“Winter Is Coming”, “The Cold Winds are Rising”, and other scary things people say

It’s true, winter is coming, the cold winds are rising, just as Ned Stark predicted. By 5:00 am Tuesday morning we should have some icy mix decorated where once stood Halloween. No doubt the groceries have been busy all day, yet I sit here typing.

No, I’ve not been typing all morning. Having figured out over the past 11 days with Diabetes Awareness Month and #Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November, and setting a pretty high goal of posting every day, that I can type a little bit each time thought comes. (Provided I get to the keyboard prior to thought’s flight) These thoughts are brought to you by our sponsor, nobody, just the random things I thought about while toting and stacking firewood Monday morning.


Our wood stove is in the basement. I stack the wood on the dolly to take it down the stairs for re-stacking. The dolly makes it look easy, but there is a technique to not spilling the wood and letting the dolly fall down the steps. It’s not easy, but that’s what makes it worth doing, well, that and the fact that wood heat is cheaper than electric and gas…

I want you to know that when I talk about my vibrams or any other thing like Aldi’s afredo sauce on my pie, or a book I’m reading, I am not being paid to do so. Anything I talk about is something I’ve bought and is mine, or something I’ve shared like articles with links or recipes to give credit to the individual who created what ever words may be.

You may notice ads on this blog, these ads are because I am a simple housewife on a journey to better understand the needs of her body, mind, and health. Budget does not allow for me to “purchase” blog space to share my journey, so I share it via a free account here at wordpress. The ones who walked before me didn’t try to sell me anything and nor do I want to sell you anything, so we’re kinda stuck with the ads.

I do not claim to have all the answers, nor do I wish to give you the reader any type of advice regarding your medications, your doctor is there for that reason. I only hope that regarding any advice, from anyone, you do your homework.

That being said, there are plenty of experts out there in what ever field, new science emerges on an almost daily basis. There are a lot of Doctors doing research, tests, on themselves, looking at old science in a different light. It seems forty years of scare tactics have had us on a SAD train-wreck of well-intended nutritional advice, the food pyramid, my plate, yada yada, low fat, no fat, cholesterol is evil, avoid it at all costs hasn’t really helped much, there are still heart attacks and strokes, even with egg substitutes, and it’s not because the entire country is non-compliant, besides, there’s a pill for that…

It disturbs me to no end, the commercials, blogs, articles written on how important it is to make sure one’s cholesterol is low, using the same old pseudo-science, Ancel Keys, and scare tactics with regards to cholesterol. The problem with this is that every cell in our body needs cholesterol in for proper structure and function. Another problem with the whole low cholesterol = health is that “The synthesis of myelin in the brain is tightly connected with the synthesis of cholesterol.”

The problem may be that Dr.s in the real world are over worked and under staffed, they may not have time to see that there is new science popping up all over, but that is why we the patients need to do our own research, find out everything we can before taking the commercial’s advice and talking to our doctor about a script for this week’s what ails us… There is also new research that the most over prescribed medication really isn’t for everyone and some people have “no business on a statin drug

Thanks to this thing called internet, we simple folk can even find that Ancel Keys did bad science, why the JUPITER study ended early, “Statins do not help you live longer or do anything much else for that matter”, “How Statins Really Work Explains Why They Don’t Really Work”, and that eating cholesterol rich foods raise your serum cholesterol levels is a myth.

Don’t take today’s post as me getting all crazy on medication. Today’s post is just to show you the reader that just because it sounds scary, it doesn’t mean it’s all true. There are people who truly benefit from statins, those who have pre-existing heart disease, but not everyone.

Once again I remind you that we owe it to ourselves, our children, to do our own homework, to make informed decisions when it comes to our health. Work with your health care provider, talk to him/her about any questions you have about your own health and remember that commercials are just short stories trying to sell you something, usually with paid actors/actresses who may or may not even be buying what they’re selling.





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