General Goofiness


Winter was on hold yesterday while the temperature rose to perfect for goofing off.


It was also Teen Wolf Monday, so these are May’s “Lydia nails”, she also has Lydia hair, but she shoots like Allison.


She got interested in the long bow and the crossbow when she got grounded from technology last week.


9 1/2 weeks until turkey season.


TW and TWD make the crossbow look easy. It’s not. I use a pull cord to cock it. May uses me and the pull cord.


“Why are you taking a pic of your foot?” she asked. “I’m not, I’m taking a pic of Biscuit’s confusion about how I’m gonna take pictures and cock that crossbow for you at the same time.”


May said “You’ve got to keep this pic, it makes you look almost human!” Muwahahahahahahahaaaaa


I offered her the gloves, she declined. Nails after practice next time!


Gonna need a lot more practice with this one. May is a better shot with it than I am, but her head is getting bigger and my aim is getting truer… 🙂

We had a blast goofing off all afternoon and can’t wait for another nice day! Today it’s snowing and twenty-something, too cold for target practice, but just the right temperature for a pot of chili and chicken bone broth on the stove.


May said this would be a cool pic. Good thing she’s fast with the camera because I fell on my duff (squatting uphill lol)



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