“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates

I’m pretty sure no one really needs me to point out that food has changed over the past 2000 years. Eating to nourish one’s body has been reformed to be anything but nourishing, for the most part.

I’m not really sure when food became so intertwined with our “feel good button”. It had to be way before my time, because I remember feeling good myself, many a teary night hugged up to some Moose Tracks. I also remember that most of the time I would have the added regret of eating half a tub the following morning. (way before I met Type 2 Diabetes)

We have comfort food, sexy food, “health” food, fast food, yummy food, indulgent food, delicious food, the list goes on. One of the hardest things in making a lifestyle changes can be giving up certain glorious foods.

For the benefit of the increasing population of people like me, Type 2 Diabetic, I like to say we have an easy button, our meter. By testing prior to (preprandial) and one and two hours after (postprandial) eating, JustEatRealFood to our meters, we can pretty much figure out in a short amount of time what exactly might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to putting an adjective in front of “food”.

“But what if it’s not a sexy, processed, comfort, fast food?” Sometimes we (me) find that JERFing isn’t the end all. Some people have problems with eggs, nuts, even dairy. Maybe it’s not so much an allergy, but blood sugar spike or any other number of problems related to even good foods. Heck, I had an egg problem, egg burps, discomfort, and then I started eating our chicken eggs. It got me to thinking maybe it wasn’t the eggs, it was how they got to my table.

I got pretty lucky in that so far the only JERFtype foods I have problems with now are flax, peanuts, and bananas. (There are a lot of starchy/sugary whole foods that I just do not eat because I know my diabetes is not cured, only re-missed as long as I keep JERFing to my meter)

I tried flax a few times because nobody else I talked to had the problem, it had to be another ingredient. I tried milled flaxseed, problem, golden flax, problem, without splenda, problem, low carb wraps, problem, the only thing common was the flax. I stopped eating flax and the problem stopped. (yes, I realize my whole relationship with flax was the definition of “crazy”)

Peanuts are my nemesis. Roasted, salted, sitting on the front porch throwing the hulls into the flower bed. The worst thing about peanuts is that they don’t jack up my blood sugar. I’m sure they could if I ate the entire bag, but a handful is all I need to remind me of the gastric distress they cause in the wee hours of the morning. (And yes, I realize that copping to my peanut problem makes my flax relationship look sane in comparison.)

For a long time, I beat myself up about food. It didn’t matter if I was only thinking about this or that, the punishment was the same, breaking my own heart, one word at a time. I decided one day, influenced by  “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”, that beating myself up all the time only made me more emotional so that crap had to stop. I was just as tough as what ever life or food throws at me. (Maybe I should re-think that for those pesky peanuts?)

One day I was reading through the threads at the old Atkins forums. I don’t remember what the thread was about, only that this really smart lady said something like “It’s just food for goodness sake”. At another forum, probably Mark’s Daily Apple, I was glued to this one thread about Dr. Kruse and the Leptin Rx, and people kept talking about “fueling their bodies”.

It was my a-ha moment. I had to change the way I looked at food. I had to change the way I dealt with my emotions. That’s not easy for an emotional eater, but it happened. Some things that helped me were to just go somewhere, meditate, exercise, anything to get away from the temptation.

Food is fuel, plain and simple. I can either fuel my body with the types of food that work well with my glucose monitor, have energy, become active, or I can just ignore the whole kit and kaboodle. Sometimes when stuck between a rock and a hard place, I have to become that rock, that hard place. Will power is over rated, after JERFing to my meter for a while, the fear of messing up my average was enough to figure out how to distract myself away from what ever it was tempting me. {and that my dear readers, explains my Kryptonite}

On this, the 14th day of Diabetes Awareness Month and also World Diabetes Day, I’d like to tell you that we have to be strong in our fight. We have to focus on that one thing that we value over “comfort food, sexy food, fast food, health food”. It’s not always easy and I’m not always strong, but the fight is not over until we surrender.

Moving on (I giggle every time I type that)

#Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November

  • I stopped counting trips to the basement when I got to 8. I sprinted 4 of those, it was that cold.
  • Does shivering count as exercise? (I’m only partly kidding, only shivered when I stopped sprinting… time for cold showers…)
  • 25 bench press (40# 10+10+5)
  • 20 barbell curls (40# 5+5+5+5)

An update on those pesky side effects of low carb…

My little sister came by yesterday to bring me a couple of thank you gifts for goofing off with her babies last week (goats, horses, dogs, pig), a bacon calendar and some BLT mix from the Biltmore to make a cheeseball. She also said “You’ve never been this little” which made me smile. I told her about the conversation with Mom and we laughed, no doubt she’s been on the worry receiving end. It’s all good though, she couldn’t see my arm bones, we’re the same size now (never ever happened before), but she’s still my little sister by 13 months 🙂


4 thoughts on ““Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates

  1. Shivering counts. Sweating doesn’t (although the activity you may be doing at the time does!). I don’t have diabetes, but I struggle(d) with similar food issues. And there’s no doubt, had I not changed, I would have had the health problems that plague my mom and plagued my grandparents. Reading your posts is like reading my own brainwaves. Thank you.

    • I couldn’t think of any way to touch on the eggs and nuts without “coming out of my peanut closet”, yeah, I know they are legumes, but I don’t eat legumes (ha ha, except those pesky peanuts)

      As much as I know that the discomfort they bring may very well be doing damage on the long term, it’s hard to say no. Well, it’s easier this time of year because it’s too cold to sit on the porch and shelling them is too messy for the den. The odd thing is that I don’t like the roasted salted already shelled kind (maybe that’s a good thing? A girl can only stand so much salty fingers and hands before washing)

      I really admire what you are doing, and I hope that you find all the answers you are looking for in your journey. It’s amazing so many people are really getting serious about finding their “fixes”, I only hope it is contagious. Sometimes I just feel like it’s so easy to get a pill to treat symptoms of what ails us, and maybe that keeps folk from trying, well, that and fear. Anyways, Thank you for your comments and keep fighting the good fight for your health 🙂

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