Butter Pecan Cheesecake, shh, it’s a secret…

It started last year, the race to figure out the perfect cheesecake. In the month of November, I made a gazillion different kinds, ok, maybe not that many, let’s see how memory serves…

  • red velvet
  • Watergate salad
  • banana (no real bananas involved, extract it was)
  • peanut butter chocolate chip
  • chocolate
  • vanilla/plain
  • mint chocolate chip
  • butter pecan

I had a lot of people ask me for the peanut butter chocolate chip recipe, and I shared it, I think it’s right on the pic in one of those pesky facebook albums. The butter pecan though, was my super secret recipe. I got a lot of “Not even me?s” because of that.

Sir Hots A Lot wants to know where his cheesecake is, seems “You got my sweet tooth activated”. I said “There’s a banana on the counter”.


A time consuming labor of love, are you sure you really want the recipe?

I’m serious with that caption up there. While one can whip together a graham cracker crust in just seconds, this one seriously takes time to mash into the bottoms of the spring form pan(s). Keep in mind that i made two, so it was double the single time and there was some pretty sweet background music…

Butter Pecan Cheesecake (Makes two 8″ or one 10″, cooking times and recipe are based on two 8″ cheesecakes, for a 10″, only use one pan and add about 10 minutes to the cooking time 😉 )


  • 1/4 cup milled pecans (if you can not find milled pecans, process some pecans in a food processor, pulse a few times so that they are a bit more coarse than almond flour)
  • 1/2 cup almond flour
  • 2 T Torani Caramel flavored sugar free coffee syrup
  • 4 T butter, softened
  • 2 large eggs

Combine milled pecans, almond flour, Torani, and butter.


Looks like it could double for a nice moisturizing facial scrub, or maybe some cheessecake crust…

Once you’ve got it all paste-like, mix in the eggs.


labor of love, I tell ya…


looks kinda like oatmeal, put your big girl glove on, it’s time to get dirty…

Take some butter and grease up a couple of 8″ springform pans. Start preheating your oven to 350°. Once the pans are greased, plop half the crust dough into each pan and get to mashing.


I told you I was serious, maybe taking my own pics slowed me down? Nah, the dough is seriously sticky, but easy isn’t an option when it comes to my blood sugar.


About 15-20 minutes from start to oven ready.

Place springform pans onto a cookie sheet. Bake at 350° for 10 minutes.


The baked crusts.

Filling, all filling ingredients should be at room temperature for optimum results.

  • 6 packages cream cheese
  • 1 1/2 cups Splenda
  • 6 T butter (I use salted)
  • 1/2 cup sugar free caramel sauce
  • 8 eggs
  • 1/2 cup pecan halves

In a large mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, splenda, butter, and caramel sauce (I used Smucker’s because it is what I can get locally).


I use the paddle attachment for cheesecakes. If you do not have a paddle, use what you use, a wire whip works just as well, and can be counted as serious exercise…

Even if you put the splenda on the bottom, start off low. The dust is crazy gross if you just stick it in there and zoom zoom. Once the splenda is no longer free flying, kick it up to medium for a minute, scrape down the sides. Kick it back up to medium for a couple minutes, and scrape it down again.


A little more sweetener and you could probably use it at this step as frosting. It’s pretty sturdy, just not too sweet yet.

This is another hard part in the recipe. It would be safe at this point and go ahead with preheating the oven again, 375°, now lets add some eggs…


After scraping down the sides, add eggs, one at a time, stirring each egg in with a wooden spoon.

Why is it important to stir them in one at a time, with a wooden spoon, you might ask? I do not know, I do not care, it works, I do not question it.


It will be similar to pudding when all the eggs are added. Stir in the pecan halves.

After stirring the pecan halves into the batter, divide it into your two 8″ pans. It will fill them about 3/4 the way full. Place your springform pans onto a cookie sheet (or sheets), it’s time to top them.


  • 4 T sugar free caramel sauce, divided
  • 1/2 cup pecan halves, divided

Drop little dollops of sauce onto the top of the cheesecake, or drizzle, if you drop though, pull a spoon through the dollops to move it around, like this:


swirl it around.

Place 1/4 cup pecan halves on top of each cheesecake, like this:


you can arrange them any way you desire.

Place cheesecakes in the oven and reduce the temperature to 350°. Set the timer for 40 minutes. When the timer goes off, turn off the oven, wait ten minutes and open the door. Let them cool slowly. To help prevent cracks, place a dish of water on the bottom rack while baking. As you can tell from my first picture, I forgot this step. Good thing hind sight is 20/20 and maybe yours won’t crack so badly.


they will rise above the pan, opening the door too soon will make them fall over the sides, waiting ten minutes, they fall into the pan.

From Fatsecret for one whole 8″ cheesecake:

Fat Carbs Fiber Prot KCals
332.00 106.08 10.0 86.08 3568

Definitely LCHF at

Calorie Breakdown:  Carbohydrate (12%)  Fat (84%)  Protein (4%)
For nutritional breakdown per slice, divide totals by the number of slices. Me personally, would slice an 8″ into 8 – 10 pieces, and only eat one slice.
For this 28th day of Diabetes Awareness Month, I would like to tell you that even too much sugar free/artificial sweetener is just as bad as the real thing. Some folks have blood glucose spikes from certain artificial sweeteners. Be sure to check your blood sugar before and one hour and two hours after consuming new to you recipes.
Since today is Thanksgiving, I would like to say that I am thankful for my Sweet Darling Husband, my children, my parents, Jan and Jr Johnson (my Mother and Father In Law) and other extended family. I am also thankful for those who walked the path before me, helped me find my way when I was lost, taught me to question everything. Seriously, if it weren’t for the many folks who have proven time and time again that we are all unique individuals, just because the latest study says blah, only we can be an expert on our own bodies. Heck, conventional wisdom has told us for years that it’s the fat, but look how that turned out. Anyways, the best diet is the one you can stick to. Nothing works without time and patience, which leads me to how thankful I am that I learned that along the way. That and I’m thankful for my easy button,  my meter and that I learned that the scale is but one measure of success.
#Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November
November 27, 2013
  • 20 lunges (10 each side)
  • 20 squats
  • fire duty, general goofiness


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