What about giraffe neck bones?

Diamond is an awesome kid. She’s kinda shy, but she’s so smart. She’s our middle granddaughter and she likes to ask a lot of questions on the Friday afternoons on the way to our house from Nashville. She asks a lot of questions because her sisters fall asleep and the questions and answers are always full of giggles like when she asks “Would you eat a tree Memaw? What about giraffe neck bones?” Sometimes we’ll be singing a song and she’ll say “We can add bacon to that.” so the next verse we replace a word with bacon and erupt in giggles once again.

Last night she got sick, so I got to stay up way late (1:00 am) with her to make sure she drank her water. She drank her water and we watched part of “The Hobbit” because there was really nothing else appropriate for a four year old to watch at that hour. This morning her tummy was all better, she skipped her hashbrowns and biscuit (even the ketchup she normally eats) but she ate her bacon and eggs. She played outside for a while with the other girls and seemed to have made 100% recovery.

Because we had such a late night our Sunday trip back to Nashville was less giggly, they all fell asleep.

Seeing how it’s day 10 of Diabetes Awareness Month, I wanted to talk about diabetes and maybe remind everyone to test often and find a way to get a little movement in each day. Since I got the reminder in, I’m going to just tell you that sometimes us Type 2 Diabetics (and probably the other types too, I don’t know) get tired because we’ve over done it a bit. Today is that day for me. I sit here several hours behind, needing to catch up, the laundry, vacuuming, but I relaxed, read, checked out some other blogs instead. I figure since tonight is TV night (don’t worry, I only watch “The Walking Dead”, it’s just an hour) I can fold the clothes then, get a little movement in, not so much as yesterday’s over doing it…

Which brings us to #Fitness30 aka Move Every Day November or exactly how I over-did it yesterday even if there hadn’t been a barf-fest after party cleanup…

  • General goofiness that comes with a weekend with the Grandbabies
  • 60 lunges (each leg/side/what have you, does that mean 120?)
  • 70 squats
  • 20 push ups
  • 60 leg lift thingies
  • 15 hip thrusts (20 sec. count)

I have to add that yesterday in talking weights, I said (dumbbell). I was mistaken, I was talking about the long one, barbell. In my hurry to type, I did not proof read and that was probably not the only mistake, but when I tripped over the dumbbell this morning, which is only 12.5 pounds btw, I thought “crap”.


2 thoughts on “What about giraffe neck bones?

    • Michael was watching a boxing match, the girls were upstairs playing “just Dance”, Faith had just gone to bed and I realized as I was watching an episode of Spartacus that I had done absolutely nothing all day other than the general goofiness. Body weight exercise is the perfect compliment to TV lol

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