Walk Your A.S. Off 2014, do it, maybe?

Last year a friend of mine invited a group of us to count our steps to help walk to the moon for Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Going with “what’s the worst that could happen?” I got a pedometer and wore it each day. Once a week I would type in my “steps” so she could add them up and turn them in. I had never really “walked” much, save for parking far away at the store, which I am kinda re-thinking now after accidentally hearing 90 seconds of Criminal Minds on tv last night. (no wonder the world is freaking paranoid btw…)

Anyways, it turned out that walking isn’t that bad when you have Pandora in your pocket or have walking buddies. Getting your steps in sounds even better when you can use a handy dandy conversion for other activities that may skew on the ole pedometer.


The 2 mile club during Walk Your A.S. Off 2013, my nieces and our (at the time) pre-teen. They thought they’d sleep til noon, they got a rude awakening, seriously lol

I got my pedometer at the big chain store in Sprinfield. It was about ten bucks with tax. When Walk Your A.S. Off 2013 was over, I put it on a shelf on my desk, so I’ll be using it again this year. If you already have a pedometer like I do, then you’re halfway there! Put it on, walk with us, what say ye?

If you checked out the first link, you can see a clicky for meet our teams. You can chose a team to signup on (provided they are accepting more walkers). I am signed up with my friend’s team, and it appears that there is room for more walkers.

Walk Your A.S. Off 2014 begins on Saturday, March 1, 2014. I hope that you will join us. In the event that you can’t, but you know someone who might, tell them about it.

Thanks in advance.



5 thoughts on “Walk Your A.S. Off 2014, do it, maybe?

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  2. Your picture there makes me LOOOOOONG for summer and shorts and flip flops and sunglasses. While I sit here freezing my ass off and waiting for another snow storm.


    • There were a couple days last week I dusted off the flip flops, but it’s gonna be at least another week before we get some high 60s again. Before we know it though, we’ll be complaining about the heat ’round these parts, but hopefully later than sooner!!! (Stay warm, and remember send the snow storm anywhere but Tennessee lol)

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