What Black Friday Means To Me…

I tried this morning to look up the origins of “Black Friday”. I found something about Philadelphia and 1965, referring to all the extra pedestrian and vehicle congestion, but really couldn’t find an exact date for when it was turned into what it is today.

As a child in the ’70’s I remember that Thanksgiving was about gathering with family, catching up, and being thankful that we were all able to make it to another gathering. The day after Thanksgiving was just that, Friday.

We would string popcorn, put up or go with Dad to cut a Christmas tree down. Other than the times we went to Mama Brown’s to cut a tree, we generally stayed home, the thankfulness running over into another day of hanging with the family, maybe getting our Letters to Santa written.

Maybe because I was born into an age without computers, smart phones, and social media, I do not fall for the hype. Ok, I fell once, my bff neighbor talked me into going to WM this one year, probably 8 or more years ago, and it was torture. The ads were glorious, promising savings galore, but the empty shelves only showed me “gimmick”.

I’ve got to tell you that Christmas is big business for the retail industry. The ads serve to lure us into the stores in hopes of getting one of the advertised specials, only to find they’ve sold out in less than 5 minutes, but hey, there’s other stuff to buy, they don’t care if we are one of the lucky ones who get the good deal, because either way, they’re going to get into our pocket books.

Before you think OMG, Shannon’s all bah humbug, let me tell you that yeah, when it comes to playing tackle football over some new game console in the electronics department of what ever store, I’ll forfeit every time. I have no interest in leaving my family to go fight over “tickle me elmo” or what ever toy of the day is out there these days.

While the retail world will not suffer because I’ve stayed home yet another Friday after Thanksgiving, I’m not suffering parking lot wars or the vileness brought out in otherwise friendly people. Black Friday to me means that people are out in swarms on a mission, leaving all manners and their normally more gentle personalities at home, and I’d just rather not be witness to it.

While Thanksgiving and Christmas are the ultimate holidays for being truly thankful and appreciative of what we do have, helping the less fortunate, to me, Black Friday is anti-everything that Thanksgiving and Christmas are and I just prefer to stay home with my Hot Husband and a nice pot of coffee.

On this, the 29th day of Diabetes Awareness Month, I’d like to say be alert if you are out shopping today. Take your blood glucose testing kit with you, and try to stay calm in the calamity.

Moving on to #Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November:

November 28, 2013

  • heavy bag, speed bag, foot work (Avenged Sevenfold “So Far Away”)
  • 40 squats
  • 20 lunges (10 L 10 R)





5 thoughts on “What Black Friday Means To Me…

  1. I definitely agree with what you said. I work in one of America’s biggest department stores and had to work Thanksgiving night. I had to go in from 7pm till 1:30am. It felt so ridiculous leaving my in-laws to go to work at night after being together all day. And at work it is just a manipulative lure to get people to come in and spend money in the idea of getting a deal. Most people I helped ended up disappointed in the “sales” and ended up buying full priced designer items.

    • I know that extra pay does not make up for one’s time, but I hope that you along with all the other folks working the holiday got paid extra. We have some family members who work in places where they sometimes only get every other Thanksgiving off (or either/or for Thanksgiving/Christmas), but they knew that going in. Have a great day

    • I love that!!! Y’all are so awesome, passing a tradition like that down to the next generation. May went to my sister’s to hang out with the cousins, and requested me not touch the tree until she comes home.

      We did leave the house for a nice lunch date at a great local establishment and then called in a dinner order to go at another local place later in the evening. Had a pretty relaxing day, away from the crowds. Then when we were fixing to go to bed last night when the news came on. “Breaking news… crowd at walmart pepper sprayed, two ladies duking it out one pulls a tazer”. I just skipped the news this morning… 🙂

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