Pull-ups, the bane of my existence…

First off, I’d like to say “I’m sorry” to the telemarketer who called yesterday morning while I was feeling poorly. I hope that you are not paid per spiel about choosing Miami or Las Vegas, but really, I was not interested. Telling me it would only take a few minutes, c’mon which would you rather go to? did not increase my interest, only my desire to hang up and remind myself why I do not answer numbers I am not familiar with.

After a few pages of my new book, I started feeling better. (thanks George R. R. Martin, I was upset with you for a long time and let it sit a week on the counter un-touched, You’ve made up for it in the Prologue alone and I’m taking my time with this one and savoring the pages…)

Something possessed me to clean my bookshelves and desk. In doing so, I found my rock collection, a collection of fortune cookie fortunes, and the “Exercise Chart” that came with the pull ups bar.


Dude on the chart makes it look really easy.

The plan was to attempt pull ups on a daily basis, months ago when bar was purchased. Needless to say, daily became once every blue moon when I thought about it. I’m thinking I may have set myself up for failure, wanting to do a pull up just because someone said I couldn’t, when I could have been doing the things on this chart. I know, I’ve typed about baby steps with exercise, but I guess I figured I’d already taken all the baby steps I needed when it came to exercise.

If pull ups had a side kick, it would be planks. The “Exercise Chart” has some floor exercises shown using the bar and well, there’s a plank in them there pictures. There are also different types of triceps dips to try. While the pull ups are shown at the top of the chart, I’m going to start somewhere in the middle and take baby steps and give this whole pull ups bar a dusting off and good re-try.

On this, the 17th day of Diabetes Awareness Month, be aware that even if you’ve been exercising for a while, a change in routine can be like starting over, don’t let it keep you from trying again.

Moving on to #Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November

November 16, 2013

  • 10 wide grip triceps dips (beginner)
  • 10 wide grip triceps dips (intermediate)
  • 3 wide grip triceps dips (advanced)
  • 10 close grip triceps dips
  • 5 close grip triceps dips (advanced)
  • 1 Isometric triceps dip
  • 10 bridge lifts
  • 4 single bridge lifts (2L + 2R)
  • 1 plank (10 second count)
  • 3 regular push ups (no bar)
  • 10 cleans and presses with filled laundry baskets, dancing to Maroon 5 while closing, I’m filing this one under general goofiness.

Doing triceps dips with the bar was tougher than using my reading chair or the weight bench. I liked the bridge lifts better than the hip thrusts I usually do. I didn’t make any feed the fire/basement runs, it was not so cold yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Pull-ups, the bane of my existence…

    • My arms were a little sore yesterday so that bar sat in the corner. I pulled it out for today’s workout, but did not try to do so much. If nothing else, the whole Move Every Day November has taught me is to enjoy the days where workouts are general goofiness, these inside workouts are killin’ me!!!

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