My Ten Point Buck

Yep, that practice has paid off. I got me a ten pointer.

Ok, I had to ask if the little ones in the middle counted. They were the difference in an eight pointer like he had already gotten or a ten pointer which is a whole two points bigger. (but smaller in this case, mine is a pygmy ten pointer and plastic)

my ten point buck

Sweet, right? They didn’t have any turkeys.

Ok, it’s an air freshener, but pretty nifty, right?

Hot Stuff had to go get some radiator juice and asked if I wanted to roll. Well, yeah, I left my Maroon 5 in the cd player… 🙂 (really, I didn’t want to go just for the awesome tunes, I like hanging out with Mr. Johnson)

Anyways, we got to the store that sells car stuff and he said “Do you want an air freshener?”

I said “Nah, I’ve got a bacon one that Wendy gave me at home.” (old timers will know Wendy is my sister)

He was looking at the antifreeze and I turned around and saw the air fresheners. Would you believe that such a small store would have such an amazing selection of air fresheners? It was crazy, and then I saw the deer.

Anyways, while the cashier was tallying up our purchase, I was asking Sir Hots A Lot if the middle pokeys count and he said yes.

“You’re silly, how’d you do that so fast?” he asked when he saw a picture of my ten pointer on facebook.

“Do what? Oh that? Yep, I did that while you were putting antifreeze in the car.”

I like being silly. I like to giggle. I like being happy. I like my life. I love my husband, our daughter, and our silly dog. (I like Bella too, but don’t tell our kid or she’ll never feed her and she’s her cat…)


3 thoughts on “My Ten Point Buck

  1. I love that feeling of complete joy and contentment. (Pregnancy has stolen a little bit of that, at least for the first trimester. Hoping it comes back. Ugh. There’s hormone-brain again. WHY wouldn’t it come back?)

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