Tell me true, you want to lose weight eh?

It’s seriously hard in this day and age to know if someone is seriously serious about losing weight or if they just like saying “I want to lose weight”, “exercise doesn’t work”, “I don’t eat much, I don’t know why this isn’t working”.

What if I told you that weight loss is at least 80% diet (meaning the food we eat, not Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or that other one I can’t recall off hand.). Because I am seriously tired of reading articles and studies, I’ve no study for telling you that, other than the study of my last few years.

Maybe you’ve been “trying” to lose weight for the last few years, but it just isn’t working. Maybe you’re “Sweating to the oldies”, following the biggest loser and working out like a beast to your Jillian Michaels DVDs, but not getting the same results you see the folks on TV getting. Maybe you’ve purchased a treadmill or a gym membership, you walk, you go to the gym, but all that exercise only leaves you feeling more frustrated than when you decided to lose weight in the first place.

Let me introduce to you “common sense”. If the above paragraph applies to you, you don’t need no stinkin’ article or study or DVD to maybe see that you can’t out exercise a bad diet.

Maybe you don’t think your diet is bad (the stuff we eat, not a plan folks), you’re eating those 100 calorie packs for snacks, feeding on those lean cuisines every couple hours to keep that metabolism going, you have cut all that pesky dietary fat and cholesterol out of your plate, you’re doing everything right, but it’s not cutting that body fat off of that body.

Maybe with those hundred calorie snacks you are only eating two-hundred calorie meals, maybe your calories are hovering around 1000 calories, and if you could just get them down to 800, you would have some progress. Besides, it’s common knowledge that a diet must needs be painful in order to work, it doesn’t matter if you’ve no energy to put in that DVD and work those love handles off…

I’m pretty sure no one needs me to tell them that weight loss is hard. In fact, weight loss takes hard work and dedication. What? No sweat and hunger? Seriously? Weight loss also takes a lot of time and patience. During weight loss, time seems to flow slower, a week between weigh-ins when you’ve been a good loser seem so much harder and longer when we’re working hard, but they are there before you know it when we “fall off the wagon”.

What if I told you calories were really over-rated? What if I already did?

What if it’s not the calories at all? What if all calories aside, it was the nutrients or lack of nutrients?

If you’re still reading, maybe you’re thinking where is she going with this? Skinny fiber, raspberry ketones, green coffee bean extract? Heck no, stay away from that stuff, no matter how many headless before and after undies wearing pics you see on the internet.

There are certain things our human bodies need. Google is your friend, google essential proteins, essential fats, essential carbohydrates, essential sugars, essential what have yous, and see maybe what we don’t need is what we’re consuming the most of, and what we do need has been vilified via bro-science or the pseudo-science of Ancel Keys or more recently The China Study {cue spooky music}.

An odd thing happened when I stopped trying to cut the dietary fat and stopped worrying about the calories of butter as compared to chemical poo storm, I mean margarine. I started shrinking. I once told Dr. Christie (NP) that I wasn’t going to give up my non-dairy fat free hazelnut coffee creamer. Like a lot of things I think or say I’m not or am going to do, I ate those words and gave it up once I realized that all those sugars “weren’t doing me no favors“.  Yeah, heavy whipping cream has a gazillion calories, but only a minuscule amount of sugar.

I have to tell you that there is a not so secret secret to weight loss. The secret is not to eat every couple of hours, especially if you have first hand experience that it is not working for ya. The secret is not 1000 calories a day with a handful of supplements because there is not enough nutrition in said calories.

The secret is this, cut out all the processed breaded maybe meat, 100 calorie snack packs, juicing to get in your veggies because you don’t like to chew them, microwave fat removed but sugar added to make it taste good crap, and just eat real food.

OMG! I’m gonna have to cook something! So and so told me I have to have sugar to feed my brain, oh the horrors, this is insane!!!

For anyone feeling the above sentence, seriously, google essential carbohydrates, google glucose, google how much glucose does a normal person have in their bodies at any given time, google how much sugar does a human need to survive. Skip all the Joe Schmoes, look for something seriously serious, and see for yourself. Do your research.

While there is no one size fits all approach to weight loss, there is common sense. If what one is doing in their current efforts is not working, try something else. If there is any food that one just can not give up, that is a big sign that that particular food is one that needs to go. There’s a fine line between eating to nourish one’s body and addiction to food. No, people don’t like to talk about it, there’s no such thing as food addiction, but that’s not true, I learned first hand that I was addicted to food, processed food.


For any regular reader wondering if #Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November has me sloth like in December, the answer is no. With December has come more movement via general goofiness, toting and stacking more firewood for the big storm a-brewin’, hitting the weights, the bags, and body weight exercise. I pulled out the pull-ups bar and did 3 jumping pull ups yesterday, figuring November had me ready, but I’ve still got work to do.



16 thoughts on “Tell me true, you want to lose weight eh?

  1. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog
    that’s both equally educative and engaging, and without a doubt, you
    have hit the nail on the head. The issue is something too few
    people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy I stumbled across this
    in my search for something relating to this.

  2. As always a huge dose of common sense and humor. Folks just look for an easy way, when the easiest way is right in front of them. Eat good foods, but just a bit less; forget the junk foods; exercise a bit more.

    Then, again, if folks did that, they would put an entire industry out of business. And, not just the fitness and diet industry – they would effect thousands of health care folks because incidents of obesity and Diabetes would go down. Yeah, that’s it. Folks eat a bit too much of the wrong things to insure job security for thousands. I’m sure that’s it.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write. Love reading your posts.


    • Hey Phil, Thanks! Yep, you said it right there. No money to be made by getting obesity and diabetes on a downward trend. Most Type 2’s don’t know we have an easy button when it comes to weight loss, our meters. Have a great day 🙂

  3. “And people are a’feared of whole foods” — haha….I had a girl I worked with once who was quite overweight and didn’t really know where to start so I told her, if you’re hungry enough to eat an apple then you’re actually hungry…and an apple is an awesome place to start. She asked me if she could substitute an actual apple for apple chips or apple juice. LOL…..ya… not really.

    One wonders why people are so set on taking a healthy, whole food and beating the living daylights out of it until it’s unrecognizable.

  4. Love this! What people perceive as scary (eating real food, fat, cooking, not counting calories/points/macros) is really the easiest and most effective way to just live your frigging life. Eat food that your body recognizes as food, skip the frankenfoods (that eventually you won’t be able to stomach even the smell of) move around enough to get a sweat on……and then go live the rest of your life!

    It really is that easy…’s the “diet & fitness industry” that want to make people think it’s impossible!

    Happy Thursday!

    • Hey Shanny, Thanks!

      The diet and fitness industry is a multi-gazillion dollar business, whole foods, not so much, and bad for their business.

      I remember early on, going to the grocer, walking through the bakery, saddened because all the yummy things, the smells tempting my taste buds. These days though, the smell of bread baking tends to curdle my stomach.

      “Go live the rest of your life!” yep!!!!! See, “moving to live” didn’t really work out well because of the fankenfoods, now that I live to move and eat what fuels me, I am loving life and living it to the fullest. (And people are a’feared of whole foods)
      Happy Thursday to you also 🙂

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