Those pesky side effects of low carb…

I didn’t realize it in the beginning, I should have though, when someone asked what I was doing, I replied “low carb” only to see the shock and hear something like “You’ll die without carbs”.

Finally though I’ve realized one of the pesky little side effects of low carb, for me anyways, is that my pronunciation of the alphabet must have changed. Maybe I pronounce my “L” as “N”, because two and a half years into my journey, it has happened again.

{cue “Teenwolf” theme-song that is the ringing of my phone}

“hello” I say (it’s my mom btw)

“What are you doing?” she asks

“Goofing off” I say

“How are you feeling?” she asks, and I start to get the feeling that she is building up to something…

“Great, I went shopping the other day, got some new clothes, size 8 jeans, was I ever a size 8?” I replied because even though I talked to her Saturday while my baby sister was here visiting us and the girls, I had not told her about the new clothes.

“Size 8? Really? Are you sure you’re ok, your sister said she could see your arm bones.” (this is funny now, but she was seriously serious about this)

“Are you serious? My arm bones? You can’t see my arm bones, you just saw me 4 weeks ago, I weigh 2 pounds more than I did then.” I replied while trying not to get aggravated.

“Well, she said that you don’t eat carbs, you don’t eat anything but meat and coffee, that she’s worried you’re anorexic.” Mom said.

No longer able to fight the laughter, I told her about how my baby sister told me about some lady doing paleo at work and that I thought it was great, the lady is doing low carb paleo and I said even better. Then we talked about poptarts and I said I don’t eat those, but I used to love the chocolate kind. I really don’t remember saying anything else about food. I know that not remembering the entire conversation means that we could have indeed talked more about food, but I would remember it if I told her I only eat meat and coffee…

My re-assurances did not alter her worries over my physical well being, “You remember I was anorexic when I was pregnant with you” she said

“Mom, you weighed 98 pounds, I’m pushing 160” and proceeded to tell her that if anything, she did not see my arm bones, she saw the girly muscles on my forearms, because I work out. (which in hind sight was a bad idea because those two little words, work out, re-affirmed that I needed an intervention…)

“Are you sure you are eating and not just working out?”

“Seriously Mom, I am the opposite of anorexic” I said, and because she understands “calories” I added “I bet I had 1200 calories for dinner.”

“What did you eat?” she asked

“Fajita salad, grilled steak with peppers and onions on a big salad with cheddar, cottage cheese, and extra bleu cheese dressing” I said.

“Well you know I worry about you, are you sure you are eating enough?” I love my mom. I do have a love/hate relationship with the fact that she worries about me and my weight because it stresses her out and that’s not a good thing.

I went into the den and interrupted Michael’s football game and said “Please tell her I’m not anorexic, I eat, and you can’t see my arm bones.”

Funny man that he is “Oh it’s bad, I see her arm bones, she’s not eating, and she may be anorexic.” I don’t know what she said, but he told her he was kidding and reminded her that she’d just been up here a few weeks ago and that I look the same.

She ended up making me promise not to lose another pound and I reminded her I hadn’t really lost anything since April, unless you count gaining and losing five pounds over and over again, working out doesn’t really affect the scales in a positive manner.

I hadn’t seen my baby sister in a couple of months. She works full time now, has a couple of teenagers, and doesn’t live nearly as close as my younger sister (who I’ve seen 3 times in the past 2 weeks). I haven’t seen my little brother since July, so I’m kinda nervous about Thanksgiving. No doubt I’ll have a split personality by then because this year I’m not wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt… 🙂

As for Day 13 of Diabetes Awareness Month, sometimes people worry about us, sometimes they worry over other people’s perception of us. Even with the worries though, it’s great to know they care.

Moving on to #Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November

  • It’s cold, flurries earlier, wood stove in basement. Basement door outside, sprint around back, down the steps, load wood, sprint up the steps, around to the side door, repeat as needed for keeping warm. (exercise via necessity lol)
  • 20 leg curls (70# 10+10+yeah right)
  • 40 leg extensions (70# 10+10+10+10)
  • 40 lateral pulldowns (30# 10+10 regular +10+10 behind the neck)

A note to my Mom, (in case you read this):

The aforementioned non-lol part of the work out was done after dinner. I had a 2 egg omelet stuffed with cheddar, pulled pork, hot sauce, and asparagus.


Dear Mom, This pic was taken Friday night, I didn’t brush my hair, I don’t have on make up, but really I’m doing great. I don’t think you need to worry about my arm bones. Love you ❤


12 thoughts on “Those pesky side effects of low carb…

    • I don’t think she’s worried about me since I became a grandmother myself, I should have known though that moms worry anyways, no matter how old we are.

      And the boots, I can’t get enough of them!

  1. Shannon, that’s kind of funny. You look great…certainly not anorexic. I’m wondering if your mom and siblings have a extra weight on them so by contrast you look extra skinny.

    Anyway, speaking of Thanksgiving. If you are looking for topics to write about, I would LOVE to hear what you are planning on eating. If you are hosting, what are your recipes? And if you are going somewhere, how the heck do you resist temptation? Oh, I know. Now that you test BS and know how things spike you, you just aren’t tempted anymore. But for those of us, like me, who CAN get away with a cheat (or 10), but don’t want to, what can you suggest to keep us on track?

    I’m hosting this year and I’m afraid of disappointing everyone if I don’t make the traditional potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, rolls, and desserts. I’ve been searching the web for LC versions and am using DH as my guinea pig, but so far I’m not finding anything that I would be proud to serve my family. Got any tried and true suggestions?

    • My little sister came by earlier to bring me a “thank you” for caring after the animals. While she did say that this is the smallest I’ve ever been, she could not see my arm bones lol.

      I’m not hosting this year. A couple years ago I made dressing with oopsie rolls instead of cornbread (the rest of the ingredients were the same, celery, onions, sage, bacon, turkey juice), I had also made the regular cornbread dressing and both were equally consumed. I also made mashed turnip/cauliflower (don’t remember which) along side mashed taters, and mashed sweet taters with butter along side sweet taters with pecan and brown sugar. (probably why I haven’t hosted in a long time, making a LC dish to match the regular stuff was very time consuming) (I also made turnip greens, brussels sprouts, and other things that were suitable for everyone)

      I had always used the recipe for “Chantal’s New York Cheesecake” from allrecipes dot com, but now I sub splenda for the sugar and leave out the flour. For the crust, I use milled pecans or Linda’s peanut butter cookie recipe. I do have a sugar free pecan pie recipe that was really nice, only the syrup used contained malitol, so it was only nice for me while I was eating it lol (it was just a regular pecan pie recipe, I subbed sugar free syrup for the karo and splenda for the regular sugar, used milled pecans as the crust). *I don’t do well with malitol. I’ll try to get some recipes together.

      We usually go to my grandmother’s for Thanksgiving, and yes it is tempting, the rolls, and all the other goodies I’d been eating since childhood. The first year was the hardest. By the time last year rolled around, I finally got it in my head that food is just fuel like we fill our cars, we can chose regular or the good stuff. For me, the good stuff is what works with my body, just had to stop associating foods with feelings of love, comfort, etc. Then there is the whole problem where anything containing wheat makes me swell up all over these days.

      Staying on track is hard, there are days when I think the only thing that keeps me on track is “fear”. After “tasting” what a good day feels like, I don’t ever want to go back to being sick and tired.

      • Thanks, Shannon. I’ve tried out a few recipes already…..Dottie’s Green Bean Casserole from Linda’s ( and a pumpkin pie with pecan crust recipe. We liked them both but the pie’s texture was “off” and I could definitely taste the sucralose aftertaste. It’s time consuming to prepare all these recipes and when they are disappointing, it makes me want to stop trying. We usually will eat what I make, but I wouldn’t want to serve it to my guests. So for now, unless I find some “winner” recipes, I have decided to serve the regular foods and will make smaller portions of some LC sides like mashed cauliflower, GB casserole, cranberry sauce, and pie for me to have. I think I will do those a few days ahead of time and just reheat my portions in the microwave. But I will keep looking and experimenting until then! 😊

        • The pie looks so good! But when I click on “see more” for the rest of the recipe, nothing comes up. Is the recipe posted somewhere else I can look, or can you post it again?

        • I can copy it over here:
          Crust: 1/12 c milled pecans (almond flour works if you can’t find the pecans), 4 T salted butter, 1/2 c splenda, melt butter and mix all ingredients, press into pan. Filling: 3 eggs, 1 c splenda, 1 t Vanilla (I like to use torani or davinci vanilla coffee syrup instead of plain vanilla), 2 T butter, melted, 1 c sugar free maple syrup (used sugar free pancake syrup because I couldn’t find sugar free maple locally), 1 1/2 c pecan halves. Beat eggs with splenda and add melted butter, syrup, and vanilla. Stir in pecans. Pour into prepared crust (you don’t have to pre-bake the crust). Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

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