“Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.” – quote from (simply because 1974-1978 was long long ago and I couldn’t remember it word for word)

Fast forward to 2014, we have the technology, we have the capability to process foods to where they would barely be recognizable in the 1970’s. Better? Stronger? Faster? Well, I for one can not argue the whole “faster” part, but when it comes to food, is faster really better?

Some may argue the obesity epidemic is simply a mathematical problem, there are far more people in this world than there once were. Some may argue that the “diabesity” problem is no problem at all, folks just eat too much and don’t move enough, if they’d just move more and eat less they’d be moving too much and Diabetes wouldn’t catch them…

I can even partially agree that as a whole, we don’t move nearly as much as we used to, but the root of the problem, eating too much, not moving enough? We sit in our chairs and surf the world wide web rather than hanging ten on some real waves, calories in/calories out, weights and measure, a generation of sloths? Really?

It has nothing to do with the rainbow of flavors per brand of this or that, the added sugar to combat the plastic-like textured tasteless low fat/no fat “heart healthy seal of approval” processed maybe once was food, chopped and mixed and “enriched” with vitamins and minerals to make it palatable, maybe even addictive? No, no way. We have the technology. We’ve been taking out the fat for years, it’s the people’s fault, they aren’t moving enough, they’re eating too much… They don’t understand a pyramid, let’s give them a plate, a smaller plate, because a smaller plate will make you eat less…

Let’s put calories on the menu because when someone wants a burger and fries showing the calories will make them think twice before saying “Why yes, supersize me!!!”


We’ve got it wrong. We’ve gotten people to the point to where they actually believe that faster food is better food. One pot “helper” type meals are better because they have serving sizes, calorie counts, and lower sodium as needed because it’s the salt that makes us fat. No, it’s the fat that makes us fat. Not the sugar, sugar is an empty calorie and it’s common knowledge that “empty” means the same thing as “nothing” and nothing really doesn’t count.

What if… it is the sugar and it is the added crap, the taste enhancers, the endless array of flavors, heck, there was a chip in a can that came out with “pecan pie” flavor chips for the holidays.

pecan pie pringles

Na, processed foods are good for us, they’re fast. Why bake a pie and eat chips when your chips can be pie flavored?

Not to be outdone, weight loss products have also become “Better…Stronger…Faster…”. Used to be “slimfast” had the niche in the market, but no more, say hello to the plethora of diet shakes, potions, smoothies, juicing et al that have the celebrity spokespersons, “Who doesn’t want to lose weight drinking a shake that tastes like a DQ Blizzard?” Sign me up, YEAHHHHH! (pardon me while I puke my guts up)

Maybe one day they’ll go the way of “Sensa”, you remember that great little packet of fairy dust, just sprinkle it on your vittles and watch the pounds melt away…

Might be you’re wondering what has my nickers in such a twist, you’ve seen my before and after (well, they aren’t afters, I’m a work in progress, baby!) and I didn’t get where I am now on processed crap and fairy dust. Hard work, dedication, and real whole foods, testing my blood glucose prior to, one and two hours after eating, at bedtime and upon waking.

You’re darned right I get a bit ticked off when I see “visions of sugar plums”, snake oil salesmen, promises of “a new me” if I just send in $19.99 plus shipping and handling.

While yeah, it’s 2014 and we have the technology to wage war on obesity, diabetes, and many other weight related maladies, we use our power to get fed quicker and easier. Why stop at plain, sour cream and chives, or nacho when we can have “loaded baked potato or Pecan Pie” flavored chips also? Who can eat just one? (Remember that motto? Ever think that maybe they may have known something when they came up with it?)

Chalk it up to a conspiracy theory, I’ve been accused of worse, sit back in your easy chair and pop open a bag or four of your favorite chips flavors (or cereal flavors, who’s counting anyways). Remain unmoved as (cue spooky music left over from Halloween) the powers to be continue to tell you it’s your fault you are fat or it’s your fault you are diabetic, all the while spending your hard earned dollars on cheap and easy.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to take all the blame off of we the people. I’m not trying to give all the blame to the processors, fairies, and snake oil salesmen either, they only give us what we want. (That’s what marketing is folks…those “create the new flavor” contests aren’t just so they can give away cash…)

What I am trying to do is get your nickers in a wad. Get mad at me, I’m used to it, get mad at yourself, don’t buy that crap anymore, get mad at who ever you need to get mad at, as long as you do something about it. Don’t sit around and wait for some nanny to tell you it’s the soda or the donuts because it’s not the sodas or the donuts, it’s EVERY FREAKING THING we put in our mouth without thinking about what it is doing to our bodies.

In the beginning, there was food. We worked for our food, be it digging and planting or hunting and fishing. Food didn’t come in a bag or a box, it came from our mom spending some time prepping and cooking, or our dad grilling out back. Yeah, it took a bit of time to make that sauce from real tomatoes, but we at least knew what was in it back then.

Do yourself a favor, cut out the middle man. If you don’t know how to use a stove, grill, or oven, I’m sure there’s a Youtube video for that. You’re welcome.



4 thoughts on “Better…Stronger…Faster…

  1. Pecan Pie Pringles. Nice. Just nice. I know some things are hard to figure out–should I eat read meat? Is it okay to fry meat in a pan? Is Canola oil that bad? But Pecan Pie Pringles? We really ought to be able to figure that one out!

    Is it your sister who says you’re too sarcastic? (You’re not, by the way.) She’ll be rolling over with this post!

    If we could just get people to slow down and really think about these things! I just feel bad; people I know and love more than anything (my mom) will not change. She will eat Pecan Pie Pringles. And it makes me sad.

    • I’m holding out for bacon, egg, and cheese pringles… (kidding, seriously!)

      My sister in law, I forgive her though, I know she was just joshing with those Valentine’s texts, I pulled the petals off a daisy and the last one said “she loves me”.

      Loved ones are hard. I don’t think my mom would eat the PP pringles, but she’s got this on again off again affair with french fries.

      I remember when I was a “zombie” when it came to food choices, I wish I could remember exactly what it was that snapped me out of it, oh now I remember, real whole foods and googling complications of Diabetes/images. I can’t do that to my mom though, I love her more than I love myself, french fries and all.

    • The plan wasn’t to write anything, I read a nice post on Whole Foods from The HSD and re-blogged it. Checked FB and all the ads for the newest “weight loss” craze(s), instructions (Adding a box of this to a can of that with a bag of the other, can’t really call it a recipe?) for “food” just hit me the wrong way. I set the alarm to take a short nap and could not get “The Six-Million Dollar Man” out of my head, thinking about all the technology we do have these days and we use it for mixing a bag of doritos with a can of crescent rolls topped with a tub of fat free sour cream and maybe some ground beef or beef like product and call it a meal.

      It left me longing for the days of old and I had to get it out of my system before the family got home. (Cheap therapy lol)

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