For the love of nori…

Since we were already in Nashville, May and I picked up a couple packs of nori. I figured I’d get tired of it after a while, the plan was to make some “nori noodle soup” (for a recipe made with turkey bone broth see this old “Frugal Friday” post).

Instead of the nori noodle soup, I made a blt that I told you about last week, which has led to an 8 day no holds barred nori spree…

One morning, I broke my fast on a very very messy bacon, egg, and cheese roll:

bacon egg and cheese sushi

This was so messy, I mean finger lickin’ good 🙂

One evening, we opted for gyro salads from the best gyro place ever and as always, the salads were amazing. They are also huge. I ended up having a half of my salad left over and pert near a ton of meat left. The following morning, I broke my fast on this:

gyro salad sushi

This may have been better than the bacon, egg, and cheese, please don’t tell the bacon…

I kept telling myself I would get tired of the nori. The end of the first package was drawing to a close. There was left over ham, someone had to eat it, this happened:

ham and cheese yeaaaah

mayo, salad mix, ham, cheddar, nori…

A few minutes later it looked like time to break my fast…

ham and cheese

Good golly that was good…

By the time I finished off the first bag of nori with that second ham and cheese roll breaking yet another fast… I had a nice zucchini and meatballs thinking I had gotten over my love of nori.


I do not use a gadget. I use a knife and I like it that way.

I was wrong. The nori still called to me from the pantry and I guess it had to happen. I’d had the skin on wild caught salmon in the freezer, just waiting to be consumed.

salmon pickled asparagus wasabi mayo salad

salmon, wasabi mayo, salad mix, pickled asparagus.

For dinner that evening I ended up with some Philly rolls…


salmon, cream cheese, pickles, avocado, mayo, salad mix

In between all the nori love, I did manage to make some pork ribs. The left overs have become pork bone broth, made with pickled ginger, onion, carrot, pepper, and crushed red chili peppers. Maybe I’ll get that nori noodle soup after all 🙂

Anyways, it’s pretty safe to say that if you are a type 2 diabetic like me, a sushi spree is safer without the rice. Mats and nori are fairly inexpensive and you can fill the nori with anything. Just make sure to test your blood sugar prior to and one and two hours after consuming any new to you foods.




3 thoughts on “For the love of nori…

  1. Hi! I did use some nori last week to make a wrap! For the life of me now, I can’t even remember what I put in there! But it was good! I actually used Seasnax roasted Nori. So it was kind so messy and flaky, but not as crumbly as I thought! Thanks for the ideas. I’m endeavoring now to add daily seaweed. I’ve got some dulse now. I just very quickly pan fry it.

    • I’ve not tried dulse, will have to though. After rolling, I wrap it in plastic wrap and place in the fridge for a few minutes, it softens (the nori I have is roasted, not Seasnax brand though) and is easier to cut. The breakfast of wrapped bacon egg, and cheese, though I didn’t let it soften, hence the mess, I mean finger lickin’!

      So glad the nori was good!! I’m going to end up picking up more very soon. Have a great week 🙂

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