Beautifully deceptive…

This morning before sunrise, as His Hotness left for work, he told me he put wood in the fire. The house was nice and toasty, the sun hadn’t been up long when I decided to check the fire. I added a couple logs and started letting the car warm up.

I caught a little of the weather as I sipped on some coffee. Turns out we may be getting some rain this afternoon, most probable overnight, and tomorrow, and sleet and yuck!

The sun came out a little bit brighter, the chickens were out in the yard scratching up vittles, even Biscuit was out in the sunshine. I knew that just an hour ago it was still bone-chillingly cold out there, but that sweet sunshine looked so inviting. A nice leisurely stroll to the basement to check the fire, add a log and maybe clean the leaves off the steps and path before the rains come.

That sun though, she is beautifully deceptive. It’s still bone-chillingly cold out there, too much so for my pjs, robe, and sandaled feet. I’ve just about warmed up enough to dress warmly prior to tackling my little chore. (exercise via necessity)

On this, the 25th day of Diabetes Awareness Month, I’ve got to tell you that a pretty day filled with sunshine in reality still being bitterly cold, is not the only thing that is beautifully deceptive. Magic beans, fairy dust, pills, and potions, things that will cure what ails you can also be beautifully deceptive.

#Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November

Sunday, November 24, 2013

  • general goofiness that comes with grandbabies
  • 1/2 rick firewood to the basement
  • 20 barbell presses (40# 5+5+5+5)





3 thoughts on “Beautifully deceptive…

    • Thanks Phil 🙂 No rain or sleet yet, but the grocery was packed!!! It’s supposed to be dry again by Thursday, but I’m thinking no one else stayed home long enough to hear that bit.

      It kinda shocks me that after fifteen years I’m not calling him “the old ball and chain” (kidding), but he just keeps getting better every year. He’s my best friend.

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