I’ve got a confession to make…

It’s been four days since I’ve hit the bags. Last night, it all changed when I boxed in my Isotoners.


Now that’s just plum silly, why would she box in her Isotoners?

Four days ago while hitting the speed bag with Peter Frampton (in my pocket, thanks Pandora) I developed a case of bloody knuckles. I like fingerless gloves because as odd as it may be, I don’t break as many fingernails. I didn’t really think about it then, but maybe I should have broken out the Isotoners for that minute.

Ever since a couple of years prior to my diagnosis, my hands have been really sensitive in the fall and winter time. Less humidity, cold, wind, they get chapped easily. Previous years, I’ve broken out the coconut oil and gloves in September, but we really didn’t have a fall here. I’d been so used to the spring like temperatures lately that I didn’t think about my hands until the bloody knuckles.

Anyways, on the umpteenth trip to the basement, and then stoking the smoker (pork chops and the ribs my sister dropped off the other day) I just looked down at my dirty gloves, retired from Christmas way past and thought, yeah, that will work.

On this, the 15th day of Diabetes Awareness Month I would like to tell you to take care of your hands\. Don’t wait for a case of bloody knuckles before you start pampering them.

Moving on to #Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November

November 14:

  • 40 Squats, 15 were weighted with a hunk of firewood.
  • 40 Lunges, 20 L, 20 R
  • hit the bags (“Welcome To The Family”, hey, I got half my groove back!)
  • 2 dips, ok, they were baby dips, so I did 20 leg lifts on the dips bar (10+10). You’d think I’d have more arm strength from the years having to pull or push up from sitting because I couldn’t stand up with my legs alone.
  • feeding the fire a.k.a. exercise via necessity (little bit of sprinting, little bit of steps, moving, moving, moving lol)

Because I was so excited to not end up with bloody knuckles, I paid a dollar for a better photographer than me, May. Since I was still thinking about my arm bones, I did not think about the extra dollar for hair and makeup. Oh well, look at the dent in that bag…


That bag is the “new statin guidelines” btw…


Sorry for the blur, I couldn’t have done any better though lol


2 thoughts on “I’ve got a confession to make…

  1. Yeah! Smack those new statin guidelines to a pulp! I stuck ’em to the bottom of my shoes and walked 2.5 miles all over ’em!

    • The information overload that was yesterday was crazy. Thank goodness we’ve got folks like Dr. Jonny Bowden, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, and Dr. Malcolm Kendricks to help us fight the good fight!

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