Dessert disaster, yuck!

Lemon cheesecake sounded good in theory, but it was horrible. It looked good enough, smelled lovely, but ewweee yuck was what came out of my mouth as the rest of the test cheesecupcake went into the trash.

Seems I found a way to bring out more of the bitterness that can sometimes be splenda.

Mom had called Sunday night to see if I was bringing butter pecan cheesecake this year and I told her “No, I want to do something different, got a couple tests in the oven.”

I ended up texting her after they cooled, with the yucky results, she was sorry for my lots, but she wasn’t sorry that I’m bringing butter pecan.

It’s another fine looking morning out there, bitter cold, and the store I stopped at yesterday did not have an important ingredient for the super secret butter pecan. I’ve braved the cold to feed the fire a few times this morning, but I am unable to stop my procrastination with this and that and rather just get dressed… 24 hours until we start getting ready to road trip it to Grandmother’s and then Mom’s, and I’ve not even set out the ingredients I do have.

Maybe I need a 5 hour energy << Kidding, I’ve got energy, it’s just soooooooo cold out there.

Sooner or later though, hopefully sooner, I’m going to put on my big girl pants, brave the cold and hit the store. Ok, it’s going to be sooner, His Hotness just got home from work, early early, and me in my pjs… giggles. He’s going to run to Adairville for the chicken feed, which is like giving me 3 more hours of procrastination time… Ok, I promise, I’m not going to fall into that trap lol, I’m going to get dressed and go get that one blasted thing I do not have and make these cheesecakes.

In the event that the butter pecan cheesecakes are devoured once again, I will take the super secret out of the recipe and share it. I would go ahead and share today, but I’m short an ingredient and well, I’ve got to go to the store!

Today on this 27th day of Diabetes Awareness Month I’d like to tell you that as a diabetic, we are still faced with things like not having an ingredient we need, not wanting to go out in the cold, and still having to test our blood sugar on top of it all. It’s not easy, we’ve got stuff on top of normal everyday stuff, but there is no better feeling than when we get all our stuff done, including the stuff on top of the normal stuff, and I’ll be looking forward to that feeling shortly…

Moving on to #Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November:

Monday, November 25, 2013:

  • 1/2 rick firewood, unstack, to the basement, stack
  • general goofiness including but not limited to feeding chickens, dance folding clothes, dance wash dishes.
  • 20 leg extensions (70# 5+5+5+5)
  • 20 leg curls (70# 5+5+5+5)
  • 40 lateral pulldowns (30# reg 5+5+5+5 30# behind the neck 5+5+5+5)
  • 20 barbell press (40# 5+5+5+5)
  • 20 squats (all day long, picking up the remnants of kidnato mess, crayons, paper, etc in various rooms, except the den, because Big Sexy cleaned that up while we took the girls home Sunday)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

  • boxing heavy bag and speed bag, working on foot work, “If I Never See Your Face Again” Maroon 5 ft Rihanna, socks and wood floor, silliness ensued, added laughter, no one was injured lol… back to barefoot.
  • 20 barbell press (40# 5+5+5+5)
  • 20 leg curls (70# 5+5+5+5)
  • 20 leg extensions (70# 5+5+5+5)
  • general goofiness with his hotness at Academy Sports, looking for coveralls. “Oh, can I get a carrying case for my crossbow?” (with my serious face, I don’t have a crossbow)

Anyways, Sir Hots A Lot got some really good movement in, he tried on a sized medium, as we were also looking for a gift for his dad, an avid hunter. He got them on no problem, but getting out of them was another thing all together, that set me into giggles as he wiggled and danced around and then finally said “can you help get me out of this?” I wish I’d videoed it, he got out of them, we bought them, went to lunch, and then delivered them to his dad. His dad loved them, perfect fit. Matter of fact, he wore them hunting later in the afternoon as he called to ask if we’d like some venison, a great way to start the evening, I’d say!



9 thoughts on “Dessert disaster, yuck!

  1. Ha! Ha! Sorry! I hate dumping all those great ingredients! This year, Thanksgiving is “my” take on the traditionals. I don’t know what my visiting family really thinks! But they knew and came to stay anyhow! (I think they’re curious.) I look forward to the recipe! Happy Thanksgiving.

    • They would have roasted me if they tasted the lemon cheesecake lol. (it was that bad) Last year, I was trying to re-create “Watergate Salad”, in a cheesecake. I did not test it, just took it to Grandmother’s house.(I hope they liked it, guess I’ll find out tomorrow) Happy Thanksgiving πŸ˜‰

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