The Silly Girl Guide to Becoming Un-Obsessed with food…

When last we talked, or should I say I talked? I told you about how lifestyle changes like low carb are just too hard, it’s just easier to do nothing. I was being seriously sarcastic as changing my eating habits via a low carb lifestyle change actually saved my life.

For many years I was obsessed with food. If I saw it, I wanted to make it, taste it, serve it. Sushi, Beef Wellington, big fat yeast rolls… It was only natural that a food obsessed ole memaw like me would still be a bit obsessed even after cutting out grains, sugar, and starches.

We often read about how “low carb”, “keto”, and “LCHF” type lifestyle changes result in the weight just melting off, and well, it’s pretty true for many. There are folks in this world who can eat low carb versions of cookies, cakes, ho-ho’s on a daily basis and still own that scale like a beast. Then again, there are folks like me who for what ever reason have to just realize that it’s just food, it nourishes my body, much like gas fuels a car.

In the beginning of my journey, I felt like I had to make a substitute. I had to be eating more like a “normal” person so that I wouldn’t look so silly. Over time though, I found that “low carb versions” of things like Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits, didn’t really like me as much as I liked them and even though the coconut flour only had 3 net carbs per serving, it was the 5 carbs in the form of fiber that was subtracted from the 8 total carbs that helped me to just keep treading water instead of swimming those laps in the pool of weight loss awesomeness….

I had to learn to stop obsessing over the food and how other’s perceived my diet (the food I eat), and just embrace my inner silly.

It started small, where we would once add bacon to the songs on the way home from picking up the girls, to make them better, we now add a camaro.


Knowing my somewhat silliness, May sent me this pic from Gatlinburg, green, my fave 🙂

We giggle like crazy because of our silliness, so much so that driving through Nashville is not nearly as bad as it used to be. If we see a camaro, pony, or blista compact (thanks a lot GTA…) we say “you get 10 points”, sometimes forty-sixty-eight, once in a blue moon a gazillion… With all the giggles and “yeaaah!” and “I see a bumble bee Memaw”, we never really have time to think about that drive thru we just passed.

Sometimes the girls get all silly and tell their mommy about our silliness and I get pics like this:


“Tell Memaw how many points if we’re in one!”

or this:


Adrianne used to work at the car rental place at the airport and still has friends there…

Without even realizing it, May came up with a way to keep my food obsessions quelled on Mondays. When Teen Wolf came back last month, we wanted to do something special and she came up with “Alpha Nails”.


Mid season premier, we were ready 🙂


We were even sillier for episode 2.

One of the great things about being silly with our fingernails is that you can’t make, much less eat “low carb bon bons” with wet nails. By the time they dry you know if it was just a hankerin’ or if you’re really hungry, by then something just regular low carb like chicken and broccoli or a bacon and cheese omelet sound better than those bon bons did anyways.


Last week, when left to my own devices.

Another benefit of silly and giggles is that I don’t really feel like an ole Memaw anymore. Maybe it’s the silly or maybe it’s the giggles that Ponce de Leon shoulda been looking for all those years ago 🙂











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