He gave me homework, seriously…

At some point, preferably prior to March 29, I must needs learn how to call a turkey. “Go to YouTube” he said.

Anyways, after Lovely’s awesome sixth birthday party, we went to this really cool place I’d never been to before, Bass Pro Shops. It’s where Opryland used to be, so we stopped on the way home.

I needed some jerky cure without the seasoning and they were the only place to get it locally (well, local as long as I’m already in Nashville…). Before anyone freaks out about me using sodium nitrate in my jerky, remember it’s my jerky, not your jerky, and well, you can make your own jerky how ever you want to, thank you very much 🙂

That place has such a huge selection that we could not find the Lem cure that we were looking for. We did find a young man in a green shirt and told him what we were looking for and he said “Did you call me last night?” (score points for awesome employees who remember things!!) and I said “Why yes I did” and probably something silly. He grabbed the Lem cure for us and even explained how to use it, pretty darned sweet we thought.

After we got a pack of Lem cure, we saw TURKEYS!!!!!, which led to turkey calls, which led to serious goofiness. It’s probably safe to say I’m going to end up getting a box call, no not the one with the slide to the side top thingy, but the one with the stick button, because I was a complete failure with the slate and with the fancy box one. (There were other kinds too, so much to choose from, so little time!!!)

After going through the turkey aisle, we turned around and spotted the archery department and it was HUGE! They even have an archery range. I don’t remember if I’ve told you or not, but I’ve shot the vanes off our bolts and arrows.


The ones with green vanes are bolts, arrows are orange. Duct tape was working for a while, until it no longer was.

Hot Stuff got me two new bolts the other day. I didn’t really have a dire need for new vanes, but I really want to be able to fletch my old bolts and arrows rather than buying new ones all the time. The new bolts were $4.00 each, a package of 50 vanes was $10.99. Repairing 2 bolts at $0.22 cents each was better than new ones at $4.00 each.


I thought the arrows had 4″ vanes, they did not, they had 5″ vanes, it’s all good though, they will all be 4″ sooner or later~! (and mostly orange)

Saturday night I did a little homework. No, I didn’t practice turkey calls, I fixed my bolts 🙂


tri-colored? girly fletched and OMG she didn’t even use a fletching jig… the horrors.

It was too cold on Sunday to try them out. I didn’t take pics of the arrows I fixed because I just glued the vanes back on that had fallen off. (*they had been in the attic for years, it didn’t take too many shots before I employed the duct tape, but glue is better)

I’m thinking that even though I didn’t practice calling turkeys, I still did pretty good on the fletching. His Hotness shot my crossbow today just to see how it did at 30 and 40 yards (we’ve been shooting from 20 yards). I shot the long bow. All the bolts and all the arrows shot wonderfully straight and hit the target, or in the case of some of the arrows, the dirt in front of the target, but I’m getting better…



5 thoughts on “He gave me homework, seriously…

        • When I first started even “sugar free” type sweets would set me to “binge”, so I would eat a pickle, olives, something sour instead.

          That being said, the sugar free russel stovers candies are really really tasty. (I can’t eat just one) the down side is that they contain maltitol which for me causes gastric distress and makes me more leery of “sweets” for a while.

          I really had to go a couple months without sweets/fake sweets to get over my addiction. Now, a square of 85% dark chocolate and a teaspoon of natural peanut butter can quell my sugar craving (usually TOM), but to someone just starting out 85% probably wouldn’t taste very sweet.

          Here’s a link to what was my fave when I finished “Atkin’s Induction” http://www.genaw.com/lowcarb/peanut_butter_fudge.html (and a link to the main recipe page, there are some really good low carb recipes!! http://www.genaw.com/lowcarb/recipes.html

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