Seven days, I’ve put it off long enough…

Or, “How I deal with Thanksgiving”.

While stuffing, mac and cheese, mashed taters, and big fat yeast rolls are pretty much traditional fare ’round these parts. I don’t eat any of those things. Sometimes I’m asked how I face the temptation, but really I’m not tempted anymore. This will be the third holiday season that I’ve had the opportunity of experiencing since the whole lifestyle change, and well, based on last year, it only gets easier.

The first holiday it was hard. I had only been JERFing to my meter (combination Atkins/Primal/Wheatbelly/LeptinRx at the time) for seven months. Smelling Grandmother’s rolls kept me thinking “it’s only one day, it won’t kill me, I can stop with one, no I can’t, I can’t believe I just thought that, smack”. I argued in my head just long enough to stop from acting on the temptation.

I ate turkey, ham, green beans, and asparagus casserole. I was full. It was easier to fight the temptation once again when I went past the rolls to put up my plate because I was full.

Mom was doing low carb at the time, so she made mostly low carb stuff. It was smooth sailing for dinner at her house.

As for being the host, I haven’t hosted in a while. It was so hard to come up with “low carb” versions of this or that in addition to their regular selves. If I were to host again, I would do this: I would make just the traditional fare, since I am the only one low carb. I would have a vegetable tray, maybe some turnip greens and a veggie salad to go with it.

veggie salad

fresh broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, black olives, and cucumber, tossed in Greek or Italian dressing with feta and hard salami if desired.

On this 21st day of Diabetes Awareness Month, I would like to remind you to take your meter with you this holiday season. If someone sees you testing your blood sugar, don’t be afraid to tell people you are diabetic.

Moving on to #Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November:

November 20, 2013

  • 20 barbell press (40# 10+10)
  • 40 lateral pulldown (30# 10+10 reg 10+10 behind the neck)
  • 20 leg curls (70# 5+5+5+5)
  • 40 leg extensions (70# 10+10+10+10)
  • 2 jumping pullups
  • 30 sit ups

I got totally busted. His hotness got off early, called for a lunch date. I had forgotten that the pull ups bar was hanging up with a couple shirt air drying from it… oops. “I see you’re finally using it” he barely said through his laughter… It was like a double dawg dare, I did not attempt number 3.


3 thoughts on “Seven days, I’ve put it off long enough…

    • She’s been making them from scratch since before I was born lol. When my uncle was in school, he’s only a few years older than me, youngest son, I’m the oldest of the oldest son, she went to work in the cafeteria and got the entire town tasting her delights. Everything on her table is hard to pass on, but I’d trade everything just for her hugs, which are even better than her cooking 🙂

      • I can so relate to that. I miss my grandma too!! Holidays always trigger the memories of loved ones no longer with us. I guess that must be why I dread them and would like to skip to January. Thanks for sharing your memory 🙂

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