Seriously People, WAKE UP!!!

First, let me apologize to Valentine’s Day. I’m sorry I blamed you, I really thought you were the culprit with your cakes and cookies and candies galore. I know better now, but let me go back and you will see why I thought it was you…

On Friday, Valentine’s Day, May and I picked the girls up from daycare. Lovely was a little sleepy looking, Diamond was a wild child and Faith looked pretty normal. Through all the chaos that is daycare after party, we learned that they’d had donuts and cupcakes and candies and lots of lots of FUN!!!, not just at day care, but at school also. “I had 2 donuts Memaw!!!!” Diamond proclaimed as we walked out to the car. “I don’t feel very well Memaw” Lovely said as I belted her in. Faith just looked at them like they were crazy, she was ready to go party some more, well, until we pulled out onto the highway…

I am so thankful that our Tahoe was once an “emergency vehicle”, it has no carpet and the back seat is leather, it can be hosed out as needed, which is great when you have kids, especially on Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s, or any candy hoggin’ holiday…

In my fear of even more sugar, I purchased sugar free ginger ale for the girls. Because I am an old memaw with real-world experience I did not purchase crackers or what ever else those “in the know” purchase to stuff their sick children with in hopes that they will be able to “hold it down”. Seriously people, a child will not starve to death without crackers, a child actually will feel better faster if you stop shoving stuff in their face when they are puking anyways. I’m seriously serious when I tell you that the best thing for a stomach bug is NO FOOD AT ALL, keep them hydrated, but seriously stop shoving crackers in ’em.

I realized it wasn’t the sugar when May got sick, her candy was sugar free, so I kinda thought it was the maltitol at first, only the whole puke-fest isn’t normal with maltitol. Then Michael got sick. He didn’t have candy, I’d baked him a pecan pie. I didn’t force any crackers or chicken noodle soup on them either, just asked nicely that they sip some water, 7-up or diet ginger ale.

Faith was better come Saturday, Diamond and May got it Saturday. Diamond and May were better come Sunday, Lovely and Pepaw got it Sunday. Me, stressed from all the puke detail lamented “Why can’t I ever get sick and have someone take care of me?” (ok, my needy side came out, I was feeling over-worked and underpaid, shoulda never said it out loud, out loud gives it power and all that…)

Adrianne picked up the girls on Monday afternoon. We told her about the puke fest and she tried one of the peanut butter cups I’d made the girls. By then, I was over my need to be sick and cared for, really thankful that I didn’t get sick.

Fast forward to 2:00am on Tuesday… Yep, I don’t think even BPC woulda helped me… (lol I don’t BPC) I feel bad that I had to wake up my hot husband “I just threwed up on my clothes.” I said, tears streaming. He fixed me a shower and all was right in the world for a couple minutes as I resisted the urge to just lie down in the bathtub and go to sleep under the rushing water…

While laid up in bed, the last thing I thought about was eating crackers. I actually thought about how hopefully I could just fall asleep for a bit before rushing to the bathroom again. Then I thought about that sweet Valentine’s text I got from my sister in law the day prior to Valentines, and how maybe it was a curse, she dislikes me for my sarcasm btw, and well yeah, I’m sometimes full of it… But hey, sis, if you’re reading, I was seriously serious, let’s do lunch, call me, maybe?

Another thing I thought about was the way we eat these days (I said we because I don’t want anyone to think of me as picking on them, but please know I don’t eat that way…). As a child, I remember mom telling us “no, we’ve already got a starch, pick a vegetable” as we were only allowed one starch at dinner.

Thinking about that made me think about the last time my dear sweet husband took me on a lunch date. We were minding our own business and well, I must tell you that I am not a nosy old crow. I do not eave’s drop on folks, but seriously people these days tend to talk rather loudly on or off the phone, so it was not my fault that I heard the following words uttered: “No honey, coke has too much sugar, here, eat your chickn’dumplins w/ mac & cheese & tater tots.” I pert near fell outta my chair. I so badly wanted to explain to these people that with all that crap, what more harm could a soda do? SERIOUSLY WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!

We’ve finally got the part about how kids don’t need sugary soft drinks at each meal, snack, what have you, but as a child, chicken and dumplins was a meal, not a freaking entree with “side items”, and seriously, there was a time when side items were called vegetables.

People wonder why in tarnations that we have a freaking obesity epidemic not just in us grown folks, but our children, and I must say take a look at the plate of crap we are feeding our children, it is the answer.



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