Is it Monday yet?

So Saturday’s workout and general goofiness pretty much kicked my butt. Sunday evening rolls around and I sit here feeling guilty because I’ve pretty much been sitting since getting home this afternoon. I ate a million grams of protein and some broccoli at the Chinese buffet up the street for a late lunch/early dinner, several hours ago, so if I don’t see food anytime soon, it will be too soon.

Yes, it’s Sunday evening, I’m wishing it was Monday and I’ve already gotten a good night’s rest and already folded the clothes I’m still planning on folding during “The Walking Dead”. Since I watched part of “The Hobbit” between midnight and 1:00am, TWD will be my second hour this week. Maybe I should punish myself with some triceps dips, my thighs can not handle another lunge or squat today. I squatted to pick up a pair of tiny socks this morning and got stuck. I kinda squatted into this chair, and well, I’m still here. Really, this doesn’t happen all the time.

With the whole any movement is exercise, I have plenty of easy days, chasing cats or goats, or the occasional race up the yard with the dog, usually able to jot something down (at least for #Fitness30 aka Move Every Day November) silly as it might be, but really, I’ve not even had time to dance today. Ok, I’m lying, I had time, I could have danced while cooking breakfast, washing dishes, or while the girls were taking their bath. I just didn’t feel like it.

In the mean time, I’m just going to leave this open, my move list for today, which is really yesterday when you read this…

  • I got nada, ok, I made two trips to the buffet
  • I wiggled my booty while walking in front of his hotness and said “walk this way”
  • toted baby Faith in her car seat from the car to Adrianne’s living room. She can walk now, so this is totally intentional exercise (giggles) (giggles count extra right?)

I’m feeling a little silly about over doing it Saturday and the whole wishing it was Monday (you know it’s bad when you wish it were Monday already). As I think about it though I think about how in the past I would stress over little things like not meeting a “goal” or what have you. Not getting in my “full potential”, wrinkled laundry.

But, then again I think about “recovery” and how even though I’m a girly girl with girly girl muscles, recovery is still important. Working out stresses our muscles, and sometimes we just need a break. You don’t have to do Cross-fit or HIT to earn a recovery day, recovery is important for pert near anyone who works out, yes, even silly little workouts like chasing cats or goats.

When I traded in my couch potatoism for actually intentionally moving *trying not to use that big bad scary word lol… it was easy to over-do it. It didn’t take a boat load of squats or lunges either. There was a time when 3 squats and walking lunges through the house got me needing to have a day of recovery.

Thinking about Saturday’s workout (because Sunday’s really was non-existent) it really shouldn’t have beat me up like it did. I do foot and leg work while hitting bags on boxing days, I work my legs like a beast on most weight days, but there were other factors that came into play like the whole staying up late watching the hobbit and puke detail.

I didn’t eat well Saturday, well I broke my fast beautifully, but wasn’t feeling lunch and dinner was a chili dog, no bun, with a salad. I’m thinking my normal 1 gram protein per pound of lean mass (114) was not met, really I don’t have to think, I know I didn’t eat enough Saturday, and no matter what anyone says, protein is very important. We need it to repair even our girly muscles, to build up as they break down, be it body weight exercise, weight lifting, what have you. (pretty much explains my craving protein for that late lunch/early dinner and a million grams was a bit exaggerated)

Anyways, it is Monday now, I’m feeling pretty awesome and just sprinted back up from loading wood into the stove, recovery day = not so bad after all…

Moving on to Diabetes Awareness Month…

With Type 2 Diabetes, my diabetes, I’ve found that testing often and keeping track of one’s food is very important when taking the control away from diabetes, and I’ve mentioned it for like 11 days now. It’s also important to strive to move every day. If by chance the day arrives when you do so much because you feel so good and you need to rest and recover the following day, don’t beat yourself up.

Something I’ve got to mention for Diabetes Awareness Month is baby steps. I know sometimes I talk about my workouts and while they really aren’t too tough, girly even, I began exercising via baby steps six months in. For the new reader, that equates to about 2 years I’ve had to start from curling canned vegetables to work myself up to what I currently do (hit the bags, hit the weights, general goofiness). I did not start off with a 12.5# dumbbell, 40# barbell, 70#s on the leg thingy, I started with canned veggies, followed by 2# dumbbell, 5# ankle weights, and moved up gradually, really never “over-doing” it, ok, rarely “over-doing” it because I was physically unable to over-do it.

No matter where we start, when we keep on, our mindset changes, when we go from zero to actually working out, we build up strength and stamina, sometimes making us feel like we are really super heros and sometimes we push ourselves too far. Pushing too far isn’t really so bad when done occasionally, but it’s pretty bad at least for the day after.

So here it is, my big thought moment for today… Try moving. After a while you will not have to try so hard, it really can become a habit. Move as much as you are physically able to, maybe starting by walking up the drive, evolving to walking around the block, maybe followed down the line by walking a whole mile, but build it up, take your time, and if by chance you do over-do it, take a day of rest.

PS…. The clothes got folded during TWD and we all went to bed 30 minutes early. Today is chilly, but I’m ready for hunting and gathering at the grocery after that whole lazy recovery day! Just so no one worry’s their perty little heads over my over-consuming early lunch late dinner and not working that off, my fasting blood glucose was 96 and like always, today is a good day 🙂


2 thoughts on “Is it Monday yet?

  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs! You are so witty and have a great perspective and sense of humor. Ever thought of writing a book?

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