Fabulous ’14

On Monday, December 23, 2013, my hot husband got off work early and said a friend had called wanting to know if he wanted to pick up a tree he had to cut off a house. Since I hadn’t worked out yet, I was game. It was pretty cool “working” with my man, cold, but the work warmed us up.

They had poured concrete that morning, so it was no surprise he was feeling less than great later in the evening. Tuesday came and he ran to town to pick up a gadget that measures distance, I don’t remember what it is called, but it’s going to come in handy when he takes me out in the woods with my crossbow instead of just shooting hay bales from the deck.

Christmas morning he was coughing. He didn’t feel good. We always go to Grandmother’s house and then to Mom’s. He was feeling bad enough to where he decided it best to just stay home. Meagan and I went. It was great to see everyone, some were missing, seems a lot of folks were feeling poorly. After Grandmother’s we went to Mom’s.

I guess it was around 8:00 pm when we got home. Sir Hotness was living up to his name, he was physically hot. I couldn’t find the thermometer, but my “mom-meter” could feel the heat about 5″ away from his body. Sometimes men are stubborn, ok, most times men are stubborn. He didn’t want to go to the er, a good night’s rest was all he needed, and well, I couldn’t exactly carry him out to the car.

The day after Christmas was not a good day. He was getting worse. He still thought a good night’s rest was all that was needed, well, until his dad called to check on him. It only took 4 words “I’m on my way” to knock that stubbornness into submission. He told me to start the car, he’d go.

We got to the er and they checked his bp, did a nasal swab, and weighed him. Not long after, they whisked him off for a chest x-ray. By the time he got back to the room, the doc came in and told us that he had the flu. Oh joy! <<< I type that sarcastically.

The next morning, his dad called. We told him that Michael has the flu. He came up to see if we needed anything and decided to read the hopcicle papers that we brought home. It was late when we got home, I had not read them, so I was a bit shocked when his dad said “swine flu”. Turns out the diagnosis on paper was seasonal flu plus H1N1. (more joy, not!~!)

By December 28, I happened to see his phone light up, it was a guy from work. I called him back and told him what was going on, that I’d put his check in the truck. I noticed that there were facebook notifications that had gone unanswered, so I posted about his condition, that I was sorry I hadn’t had a chance to post sooner, heck, I’d not even had a shower since Christmas morning, and that any thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. I never expected the drama that followed.

Like I said in the previous paragraph, I hadn’t had a shower since Christmas morning. I had eaten some country ham and eggs the day after Christmas, a tin of octopus on the 27th, I was seriously busy trying to do anything to make my husband as comfortable as possible. The last thing I expected was to get a phone call telling me that if he were still with so and so “I’da got a phone call” or the other one “Why the blank didn’t you blankin’ call me, you blankety blank”.

It’s safe to say the last week of December was a hell week for us. He ended up back at the doc with a secondary bacterial infection. The people who were so offended by my blanket statement on facebook never once called and asked if he needed anything, or if I needed any help with helping him. They did text him though, they told him how nasty his wife is. They slandered me on facebook, and even pulled that crap here on my blog. (Thank you Shanny for defending me)

I blocked them on facebook and have black listed their ip on here, so I thought it was over. Not so easy, seems there are always friends who give people their passwords so that they can join in on the drama, I got to have a “block party” << ha ha, funny!

His dad came back with the entire grocery store, gatorade, powerade, chicken noodle soup. A friend of his came by and watered and fed the chickens because I thought I was getting sick, turns out I was just tired, running on body fat and no sleep tends to make one feel “sick”. Jan, his step mom, who is the best mother in law ever, called daily and gave me more emotional support than I could have asked for, she wanted to come in, but we couldn’t let her risk being exposed. My BFF, Lori brought some jello over and just gave me a break from playing nurse, a little conversation, letting me give words to my fears.

We’ve been together for 15 years and he’s never been this sick. It was scary.

He doesn’t remember most of last week. He was in the bed more than out of it, but he’s still so tired. In his head he is better, but it’s frustrating to him that his body begs to differ.

I stopped answering my phone after being cursed out, and May deleted the cursing texts before I could read them. Her nana and her aunt hurt her more than they will ever know by sending that crap, she still will not tell me what they said. Since she was so upset, I didn’t stop her when she texted them her feelings. It really didn’t matter to them, they forwarded the text to her sick dad and her Granddaddy and Granny Jan and who knows how many other people, trying to show what a monster of a child she is. What I saw was a nice young lady who had had it up to here with people talking crap about her mama.

Somewhere along the way, after being blocked and blacklisted and not “getting my goat”, his sister thought it would be fun to send me a 3 page text telling me how since I had lied and made her brother mad at her (at this point, he was still in bed, out of it) that she needed to tell me that I don’t know my husband at all. Turns out he likes “big girls” and I’m not big anymore. Turns out he’s been having an affair with some big girl for the past year and that when May turns 18 I’m history… since I made him mad at her, she wanted me to be mad at him.

She got what she wanted, I read the text. I went from 0 to pissed off in 3 seconds flat. She got my goat, but I didn’t give her the satisfaction of a reply.

I hit the bags. I got to thinking, really thinking. I came up with this:

“Confucius says: “A cheating man does not give his wife a crossbow for Christmas”

Confucius really didn’t say that, but if he had, he would have also mentioned that said man definitely wouldn’t teach his wife shoot said crossbow and adjust the freaking scope…

My darling hot husband is feeling a lot better than last week. He thinks it’s still bad, but that is only because he doesn’t remember how bad it really was. There were times when I thought I was going to lose him. I didn’t even call my own mother. I didn’t call his dad either, but his dad called me to check on him.

I am a different person than I was three years ago, I’m not that shy timid woman that worried about what others thought or if I would ever “fit in”. My give a crap is broken and I have no intentions to fix it.

I have decided that as bad as last week was, it’s over, and things can only get better. 2014 is going to be fabulous because that is my choice. My other choice is to leave certain folk in 2013 where they belong because they did not earn their way into our 2014.





11 thoughts on “Fabulous ’14

  1. Goodness gracious, people can be just plain awful! (and it’s sad that half the time, those awful people are family. I know some of those types intimately myself.) But thankfully, you have true friends who help and understand always!!! Hope your hubby is much much better, and you and the rest of the family avoid getting sick!

  2. I’m so sorry about the mean people. No one needs that kind of treatment and especially not when facing the circumstances you were. Happy New Year to you! Way to keep your head up.

  3. Wow. Just wow. But some people can be so petty and insensitive! We have a family member that tells us off at least a couple of times a year. It used to bother me, but the more it happens, the less my give-a-shit meter works! I’m glad DH is recovering.

  4. What to say? First, I’m glad your husband is recovering! He sounded so terribly sick. And I’m glad you, your daughter, and your in-laws did not get it either. And that friend who brought Jello is a real keeper. As for negative and unhappy people who want to make others unhappy, they are not worth keeping in our lives at all until they face themselves honestly. It makes me mad just thinking about that grief you (plural) put up with. Why can’t people just pick up the phone and say, “Hey, everything okay over there?”

  5. For the record, I am certain that Confucius would have said that if he’d thought of it. I’m glad that last week is over, but it could easily take another couple of weeks before he’s totally back in the game. Take care of yourself and May as well. It sounds like you’ve been through the wringer.

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