Top Ten Best EVER Weight Loss Tips For 2014

  1. The scale is but one measure of success, invest in a tape measure.
  2. “Moderation” – the act of eating less, doesn’t work when one simply “eats less more often.
  3. You can’t “out exercise” a bad diet.
  4. If it has a label and the label says it’s “healthy”, well, it’s probably not.
  5. Even if you get 42 free bottles when you just pay $19.99 shipping and handling, it’s probably still not worth it.
  6. Weight loss is 80% what we eat, see number 3.
  7. Just because so and so lost 15 pounds in two weeks does not mean everyone will.
  8. Men lose faster than women, life just sucks that way sometimes.
  9. If you hate your new exercise routine, you will not keep doing it long term.
  10. One pound of muscle and one pound of fat both weigh sixteen ounces. If you work out two days and gain a pound and someone tells you that “you’re just gaining muscle, it weighs more than fat,” seek more knowledge young grasshopper.



13 thoughts on “Top Ten Best EVER Weight Loss Tips For 2014

  1. Awesome, accurate list! Love it! I guess I was one who always thought I could eat what I want and be the epitome of health. It all caught up with me right at age 35, I’d say. But now that I know it’s nutrition and not size/activity level (although those will come and play a role in their own ways), I’m rising back up–much, much wiser with a way to stay in the game until I die!

    • I wish I knew in my late 20’s, the effects of all the pasta, garlic bread, veal parmesan of my 30’s would have had on my life. (laughing now, I would so not have listened!!)

      About the role, I do truly believe that exercise is a good thing when it comes to body composition, just not for the scale.

      I like that, stay in the game!

    • Being cooped up in the house for a couple weeks, I’ve watched more tv in that time than all the rest of 2013. The commercials kept making me giggle and my fingers would not be silenced lol. Happy New Year to you also.

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