick slices bacon, 1 t minced dehydrated onions, 1 medium turnip, cubed, 1/2 c heavy whipping cream, salt, pepper and garlic powder, and turmeric to taste. (if you don’t like turmeric, don’t use it)


Chop bacon and fry it up in a medium sauce pan. Add cubed turnips and seasonings. Add clam juice and a little water if need be to cover. Bring to a boil, reduce to simmer for about 10 minutes.


After simmering for 10 minutes as directed in previous photo, add the can of baby clams, juice and all. Add the heavy whipping cream and cook over medium-low heat for about 10 more minutes.


Pour into a bowl and eat. It’s too thin to really be chowder, but it’s a nice soup for a chilly evening. Enjoy.

This recipe makes enough for a couple of nice sized bowls. I did not count the calories or the “macros” and could care less about the “ratios”. Keep it simple, just eat real food, read the labels on canned goods and opt for the cans with the shortest ingredient list with the least amount of additives.

Because I can never type it too often, If you are a type 2 diabetic like me, be sure to test prior to, one and two hours after when eating new to you foods or recipes.


7 thoughts on “Good, but not clam chowda

  1. Since your oyster post awhile back, I’ve branched into things like this (oysters, clams), especially reading about their health benefits. I’m liking them! Just know your posts plant seeds in people’s brains (even if we don’t use the same recipe or whatever…the seed is planted! If she can eat those things, so can I! LOL!). I have to use coconut milk rather than dairy. Still good.

    • How cool is that!

      I think our taste buds change without all the processed things. There have been so many new things I’ve tried since giving up all the processed stuff that I never would have tried before.

  2. I love clams and specially chowder, but it does need potatoes. However needs must and you haven’t called it chowder anyway!
    I think the last time I had clam chowder was one of the many times I was in San Francisco on the wharf. Delicious – you could stand your spoon upright in it. It must be very difficult having diabetes, having to watch what you eat. I have terminal cancer but I can eat anything I like and always looking for something different. Life isn’t fair! I have definitely got the better deal. Ho Hum! 🙂

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