I haven’t exercised since last year…

Maybe once or twice I’ve hit the bags, but that’s it. No weights, they had to be moved for the Christmas tree and we’re doing the girls’ Santy this weekend. I have toted and stacked a lotta firewood, so I’m not worried about my girly muscles getting all unable to open a jar of pickles or pick up the grand-babies this weekend.


Seriously fun play.

I was talking about my crossbow with my niece at Christmas. She told me she wanted to shoot long bows and I thought “gee, that sounds fun” and pulled out Hot Stuff’s long bow and put some practice tips on the arrows. The first couple times I walked out the door with it, he didn’t try to stop me, so I take either it or my crossbow out when I go out to feed the chickens. (I am proud to say that out of the 15 times I have shot it thus far, I actually hit the hay bales once.)

Today I got on Sir Hot A Lot’s coveralls, socks, my gloves, a hat, some non-Vibram foot crushers, and grabbed my crossbow (3 bolts), the long bow (4 arrows), thinking 7 shots are better than 3 or 4. (It takes for-freaking-ever to suit up when it’s cold, thank goodness I’m not a super hero!!)

Michael says “You going to play?” as I open the door, and it is raining super tiny ice balls. I said yea and put the crossbow back on the couch, it’s raining and icing, but I’m not wasting all that time it took to just get ready lol, just gonna shoot the long bow and feed the chickens while I pick up the arrows, besides shooting 4 is better than none.

I aimed a little bit above the haybales, I lost it. I did it again, lost another, it was ok, the vanes on them were doctored by me last night with duct tape, and I’ve not watched enough fletching videos on youtube to be confident enough, let alone had the time to just run to Nashville for a fletching jig… I shot the other two, one hit the ground a few feet short of the target, the other hit the flipping rake handle…

I had propped the rake against the hay bales yesterday when I lost a bolt in the snow. I raked the snow, I didn’t find the bolt until I looked in the field behind us and noticed it in some irises. (the ground was frozen, so it kinda sledded over there) Michael had come outside and jumped our fence and their fence, retrieved my bolt, and was my knight in camouflage lol.

Anyways, back to today, I put the bow up and told him that I hit the rake handle. (Yeah, I admitted that I was aiming for the huge pile of hay bales and we laughed. No, he still doesn’t think it’s a good idea for me to get “apple off your head” volunteers…) I also told him that I was pretty sure I had lost two of his arrows, but they were the ones I duct taped. (I don’t think he really cared if I lost them, he doesn’t play with them anyways)

Long story short, I fed the chickens. I looked at the iris leaves poking up in the neighbor’s field, then I looked a little further and saw the prettiest orange and white flowers with black stems…

I climbed our fence and started to go through the barbed wire. I kinda got stuck in the bulk of the coveralls and couldn’t get through, so I took them off and ran over to the middle of the field in my burgundy jeggings, with blue socks and muddy foot crushers, grabbed them and ran back.

I finished feeding the chickens and then toted the arrows and coveralls inside. I told Michael that I couldn’t get through the fence with the coveralls on, so I had to take them off and then proceeded to tell him that I found his arrows and that the neighbors probably had the police on the way because there was some crazy lady running through their field. (Five hours later, they have not arrived, maybe they’re not coming)

It was fun. I played hard today, but I wouldn’t call it “exercise”, to do so might just suck the fun out of it!


2 thoughts on “I haven’t exercised since last year…

  1. I love reading your blog. I feel like I am out there in the country (please don’t tell me you really live in NYC). And, I really love the fact you mention your husband in such wonderful uplifting ways,


    • Not nearly that far north. When we moved here 14 years ago there was one stoplight. Last year we got our second one. Only 20 minutes north of Nashville, but close enough to “country” for me lol. Have a great weekend.

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