Those Pesky Side Effects of Low Carb… Revisited

Today was our oldest granddaughter’s 6th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.


Happy Birthday Snaggletooth!!! Lovely and Pepaw

Sir Hots A Lot went rabbit hunting early this morning, so I got to sleep late. Ok, I slept about 30 minutes past the time he kissed me on the forehead and said “Rabbit hunting, I got a fire going, I love you”, when I decided it was surely time to check the fire and looked outside at all the perdy snow, in the yard, dropping from the sky, the Tahoe tracks were already covered back up!! and the road was white. I thought to myself “rabbit hunting, oh, he made coffee, yay”, tested my blood glucose and thought sleep or no sleep?

I opted for putting on my robe and some slippers, walking outside, down the step, around the house, down the steps, into the basement and put some more logs on the fire. As I was walking towards the basement door, ready to once again brave the 21° in nightgown, robe, and slippers, I thought about how pesky it is to only need eight hours. Really darned pesky on a Saturday when your darling husband is having a guy’s morning out in the sticks, waiting for the dogs to scare up Peter Rabbit, and you don’t have to be anywhere at all until after noon… The horrors… I stayed up and finished the pot of coffee.

As if not having an actual “need” to sleep in on the weekends weren’t quite pesky enough, there’s the whole “I’m really not hungry” thing that happens now and again. “Breakfast is the most important meal”, ok, well, one can break one’s fast at any time, just because Micky D’s stops serving breakfast at 10:30am, it doesn’t mean you have to break your fast prior to 10:30am. My hunger no longer comes from a clock… (pesky side effect of the day numero two-o)

Since my mom called this morning, I knew she was going to come to the party. To play it safe, I planned on wearing long sleeves so she wouldn’t think about my arm bones. (I seriously was born with arm bones, it’s LCHF’s fault for getting rid of that blubber layer that made them look like marshmallow arms)

By the time I got the text from Adrianne asking if we were going to be able to make it, the snow had already melted. It was still cold, but the road looked like a road again. I told her yeah, we’ll be there.


“C’mon Pepaw, I don’t want any cake or pizza, let’s go play games!”

I guess I should go ahead and tell you now. My mom thinks I’ve lost more weight. This leads us to number three pesky side effect of the day… “You’ve lost more weight” she said. (I’m thinking Yeaaaaah! Because I’ve had to squish my extra poundage into these size 8’s today) “No, I stopped smoking cigarettes a few weeks ago, I’ve actually gained 5 pounds of peanut butter and dark chocolate”. I replied, but I don’t think she believed me. She did tell me she was out of cigarettes and had recently stopped smoking too… (you can do it Mom, I really want one bad, but I keep thinking about all the money I’m not spending, yeah, look at it that way, ok?)

Seriously, I’ve gone cold turkey on the peanut butter and dark chocolate for the past 3 days and I worked out like a beast this week… (ha! side effect number 4… working out like a beast can be a couple hours of general goofiness, 10 minutes of boxing, and 3 ricks of firewood *toting and stacking BECAUSE what you eat is 80% of being healthy thank you very much…)


SRSLY the girls love Pepaw the very most. Except when Memaw is cooking BACON!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe it was 2:00pm when my belly and brain agreed it was well with the world to break fast. I thought about pizza toppings and how wasteful it seems to me, and opted for the salad instead. Let me tell you true that for a pizza joint, Chuck E. Cheese has a better salad bar than even non pizza joint salad bars. Maybe that should be pesky side effect number 5? The ability to make a meal pert near anywhere? Salad mix, onions, peppers, cheese, cottage cheese, bacon, ham, bleu cheese, broccoli, more bacon, carrots, tomatoes, cukes, more bacon, banana peppers, and sunflower seeds… did I mention more bacon? Score a gazillion points on Chuck E. Cheese not only being LCHF friendly, but Paleo/Primal/Diabetic friendly also… NO EXCUSES!!! What may have been even better was that you can take your salad plate up to the cashier and get a new one for refills. (now, that’s a sweet way to break one’s fast…)


I got in trouble twice at the party. Once for the lipstick on Faith’s cheeks (It was worth the trouble)

The sixth pesky side effect of Low Carb of the day was because of that cutie pie sipping fruit punch.


“Memaw, I swear, it wasn’t me, I didn’t say nuthin'” (what Faith would say if she used her words yet…)

“Yeah, Mama…” said my eldest daughter as I turned with the deer in the headlights look. “Thanks to you, Faith won’t eat her breakfast” she said (Ok, that’s the gist of what she said, my memory is no longer 20/20 *giggling)

Pesky side effect number 6. Because you are a JERFer, LCHFer, Primalesque, best darned thing for a type 2 diabetic… your grandchildren end up being LCHF/JERF/ETC when ever they hang out with you. OOPS> Seems I’ve got the young lady hooked on bacon, eggs, sausage, and yes, I let her eat biscuits MUHAAAHHAAAAA (serious giggles) she will no longer eat poptarts, lunchables, granola bars, or what ever else normal kids eat for breakfast, she only eats bacon, eggs, sausage, and a biscuit. I’ve created a monster (not).


She was so happy that her mommy got her a bike!!

While I’ve never really thought about exactly how many pesky side effects there are to low carb on a daily basis, I ended up suffering through pesky side effect number seven… I couldn’t eat dinner (seriously, did you see how many times I applied bacon to my salad. You know what else? I turned my plate in for a clean plate for more broccoli, carrots, bacon, bleu cheese, cucumbers, and bacon…).

It’s not like I really made dinner anyways. I heated up some leftovers for the family and just wasn’t hungry. I know the clock said “dinner”, but I wasn’t feeling it. I did eat a handful of roasted, salted, shell on peanuts (I know they’re so not primal, I did it for butyrate’s sake!!!) about 20 minutes ago. No, I wasn’t really hungry but I did want to run to the store for some smokes…. (well yeah, peanuts are a better option)

Anyways, I’m fixing to go hang with the hot husband and just wanted to let you know that due to the possibility of having at least seven pesky side effects on a daily basis that you probably shouldn’t try low carb, just too darned pesky…


Lovely and May, today was a good day 🙂





3 thoughts on “Those Pesky Side Effects of Low Carb… Revisited

  1. Been thinking about you. A cousin asked me to help her tailor her diet because she heard I was “grain free.” She has DM, Type II on (was on) three meds. (Down one now.) She was lucky to be checking her sugars once a day. So hopefully I encouraged her enough to start checking three times a day. I don’t think I can get her to do more. I thought I lost her when her vegetable soup she made spiked her sugars for a day–and she chose to eat it again the next day as leftovers. “I WILL not waste food.” I got on her a little bit, explaining high BS as “poison.” She hung with me… Anyway fun post. Fun kids. Cute. I don’t know if I could sit in a pizza joint. Good luck not smoking. You deserve that last step!

    • I’ve never been a fan of wasting food, but in the early days of LCHF, I would eat pizza toppings and toss the crust even though it was wasteful. I guess I’m trying to say that in the beginning, if she does decide to take control, she’ll need to waste what ever “bad for her” stuff and just get new stuff. Over time it will get easier and she will adapt.

      My fingers are crossed that you will get through to her because yes, elevated blood glucose is poison. 3 years ago, I would have dove into the pizza, yesterday, it just wasn’t appealing, the salad bar though seriously rocked.

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